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When I remained planning for Delhi to Andaman, the budget was undoubtedly one of the priority concerns equivalent to the network.

However, you can limit your budget from overspending and irrelevant spending if you plan comprehensively—well, it’s Andaman; the beauty of that place can magically burn your pocket.

Therefore, I started planning almost 35-40 days earlier—researching little things daily.

Unquestionably, you would spend most of your budget on travel.

So, let’s see where you will mostly pay during your Andaman trip.

1. Delhi to Andaman Flight

You will notice the flight to Andaman is slightly expensive if you’re not a frequent air traveler.

Andaman’s capital city Port Blair has an airport- Veer Savarkar International Airport.

So, if you are flying from Delhi, you must search Delhi to Port Blair flights.

Have you ever noticed that very early morning flights are usually cheaper than other times of the Day?

Your Andaman expenses can increase if you show laziness in reserving an early morning flight—I know it’s rare that a nap comes in flight. 

However, you can consider yourself fortunate if you got a Delhi to Port Blair direct flight at a low price compared to other flights during the Day.

Nevertheless, connecting flights are there.

I had a 5 a.m flight, so I reached New Delhi airport by 4:15 a.m. Furthermore, I had a connecting flight in Chennai for an hr, so enough time was there to grab a bite before sitting again.

What’s the Most Suitable Way to find Low-Price Flight Deals?

Sincerely, don’t end your flight search on only one website. You have to widen your search.

  • Consider searching on Kayak for the date you determined to go from Delhi to Port Blair.
  • Kayak compares multiple sites and shows you the option; you have the decision to make according to your liking.
  • There’s also a price alert option; you will receive an email when the price drops for your selected date so that you can choose.

I genuinely found Kayak easy to explore to find suitable flight deals. Likewise, you can also consider Happyfares.

But, most importantly, you need to book a flight well in advance to give yourself a chance to get a low-price flight deal. For example, a month before.

After experiencing Delhi to Port Blair—flight expenses will be approximately Rs. 6000-7000 per person. But, since flight prices keep advancing and mainly increasing. So, you can expect to spend more.

The return flight from Port Blair to Delhi is additionally expensive. You will have to incur around Rs. 8000-9000 per person.

I noticed that returning flights are always slightly expensive compared to going.


  • That sums up flight expenses from Delhi to Port Blair and vice versa—Rs. 16,000 roughly per person.

2. Stay at Port Blair

The stay in Port Blair has reasonable prices.

But, consider booking a hotel that offers a free cancellation.

Because if your plan changes to stay somewhere else at a much lower price in Port Blair, you have the option of a free cancellation before the check-in time.

When you’re going far away, and the expenditures can be more, consider booking a free cancellation stay, as the plan may change unexpectedly.

I stayed at Park Inn, a Guest house in DAG Colony. For a night’s stay, it cost me Rs. 1697 in a Four bed AC room for 3 people.

Precisely, per person cost will be Rs. 565.

Though that’s the cheapest hotel shown online, I chose to stay for a night.

How Can You Save on Hotel Stays

If you can stay in low-budget hotels, you should surely prefer them.

Search on your preferred site and apply the filter—Low to High price.

Because you’ll be out exploring Port Blair the whole Day, you only require a room mainly for the night’s rest. So, you can save on irrelevant spending likewise.

In addition, if you’re in a group, the expenses can be divided, and the cost per person will be unquestionably less.

  • That sums up; the Port Blair stay expenses Rs. 700 per person per night.

3. Ferry Bookings

To proceed from one Island to another, you require to reserve a seat on a Ferry.

There exist 3 well-known islands to which you can find a ferry to go:

  1. Port Blair to Havelock Island 
  2. Port Blair to Neil Island Via Havelock Island
  3. Havelock Island to Neil island 
  4. Havelock Island to Port Blair
  5. Neil Island to Port Blair

In addition, 2 notable ferry communities function in Andaman:

MetricsPrivate FerryGovernment Ferry
ReservationYou can reserve your seat on a Private ferry both online and offline.But, to obtain the Government Ferry tickets, you must wait for your turn. Moreover, it’s not guaranteed you will 100% get a ferry ticket as residents of Andaman will be given more preference. 
Open DeckIt doesn’t have an open deck to move out to admire the surroundings.It has an open deck to admire the Andaman sea and its surroundings.
Ferry FareThe Ferry tickets usually range roughly between Rs.1200-1500 per person, depending on your route.Depending on your route, the Ferry tickets will range between Rs. 500-700 per person.

What will you Prefer?

I know you prefer to take the Government Ferry—obtaining the tickets is demanding.

Although if you know someone in Andaman, you can tell them to take on your behalf, not everyone traveling to Andaman would know someone.

Notably, you can do one thing: raise your query on the hotel reception you’re staying at. Unquestionably, I am sure they have the solution.

Likewise, I asked about getting the Government ferry tickets from the hotel I was staying in Havelock.

The next Day, I departed from the Government ferry from Havelock to Port Blair.

  • That sums up the Private Ferry fare, including going and returning Rs. 3200 approx per person.
  • While Private Ferry for going and Government Ferry in return Rs. 2300 approx per person.

4. To Travel Within the Island 

It will be satisfactory if you take a scooty on rent in Andaman.

That will cost Rs. 400-500 for a day.

If you discuss this at the hotel reception where you are staying, you may get Rs.100-200 less than you usually will.

Are there Sufficient Petrol Pumps in Andaman?

There are enough petrol pumps, mainly located around the human settlement. So, if you intend to explore the outskirts, you must be extremely cautious and keep an eye on your fuel needle.

You may likely land very far from the petrol filling station.

An Instance

I remembered likewise an instance that happened on Havelock Island.

In the late evening, while Returning from Radhanagar Beach, my friend scooty stopped working.

Since the petrol arrow was not functioning correctly, we couldn’t judge the future happening.

Standing on the road, surrounded by jungle, human settlement seemed quite far from there—I remembered something.

I searched online and took the phone number of the hotel owner, hence, called him immediately and requested to send someone with 2 bottles of petrol.

Finally, somebody arrived, with that much petrol the scooty reached the petrol pump, and we felt relieved!

Moreover, I observed an exciting thing in Andaman—the petrol prices in Andaman are low compared to the mainland cities in India.

Mainly, you will spot the petrol prices Rs. 13-14 lesser in Andaman.

However, the islands in Andaman are not very large. In addition, you won’t require to refill the petrol tank multiple times. Indeed, you can cover the complete Havelock Island in two days.

Thus, Scooty will play a primary role in your Andaman trip, taking you places, especially to the beautiful Andaman beaches.

Note – Check the scooty appropriately in and out before renting.

  • That sums up, Scooty rent in Andaman for 4 days, Rs. 2000 approx.

5. Stay in Havelock

The stays in Havelock will be costly.

Undoubtedly, the prices will be higher if you prefer to stay near the beachfront.

I stayed at Placid Garden Resort nearby Govind Nagar Beach but not very close, which cost Rs. 10,539 for 2 nights for 3 Adults. So, ultimately, Rs. 1756 per person per night.

In addition, you can find medium-price range hotels if you search for stays distant from the walk-away beaches. However, that would cost you roughly a minimum of Rs. 1200 per night. Accordingly, If you plan to stay for 3 days in Havelock’s medium-price range hotels, the total is Rs. 4000 approx per person (Including taxes).

So, if you plan Delhi to Andaman trip in a group, your Andaman expenses would be less than when you intend to travel solo.

  • That sums up, stay in Havelock Island for 3 days approximately, Rs. 4500 per person.

Ideal 6 Days Itinerary for Your Delhi to Andaman Trip

Regarding my visit from Delhi to Andaman, I have prepared a perfect itinerary with an approximate per-person budget. Moreover, I planned things not in a rush, indeed for a satisfactory travel experience.

When you travel in a group, an individual needs to spend less than a Solo traveler. Therefore, I consider Andaman will be an expensive place to visit for solo travelers.

Day – 1

Firstly, arrival in Port Blair and local sightseeing. You can visit Chidiya Tapu, which is 25km away from Port Blair—the way is magnificent.

  • Delhi to Port Blair Flight = Rs. 7000 (Approx.)

Expenses you would be occurring on Day – 1

  • Stay in Port Blair = Rs. 700 per night (Approx.) per person
  • Scooty Rent in Port Blair for a day+ Petrol = Rs. 500 per day+ 90 per ltr. = Rs. 590 

That sums up Rs. 8290 per person, excluding food and additional expenses.

Day – 2

You can take a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island. Then, you can visit Govind Nagar Beach.

  • Port Blair to Havelock Private Ferry = Rs. 1500 (Approx.) per person
  • Stay in Havelock Island = Rs. 1500 (Approx.) per person per night
  • Scooty Rent in Havelock Island + Petrol = Rs. 500 per day+ Rs. 90 per ltr.

That sums up Rs. 3590 per person, excluding food and additional expenses.

Day – 3

You can visit Kalapathar Beach and Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island.

  • Stay in Havelock Island = Rs. 1500 (Approx.) per person per night
  • Scooty Rent in Havelock Island = Rs. 500 per Day

That sums up Rs. 2000 per person, excluding food and additional expenses.

Day – 4

You can go Scuba Diving in Havelock and explore locally.

  • Scuba Diving for Beginners for 30 mins duration= Rs. 2000 per person.
  • Scooty Rent in Havelock Island = Rs. 500 per Day
  • Stay in Havelock Island = Rs. 1500 (Approx.) per person per night

That sums up Rs. 4000 per person, excluding food and additional expenses.

Day – 5

You can take the Ferry from Havelock Island to Port Blair, then, Visit places in Port Blair during the evening and night.

  • Havelock to Port Blair Government Ferry = Rs. 700 per person
  • Stay in Port Blair = Rs. 800 per person.

That sums up Rs. 1500 per person, excluding food and additional expenses.

Day – 6

You can take a flight from Port Blair to Delhi.

  • Port Blair to Delhi Flight = Rs. 9000 per person (Approx). The return flights are expensive.

Delhi to Andaman 6 days expenses will be Rs. 28,380 per person excluding food and additional expenses.

What are additional expenses?

  • Auto, Shopping, Dining in a Costly restaurant, etc.

If I count food to the total, the cost will be Rs. 31,000 roughly per person.

In addition, if I add additional expenses, the cost will be Rs. 31,500 approx per person.

Finally, How much does the Delhi to Andaman Trip for 6 Days Cost?

The Delhi to Andaman Trip will cost approximately Rs.31,500 per person.

To Sum Up

If you plan well, the cost of the Andaman tour will stay within the desired amount, and if not, vice-versa will happen.

So, when you’re planning to explore the gorgeous Andaman Islands?

Also, please let me know in the comments if you require any other info—I am pretty active in responding.

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