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I got to know about Jibhi Tirthan Valley from social media. A lot of beautiful Jibhi pictures made me pack my bags.

Then I searched a bit about Jibhi Valley, gathered some info, and booked with a tour operator taking a bunch of same-age group kids.

That was my last trip to date that I had gone with a tour operator. There were no reasons, but after that, I was solely organizing my trips.

Where is Jibhi? 

Jibhi is in Tirtha Valley, located in the Himachal Pradesh of the Kullu District.

Delhi to Jibhi Bus 

You can reach Jibhi Valley by taking an overnight bus from Delhi till Aut. From Aut, you can take a shared taxi or HRTC local bus to Jibhi.

  1. Delhi ➡️ Aut (474km) ➡️ Jibhi (32km)

At night, We had boarded the bus from Delhi to Aut. The bus had dropped just before the tunnel. The Aut tunnel is one of the longest tunnels in India. It is 2.8km long and built on Chandigarh Manali national highway.

From the Aut tunnel, we had our shared taxis booked.

We sat into the shared jeeps that took us to our landmark without waiting for longer. It took us around 1 -1:5 hrs from Aut tunnel to reach Jibhi via Sharai, Sidhwan, and Banjar.

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3-Day Itinerary for Tirthan Valley

Day 1- Reaching Jibhi Valley from Delhi

As soon as I stepped out of the shared jeep and landed in the Jibhi Tirthan Valley, I felt joy.

After a cold night on the bus, I decided to have a rest at the Jibhi Camps and Cottages. The people looked warm-hearted right from the start as they welcomed us. The Himachali dogs also brought excitement with their cuteness.

Neighbor's Dog in Jibhi Tirthan Valley

In the afternoon, we went to Mud House Hostels to chill. It should be on your list in Jibhi. A company of passionate people and an excellent environment. I also wanted to do Trout Fishing, but the season had already gone. For Trout Fishing, you have to come in between April to October.

There are small bridges over the stream flowing down from the waterfall. The water was freezing because of the weather conditions, which was very refreshing. I spent some time near the Jibhi waterfall.

Jibhi waterfall is another landmark that requires an uphill walk, and you are there. But the Jibhi waterfall is located in a dense type of area. If you are a photographer, you will be thinking of a perfect for this location.

You can also hike to the upper villages.

Hike to the upper villages in the Tirthan Valey
Hike to the upper villages

We headed back to our room before it turned dark outside. Unfortunately, because it is very often, the street lights would not work well, and someday it will work. Therefore that day, the street lights did not work at all.

So we decided to watch the stargazing night with a mix of music. Then, finally, we had our dinner and went to sleep, thinking that tomorrow would be a memorable day.

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Day 2 Starting our Jalori Pass Trek

The day that we all headed from Delhi with excitement is finally here. We will be doing our Jalori Pass trek.

Our instructor had told us to wake up early in the morning to have our breakfast to leave as early as possible.

The car drive from Shoja to Jalori Temple started, and our surrounding roads were full of snow. In a moment, we had reached our trek starting point from Jibhi to Jalori pass for our landmark to reach Serloskar lake.

Start of Jalori Pass trek in Tirthan Valley
Jalori Temple

Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 10,800ft. So I knew this would be an adventurous one, and it was turning out to be one too.

Jalori Pass Trek
The starting point of Trek

The temperature was about 2-3 degrees during the day, and it fell to minus 5-6 degrees at night. The breeze was blowing, and the views were breathtaking. It was a goosebumps moment.

As soon as the Trek began, the snow became our barrier. Full of snow everywhere the eyes go, upon the trees & mountains.

The destination is as beautiful as the journey. We got to see the snow-covered mountains, the great Himalayan national park, and the Shrikhand Mahadev mountain peaks.

I faced some ups and downs, but that is what life is: keep going and work hard, and the result will surprise you.

The feeling was Amazing.

Reaching Serloskar Lake

At around 2:15 p.m, we managed to reach Serloskar lake. The crystal-clear lake was frozen, and there was nothing more beautiful then.

Serloskar Lake
Crystal Clear Serloskar Lake

With Maggi and a cup of coffee, the weather was a Cherry on Cake. It was an Achievement unlocked kind of a feeling.

Serloskar Lake
Serloskar Lake

We had spent some time admiring the beauty of Serloskar lake and its surroundings. Although, we had to reach back before the Sunset. So all started moving towards our base camp, or our stay location.

Finally, we had just reached our starting point to witness the Sunset.

Sunset at Jalori Pass
Sunset at Jalori Pass

I had witnessed Sunrise in Jibhi and Sunset at Jalori pass. The Trek is about 5-6 km, and it took us about 2-3hrs to reach it ideally.

We got back to the hotel around 7 p.m. The legs were in pain because it was not my first time, but the body needed a little rest also.

Enjoyed Bonfire. I ate my dinner and went over to the bed to sleep.

Day 3 – Spend the time Exploring Jibhi Streets. 

The last day started with walking around the riverside on Christmas eve. This day is for Jibhification, to move around Jibhi, eat local foods, and explore cafes.

The peace and silence always pleasure the mind and body, and I can sit there the whole day. I meant it is that kind of day where no disturbance from people and phones can distract.

The day was sunny and right-pointing me on the head. What could be more magical than that, cold winters and bright sunny days? Pure magical, to be honest.

I came across Rollers Paddlers cafe, Jungle valley, and Shiva café on the streets of Jibhi Tirthan Valley The food at Jungle valley was delicious. I missed out on trying Siddu, unfortunate for now. It was an unusual, unexplored, and unknown place just ended up knowing everything.

We took our shared cab, reached Aut, and waited for the bus to arrive on a cold night. The whole body was shivering, and finally, the bus arrived, and we left from Aut to Delhi.

That was how my trip to Jibhi in Himachal had gone. I hope you have liked it, then don’t forget to share and follow this blog.

See you on the roads, Happy Traveling.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this hidden place with us! It seems truly amazing and I hope that one day I could visit it as well!
    Your pictures are stunning by the way x

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