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If somebody asked me before September 2021, “Can I explore Andaman and work there remotely”? I would stand confused to answer this.

It all started with a thought that came into my mind to visit the Andaman Islands.

Working on Laptop in Darkness

I read a ton and became thrilled to visit Kalapathar beach and Radhanagar Beach, moreover wanted to go Scuba Diving on Havelock Island.

But, I was not foolproof on whether to take the risk of working remotely. So, precisely, I never worked remotely for nearly 5-6 days.

I have been to Jibhi in Himachal and Jodhpur and worked remotely there for a few days, but I was not confident to travel 3500 approx. Km far and work remotely in Andaman without any idea of Network.

But, I was sure to go and take that risk; besides, I was more confident that I would not get almost a week’s leave, so I had to manage office work in Andaman and produce content for the blog.

Then, I made the plan and discussed it with the other two mates joining this adventure.

Therefore, before reserving the stays, I thought to call and verify the Network availability with the hotel receptionist.

Port Blair

I stayed at the Park Inn Hotel at DAG Colony in Port Blair.

Hence, I called there and asked about the Network; in response, the hotel receptionist told me that Airtel 4G and BSNL work ideally, and other service providers like Vodafone Network would detect weak signals.

The WIFI was not provided, especially in the hotel where I stayed, but it might be available if you had chosen a four or five-star hotel.

I still didn’t gain much confidence from that answer and thought of confirming from other hotels. I received mixed responses in Reply, but most say Airtel 4G works well.

Ultimately, that made me believe that Airtel works well for calling and internet usage. Whereas I already have an Airtel SIM. So, I stood pleased!

My stay in Port Blair was for almost two days, so I grew sure that I could manage to work remotely for at least those two days in Port Blair.

However, the central part had remained left; that’s Havelock Island.

Havelock Island

Havelock is a different Island and requires a ferry ride of 2hrs from Port Blair to reach there.

A similar thing I did with the Havelock stay as well. I called Placid Garden Resort and enquired the same regarding the Network. In Reply, I received Airtel 4G and BSNL work in Havelock perfectly. I enquired from a few other hotels to confirm further and got the same answer.

Phew! I grew confident I could manage three days on Havelock Island from voices.

However, telling someone and experiencing by self is entirely different; that thought even arose in my mind.

While Searching for BSNL SIM Card

When I remained unsure about the Airtel network coverage in the Andaman, I went to the BSNL office in Delhi to purchase a BSNL SIM if Airtel didn’t work.

But, I didn’t get a BSNL SIM as it’s available in a few distant places. I might get that in Gurugram, a team member told me. Moreover, the human dependency on Networks like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, etc., is more than the BSNL. Therefore, it would be challenging to get a BSNL SIM.

On the Airplane to Andaman

The day arrived, and we sat on the airplane. But you won’t believe it. The aircraft was midway before reaching Andaman, and the Network came. The person’s phone sitting next to me rang; I stood shocked, joyful that I would easily manage the work from Andamans. Woohoo!

Network in Port Blair

The Airtel 4G worked perfectly in Port Blair, like any other city. The speed is good!

But, no network comes at Chidiya Tapu, located outside Port Blair on the same Island. So, if you think of going far away locations, you might face coverage issues; otherwise, when you roam within the city, you will get a good network range.

Network in Havelock Island

Similarly, Airtel 4G worked well in Havelock too. Even I worked sitting on the veranda when it was raining heavily. Though that amazed me as I thought there might be the possibility that the Network wouldn’t come, it happened the opposite.

You can work from Andaman Islands using Airtel 4G

Hence, it would be the finest choice if you think of exploring Havelock and working remotely from there. Further, you never know when you will get the next chance to work remotely.

Network on the Beaches

The Network would come on the beaches as well. I have tried calling from Kalapathar and Radhanagar beach; it worked nicely. However, I am Unsure of Internet usage and its speed on the beach, as I hadn’t done.

Still, it would help if you prefer to work from your stay in Andaman and explore after that.

Network on the Ferry Ride

The Ferry moves in the sea, so there won’t be any network until you reach your destination, traveling from Port Blair to Havelock, Neil, or vice-versa.

Hence, you have to manage before your ferry ride or after that.

Network on any other Andaman Island

I am unsure of Neil Island and the other Andaman Islands as I didn’t go there. But, you can confirm; likewise, I did, by contacting the hotel and after that experiencing by yourself.

Until now, the article talked about the Network; another crucial thing would be the cost of living, which you would get to know as you read further.

Is Andaman Expensive?

Andaman is expensive, and that’s true. But, if you don’t plan well, it can even turn more costly.

The principal part is travel, where you will be paying the most.


Flight to and from Andaman

You should consider booking flight months back if traveling during peak season, starting in October.

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But, on the other hand, just after the peak monsoon, especially in the whole month of Sept, I feel it is a perfect month to explore, as I also did. But, carry an Umbrella always whenever you go out.

Ferry to and from Port Blair

Ferry prices don’t change if you reserve a month before or a day before. But, a fully booked ferry is also high if you plan to book a day in advance during peak season.

Journeying within the Island

You can rent a Scooty or Cab. But, by far, Scooty would be the best choice to journeying within as it would cost around Rs. 400 – Rs. 500 per day. Plus, there exist low petrol prices in Andaman compared to the cities.

You can read a detailed breakdown of Andaman Expenses for 6 Days along with the Itinerary.


You will get meals at reasonable prices at the eateries if you avoid eating seafood.

I tasted Sambhar Dosa instead of Sea Food in Andaman,

Besides, you will find various food, as you consume in the cities like North Indian, South Indian, etc. However, seafood would be pricey. Even you can notice the day’s meal as “lobster” in various restaurants.


You will find stays in Port Blair at an affordable price. For e.x – Rs.600-700 a day.

On the other hand, if you search in-depth online, you can find accommodation similar to the starting price of Port Blair or slightly higher on Havelock Island.


Language shouldn’t be the problem. People understand Hindi and English, but you might face language barriers when traveling in local transport like buses or autorickshaws. That is because individuals from East and South India are also based there.


You can plan your journey more confidently and explore the beautiful Andaman while staying close to your work routine.

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Remote working in the Andaman Islands wouldn’t be possible until the launch of undersea Internet cable

That brings me to an end.

I hope you found the blog valuable, and if you do, please subscribe.

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


    1. Hi Hemalatah, indeed, if you have Airtel Network, you can undoubtedly work from the Andamans. I have been to Port Blair and Havelock in Andamans, so the network has worked best there.

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