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I traveled on the Delhi to Jibhi Himachal Pradesh route twice during winter.

Compared to my previous visit, Jibhi has changed significantly — new establishments have been built, which created a source of income in the town.

Undoubtedly, I feel that Jibhi is no longer hidden from tourists’ footsteps.

Vansh Tiwari Overlooking Jibhi Himachal
Vansh Tiwari overlooking the JIbhi town

However, you can consider reading my thoughts from a few years back when I visited the town for the first time.

In addition, you can see some of the photos from my earlier visit to Jibhi:

  • JIbhi Valley
  • JIbhi Valley
  • Vansh Tiwari during the Serolsar Lake Trek
  • Mountains
  • Trees in Jibhi
  • Vansh Tiwari at Jalori Pass

But I have a question,

What excites you to RE-VISIT a place?

  • Indeed, the surroundings, culture, and climate play a significant role.

However, there might be several other reasons, too.

But, I went to Jibhi Again to display the perspective I worked on during the lockdown days.

Likewise, as I said above, Jibhi has dramatically changed with newly built constructions.

Also, that impacted the livelihood of people there and allowed the local people to explore new ways of self-growth.

Jibhi Web Story

Here’s a brief of the article in a Web Story format:

Meanwhile, have you ever wondered how web stories are created?

How to Reach Jibhi from Delhi by Bus

Undoubtedly, the best way to reach Jibhi is by bus.

The Delhi to Jibhi road journey is the best way to travel.

Furthermore, I would focus on traveling by bus — that will be tricky as you must change buses a couple of times.

For better understanding, I have also prepared an INFOGRAPHIC BELOW to express myself.

How to Reach Delhi to Jibhi Himachal Infographic by Vansh Tiwari
Delhi to Jibhi Infographic

Is there any Delhi to Jibhi Direct Volvo Bus?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct Delhi to Jibhi Direct Volvo bus. So you have to change the transport at the particular locations I have said below.

Delhi to Jibhi Bus

If you are a first-time user of the blog, I want to tell you that my blog also concentrates on budget traveling.

Therefore, I would eventually focus on the least cost-effective way to reach Jibhi from Delhi.

  • The distance from distance from distance from Delhi to Jibhi is approximately 500 km.
  • Unfortunately, there are no direct buses to Jibhi, but you have to take a Delhi to Aut bus or even a Delhi to Manali bus.

Further, I have divided the Delhi to Jibhi bus routes below. Thus, it would become easier for you to reach Jibhi by Bus.

Delhi to Aut Bus

  • The Delhi to Aut distance is approximately 475km.
  • An overnight journey from Delhi, and you can easily reach Aut in the morning.
  • You can take Volvo buses from Majnu Ka Tila. It is the hub of the Volvo buses going to Himachal or any other nearby state from Delhi.

Note – Make sure you reach the Aut bus stand, which comes after the Aut tunnel — If the bus drops you just before the tunnel. Then you have to make your way towards the Aut bus stand.

However, taking a private taxi that drops you straight from Aut to Jibhi would become a different case.

Aut to Banjar Bus

Upon reaching the Aut bus stand:

  • Worse luck, the frequency of the direct buses from Aut to Jibhi is too low.
  • Preferably, you have to take an Aut to Banjar bus.

Aut ➡️ Banjar ➡️ Jibhi

  • The Aut to Banjar distance is 25km & the bus fare is Rs. 55 per person. The bus would drop you at the Banjar bus stand.

Aut to Banjar Taxi Fare

  • The Aut to Banjar taxi fare is Rs.800-1000 approximately.

Aut to Jibhi Taxi Fare

  • The private taxi fare from Aut to Jibhi is roughly Rs. 1200 — taxis would be best if you carry a lot of luggage and plan to spend a prolonged time, maybe a month, in Jibhi and work from home.

Banjar to Jibhi in shared cab

  • The Banjar to Jibhi distance is 8km.

Undoubtedly, there would be a difference in price if you take a shared taxi compared to a private taxi.

  • I took Banjar to Jibhi shared cab, and the fare was Rs.50 per person.

Note – Prices can be subject to change.

I hope you will no longer find your way tricky until Jibhi Onwards.

Road to Jibhi

The road to Jibhi is certainly drivable, but if you are a beginner in driving and heading to the mountains, that wouldn’t be good.

Indeed, you can prefer to come to Jibhi by bus.

Places to Visit on Jibhi Trip

Trip map created with Wanderlog, a trip planner

Jibhi is NOT a very big town that requires many days to explore, & that I have said from an exploration point of view.

But, otherwise, if you can work from anywhere, you could spend one month in Jibhi awesomely!

Moving forward,

Let’s look at some of the places you can visit in Jibhi.

Meanwhile, you can also view Jibhi Himachal in Images Photoblog, which I have formed from beautifully captured shots of Jibhi.

I. Jibhi Waterfall

Long Exposure Shot of the Jibhi Waterfall
Long Exposure Shot of the Jibhi Waterfall

Jibhi Waterfall is a few minutes away either way — whether you walk or take your vehicle to Jibhi Waterfall.

I would suggest a walk to Jibhi Waterfall because that will create a sense of enthusiasm and depict a connection with the surrounding environment.

Zig -Zag Autumn Trail to the Waterfall
Zig-Zag Autumn Trail to the Waterfall

The Jibhi Waterfall is inside a forest, but there is no need to worry. It is not a wild or scary forest.

But the path to the waterfall would be pleasing to the human eyes. It will make you feel that you can spend some time.

Indeed, I spent more time on the trail, photoing the gorgeous natural beauty.

Path to the Jibhi Waterfall

  • Way to the Jibhi Waterfall
  • Small Stream on the way to the Jibhi Waterfall
  • Entrance of the Jibhi Waterfall
  • Bridge on the way to the Waterfall
  • Flowing Water

The small water streams will accompany you to the Jibhi waterfall. It’s not that big, but compared to the in-between small water streams.

Small River Stream Flowing from under the Bridge near Jibhi Waterfall
Small River Stream Flowing from under the Bridge near Jibhi Waterfall

The hidden Jibhi waterfall remains the main attraction, bringing many crowds.

But Aye!

  • You can spend plenty of time, say for about 2-3hrs near the waterfall.
  • Ultimately, you can admire the surroundings & click hundreds of pictures.

The area is peaceful and quiet; you can hear the birds chirping and even spot the monkeys.

Until and Unless some huge gathering disturbs your peace… the probability of it happening is low.

Similarly, the streets of Jibhi, passing from which you can reach the waterfall, are extremely dramatic.

Street of Jibhi
Street of Jibhi

II. Soaking the Vibes Sitting Beside the River Stream

The Stream of the water flowing just near the waterfall
Jibhi Waterfall Stream

Do you fancy how I shot the above waterfall image? — Consider reading, How to shoot a long exposure waterfall shot at a Newbie?

Correct me if I am wrong — You love to put your hands in the river stream and rinse your face, don’t you?

I heard a big Aye!

And don’t forget to put the legs, too (I was about to skip this point)

You’ll often find your way to sit beside the river stream.

But you must be aware that you don’t make any mishaps like going too far along the stream or taking a risk for a picture that would spoil your time there.


  • A 2-3 days weekend trip would be enough to explore Jibhi. Indeed, you can extend and undoubtedly can WFH from Jibhi.

III. Shoja & Jalori Pass

Shoja Valley

Shoja Town
Vansh Tiwari photographing the road to Shoja

The Jibhi to Shoja distance is 7km.

Precisely, there’s the same way both Shoja & Jalori pass. However, if you go to Jalori Pass, you will cross Shoja town anyway.

Shoja is another beautiful town like Jibhi but located at a higher altitude, mainly at 8500ft.

The road leading to Shoja and the scenery will blow your mind.

It will be such a blissful sight that you can’t resist spending a few days in Shoja town.

The Shoja roads filled with snow reminded me of another beautiful town in Himachal — the breathtaking journey to Chitkul has to be on your mind.

On the way, I could spot that Shoja has numerous stay options.

  • I visited Jibhi in December when the Shoja road was full of snow; the locals took the snow from the streets.

Indeed, if you plan to go to Jibhi in harsh winters, like December to February, you will have to face slippery roads as the snow gets collected.

Locals taking out the snow from the road
Locals taking the snow out

I could feel that a day visit to Shoja was sufficient. But a walk along the roadside on the streets could highlight your trip.

Jalori Pass

On the other hand, the Jalori Pass is a high-altitude pass at 10,280ft. Usually, it takes about 45-50 minutes to reach Jalori Pass from Jibhi.

  • Jibhi to Jalori Pass distance is 12km & Shoja to Jalori Pass distance is 5km.

Treks from Jalori Pass

Snapped when on Jalori Pass - Vansh Tiwari
Serolsar Lake Trek from Jalori Pass, in-picture, Vansh Tiwari

The Jalori Pass draws the maximum number of travelers who initially come to Jibhi and visit Jalori Pass because of the higher altitude and the mountain vista.

Indeed, there are short treks from Jalori Pass:

Vansh Tiwari
Vansh Tiwari During Serolsar Lake Trek

But before deciding to do any of the mentioned treks or even visit the Jalori pass, you should first acquire knowledge of the weather on those days.

The weather in the mountains is highly unpredictable, and then there’s a high mountain pass.

Moreover, It snows heavily at Jalori Pass and even Shoja Valley in the winter, which blocks the road.

Therefore, you must check the weather forecast before making any decision. But, most importantly, review the season you’re planning to visit.

I recommend summers for treks unless & until you’re an experienced snow trekker.

Furthermore, I was hoping you could share your thoughts with me in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you have liked the article — And for more photo content, you can follow me on Instagram.

So, when are you planning your trip from Delhi to Jibhi Himachal to explore this mountainside?

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Beautiful blog Vansh.
    To answer your question, what excites me revisit a place… I guess its more about the connection that you grow with a place and the memories you create.
    Such is the connect that I had developed with Shangarh for the years and I keep revisiting again and again.

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