A Small Weekend Trip from Delhi to Jibhi
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Delhi to Jibhi Himachal – A Weekend Trip for the Explorer in You

This post was recently updated on September 12th, 2021

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I had traveled on the Delhi to Jibhi Himachal Pradesh route twice. Both the occasions were at the time of winters.

On my very first visit compared to the recent visit, the place has changed a lot.

Jibhi has not been hidden anymore from tourist footsteps & reach. These would probably not be my words two years back when I visited the town for the first time.

What excites you to re-visit a place? The surroundings, local vibes environment have a role to play in deciding to re-visit a place.

There might be several other reasons too. But, if you ask me, I specially went to Jibhi to show my viewpoint that has been changed over time.

Jibhi has changed quite a lot in terms of newly built constructions. Also, it impacted the livelihood of people there. It has allowed the local people to explore new ways of self-growth.

If you are among the ones who are actively looking to head out from Delhi to Jibhi Himachal. This article will make things sorted for you.

How to Reach Jibhi from Delhi by Bus

There are various ways to cover your journey from Delhi to Jibhi. But, I will be focusing on by bus because that will be a tricky medium and an exciting one.

Since many of us look for an opportunity to minimize our budget. Therefore, what’s better than traveling from Delhi to Jibhi on the bus.

Delhi to Jibhi Bus

If you are first-time to the blog, I wanted to tell you that the blog covers budget travel guides. So, I would eventually be focusing on the lowest cost-effective way to reach Jibhi from Delhi.

The Delhi to Jibhi distance is 500km approximately. There are no direct buses to Jibhi, and you have to take a Delhi to Aut bus.

Further, I have divided the Delhi to Jibhi bus routes below. It would become easier for you to reach Jibhi by Bus.

Delhi to Aut Bus

The Delhi to Aut distance is 475km approx.

An overnight journey from Delhi can easily make you reach Aut in the morning. You can take Volvo buses from Majnu Ka Tila. It is the hub of the Volvo buses going to Himachal or any other state from Delhi.

Note – Make sure that you reach the Aut bus stand that comes after the Aut tunnel. Anyhow, if the bus drops you just before the tunnel. Then you need to make your way towards the Aut bus stand.

But make sure that the bus drops you at the Aut bus stand.

You cannot reach from Aut to Jibhi directly by bus. It’s a different case if you take a private taxi while it will drop you straight from Aut to Jibhi.

Aut to Banjar Bus

Upon reaching the Aut bus stand, you can take a direct bus to Jibhi, but the frequency of the buses is too low. In that case, you have to take an Aut to Banjar bus.

Aut ➡️ Banjar ➡️ Jibhi

The Aut to Banjar distance is 25km & the bus fare is Rs. 55 per person. The bus will be going to drop you at the Banjar bus stand. The bus frequency from Banjar to Jibhi is too low.

Aut to Banjar Taxi Fare

The Aut to Banjar taxi fare is Rs.800. If you are in a hurry to Banjar or either Jibhi, then you can take a taxi from neat the Aut bus stand.

Aut to Jibhi Taxi Fare

The private taxi fare from Aut to Jibhi is Rs.1200 approx.

If you’re in a hurry with your enough luggage. Then the taxi will make you reach Jibhi super quick, like in 45-50mins from the Aut to Jibhi.

Banjar to Jibhi in shared cab

The Banjar to Jibhi distance is 8km.

There will be a difference when you take a personal taxi and a shared cab.

If you take a taxi from Aut, that will directly drop you at Jibhi. The fare would be Rs.1200, and from Banjar to Jibhi taxi directly. The charges would be Rs.300-400.

The Banjar to Jibhi shared cab fare was Rs.50 per person.

Note – Prices can be subject to change.

I hope that you will not be going to find your way tricky anymore till Jibhi.

You can also read my experience from Jibhi Valley for the very first time, two years back.

Places to Visit in Jibhi on a Small Weekend

In this case, I am assuming weekends on Saturday & Sunday, or let’s say on any other day.

Jibhi is not a very big town that requires many days to explore around & I am suggesting this from an exploration point of view.

Rest apart, let’s look at some of the places you can visit in Jibhi.

I. Jibhi Waterfall

Long Exposure Shot of the Jibhi Waterfall
Long Exposure Shot of the Jibhi Waterfall

Jibhi Waterfall will be present a few minutes away from either way, whether you choose to walk or take your vehicle to the Jibhi Waterfall.

I would suggest a walk because that will create a sense of enthusiasm and depict a connection with the surrounding environment.

Zig -Zag Autumn Trail to the Waterfall
Zig -Zag Autumn Trail to the Waterfall

The Jibhi Waterfall is present inside a forest, but no need to worry it is not a wild or scary forest.

But the path to the waterfall would be very pleasing to the human eyes in every manner. It will make you feel that you can spend some time on the way too.

The small water streams will be accompanying you to the big waterfall. It’s not that quite big but as compared to the in-between small water streams.

Small River Stream Flowing from under the Bridge near Jibhi Waterfall
Small River Stream Flowing from under the Bridge near Jibhi Waterfall

You will not find a lot of crowds near the waterfall, even on weekends. But yes, you will find tourists in small numbers unless and until you spot a trip organizer directing the people towards the Jibhi Waterfall.

If you believe me, you can spend plenty of time, say for about 2-3hrs near the waterfall. Watching the surroundings & clicking thousands of pictures.

The area is very peaceful and quiet. You can just hear the birds chirping or can even spot the monkeys flying or the waterfall sound as you approach near.

Until and Unless some huge gathering disturbs your peace. The probability of happening this is also low actually.

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II. Soaking the Vibes Sitting Beside the River Stream

The Stream of the water flowing just near the waterfall
Jibhi Waterfall Stream

We all love to put our hands in the river stream and wash our faces from the river, right?

I heard a big YES.

And don’t forget to put the legs too (I was about to skip this point)

You’ll find your way in many times where you can go sit beside the river stream.

Even many cottages and hotels have been made just on the side of the river stream. So that the tourist can relax and spend some time.

But you must be aware that you don’t do any mishaps like going too far along the stream or taking a risk for a picture that would spoil your time there.

I hope that you can understand.

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III. Shoja & Jalori Pass

Shoja Valley

Shoja Valley covered with snow at the time of winter season
Road to Shoja

There’s one way to both Shoja & Jalori pass. Therefore, if you are going to Jalori pass, you will be anyway crossing Shoja town. Jibhi to Shoja distance is 7km.

Shoja is another beautiful town much like Jibhi but is located at a higher altitude of 8500ft.

The road that leads to Shoja and the view from the Shoja Village will blow your mind, to be honest. It will be such a blissful sight that you can’t resist spending a few days in Shoja town as well.

By the way, Shoja has numerable homestays, hotels, and now hostels as well. The Shoja Valley allows stays for any kind of traveler during all seasons.

There’s not a lot of activities to indulge in Shoja. But yes, a walk along the roadside on the streets could become a highlight of your trip.

Jalori Pass

Jalori Temple - The treks starts from behind the temple
Jalori Temple – The treks starts from behind the temple

On the other hand, the Jalori pass is a high altitude pass at 10,280ft. Usually, it takes about 45-50 min to reach Jalori from Jibhi on a vehicle.

Jibhi to Jalori pass distance is 12km & Shoja to Jalori Pass distance is 5km, less than a half.

Treks from Jalori Pass

The Jalori pass attracts the maximum number of travelers because of the mountain views and the Serolsar lake Trek. There’s also another trek that is not much talked about from Jalori Pass to Raghupur Fort.

Both of these treks are short day treks only.

But before deciding to do any of these treks or even visiting the Jalori pass, you should first check the weather. The weather in the mountains is highly unpredictable, and then there’s a high mountain pass.

It snows heavily at Jalori pass & Shoja valley that blocks the road for some days in the winter season. Monsoon seasons are also not a good idea to trek on the Jalori pass.

Therefore, you must check the weather forecast before taking any decision. Most importantly, the season you’re planning to visit.

Often the summers are highly recommended for treks unless & until you’re an experienced snow trekker.

I hope you liked the article.

So, when are you planning your trip from Delhi to Jibhi Himachal to explore this side of the mountain?

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