Spiti Valley from my Perspective

The rugged mountains of Spiti will make you halt at every turn and click. But also ensure you stay protected from dust, as Spiti is a desert mountain.

Often, you would spot women carrying their children on their shoulders, which would be a delightful moment to capture.

Astrophotography can be the exclusive thing to attract you to Spiti Valley. Night landscapes are equally rewarding as the daytime.

It's always good to revisit a place at another time of the day; you will view the landscape differently because of a change in the sun's direction.

The Spiti River and its surroundings, which looked dull to the normal eye, changed perspective with Drone's eyes, which looked praiseworthy.

Sunset near the Spiti River is about calm and peace. Also, you can go near the river or stand on the wooden bridge to appreciate the scenery.

Spending time in Key Monastery, listening to the prayer while sitting quietly, is always soothing, with no distraction and disturbance from the outside.

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