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I looked through the glass wall, and the sunbeams appeared. That means a clear day to visit the Havelock Island Beaches. Before coming to Andaman, I had acquired sufficient about spectacular Beaches. 

So, it was the moment to look at those read words and viewed images.

Before moving further, I had a question at the end of the Port Blair to Havelock blog. Do you remember? Umm, maybe not!

The Screenshot contains a question
Screenshot of the previous blog with a question

I felt excited, woohoo! Finally, finally, the start of a sunny day!

Flowers shot at Placid Garden Resort
Aprajita Flowers

I don’t want the day washed out in the rainfall, as the previous day. But, still, we went out. But I wouldn’t say I like the rain barrier for the upcoming days in Andaman. I needed to see the sunshine in Andaman.

Although, when the scorching sun came, it also brought tanning. Ha-Ha!

Govind Nagar Beach

I went to the nearby Govind Nagar Beach just as I woke early.

Undoubtedly, the view had changed compared to yesterday’s rain.

The scorching sun had gone out. But, the umbrella will remain in our hands in Andaman, whether rain or sunshine.

When it Rains v/s When it is Sunny

Port Blair to Havelock - A Remarkable Day Spent Exploring in the RainGovind Nagar Beach during Sunshine

However, I hadn’t gone alone but took the mate along.

Our visit lasted for 15-20 mins.

That was my plan, as I wanted to experience the sunny climate at the exact location where we shot the previous day on the Beach.

Back to the Resort

The room bathroom door was excellent in every aspect. But, Hein! Essentially the primary thing mates silently saw. So, if you haven’t read the Chidiya Tapu blog, let me reveal the secret of the bathroom door.

“When in Port Blair hotel, the bathroom door doesn’t get locked, which somehow creates a moment of laughter.” Bahaha!

However, at Havelock, we took some time and then got ready.

Soon, I noticed that the sunshine wasn’t steady. It was getting cloudy. Hence, it would be better to have an umbrella to avoid any surprises from the climate.

In no time, the breakfast was ready. Yum!

Breakfast with Pepsi

Not Chai Coffee, Pepsi?

Does that combination sound alien to you? Haha!

I introduced Pepsi in the previous blog. Aha, Pepsi is to admire. You got that! Furthermore, you remember one cat named Pepsi at Placid Garden Resort in Havelock Island.

At that very moment, our breakfast came, and there the Pepsi arrived. She swiftly got closer and closer to the table and spoke Meow! 

Then, one of the buddies gave Pepsi a bite of Omelet from his plate to eat. Meanwhile, I captured the moments.

Pepsi having the omlette
Pepsi has a piece of Omelet.

Then, lovingly, Pepsi sat there until we stood up to leave. Afterward, we proceeded toward reception:

Scooty on Rent in Havelock Island

We questioned at the reception regarding renting Scooty.

Since they also provide Scooty, we were lucky that we didn’t require wandering around to search for rental shops.

However, our stay was for three days. So, we requested to give some discount. They allowed us to take the Scooty for Rs. 300/- per day. So, we took 2 Scooties for two days. So, you will get the Scooty for Rs. 400 – Rs. 500 on Havelock Island.

Before leaving, a staff member told us it might rain at noon as the weather became cloudy. Then, it was 10:30 a.m. 

As a result, we believed his opinion; however, we had already taken the Umbrellas and extra clothes this time.

Petrol Pumps on Havelock Island

Those Scooty didn’t have enough Petrol.

Therefore, we asked how much Petrol would be sufficient. After discussing our plans, an answer came that one ltr would be enough. Havelock Island is small, and every place to visit is nearby. 

Accordingly, we went to a Petrol Pump. The fuel station was at approx. 15-20 mins of ride away from Havelock Jetty.

The Petrol prices at Havelock Island are reminiscent of the era 4-5 years ago, around Rs. 80-84 per ltr.

After the Scooty got filled with 1 liter of Petrol, we headed straight towards Kalapathar Beach.

Kalapathar Beach Havelock

Kalapathar Beach
Kalapathar Beach

The drive to Kalapathar Beach was straight.

Even though there felt no need to set the map for the direction, I came prepared as I had previously downloaded offline maps if no mobile network existed in a precise location in Andaman.Β 

However, you can read about Network in Andaman that I experienced after remote working from the Andamans.

In about the next 20 mins, we reached Kalapathar Beach.

There are many two-wheeler parking spaces beside the main entrance of Kalapathar Beach. Hence, we parked our vehicles there.

Merely 4-5 people were visible on the Beach. Considering Andaman in September as a monsoon season or an off-season, Kalapathar Beach looked admirable. So, that was an excellent opportunity to see and explore in simply no crowd.

Undoubtedly, the Andaman sea is beautiful. Its charm grows when it rains!

  • I stood on the rock at Kalapathar beach, while you can still see the dark clouds over there
  • I was gently running on the beach

Drizzle Again 

It was only a few minutes went before we were admiring the surroundings. So, the initial thought came: let’s go into the sea.

As we got prepared, it started drizzling. Ahh! So, we picked up the bags and moved under the shady tree. Still, raindrops were pouring down on us.

A thought arose: We came here to go into the sea and escape from the rain. Ha-Ha! Without thinking moreover, we went inside the sea despite the rain. As I stated before:

The Andaman sea becomes more praiseworthy when it rains.

The aqua-blue and green hue of the sea were noticeable.

I didn’t see anyone when it was not raining, but suddenly many people came into the sea when it rained heavily. Amazingly Strange! 

For once, my umbrella flew away with a strong wind. Then, I dug and pressed well the umbrella holder into the sand.

The atmosphere was lovely, but it almost rained for 2 hours.

Start of a Pleasant Afternoon at Kalapathar Beach

We brought extra outfits, so we changed our clothes. The slippers went filled with sand. Therefore, I put my feet and slippers into the sea regularly.

After some time, the climate turned pleasant during lunchtime, and we got ready for a quick seaside walk at Kalapathar Beach.

When I entered the Beach, my eyes remained not so far away, lying tree along the shoreline. But instead, that tree looked very appealing and picturesque. 

The lying tree at Kalapathar beach was very attractive
Lying Tree at Kalapathar Beach

Without viewing anywhere, I went right away went where the tree was lying.

Before sharing the picture of this tree with you, I shared some highlights from the exact location on my Instagram stories.

So, a reply came:

This tree has been there for years. I stood it on too in 2013.

So that tree has been there for many years. However, I thought it must have fallen recently due to heavy rain or a storm at first sight.

Furthermore, I spent quite a time there. While mate also joined and posed with the tree.

  • Vansh Tiwari, sitting on the tree
  • Rishabh posing with the tree

As farthest I can see, it’s simply the beautiful sea.

Overlooking the Andaman Sea at Kalapathar beach
I cherish the moment.

Web Story

On an afternoon at Kalapathar Beach, the Web Story will provide you with a visual overview:

The Kalapathar Beach exceeded my expectations.

Previously, the Govind Nagar Beach and then Kalapathar Beach. So, both were exceptionally well.

It was time to leave Kalapathar Beach and proceed toward the resort.

We returned, washed the sanded clothes, and placed them to dry. However, the day was not over yet. So, we picked our Scooty and headed 10km away to the most talked-about place on Havelock Island.

It was Radhanagar Beach.

The Way Towards Radhanagar Beach Havelock

The drive to Radhanagar Beach is the epitome of refreshment, surrounded by greenery all around.

While on our way, a signboard indicated the way to Elephanta Beach. However, to reach Elephanta Beach, you must trek through a forest. So I inquired, and the people outside said the trail was closed due to rainfall.

The other way to reach Elephanta Beach is through a speed boat. Again, though, we were interested in doing the half-hour trek that couldn’t take place.

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An Intro to Radhanagar Beach

Without a wait, we went ahead to Radhanagar Beach. Interestingly, Radhanagar Beach is present at one of the endpoints of Havelock Island.

The Beach, from the outside, genuinely resembles a hotspot tourist destination. Also, there’s a dedicated ample parking space for the vehicles.

At the entrance of Radhanagar Beach, we need to provide some details. Like, such as the number of people accompanying and the name and phone number of any particular person. But, I noticed an interesting thing: our entry’s timing got noted.

Immediately, they told us that we had approx. Half-hour to be on the Beach, as it closes at 5:00 p.m. So it was precisely 4:30 p.m. I didn’t know that the timings of Radhanagar Beach are 6 a.m. – 5 p.m.

In no time, our footsteps reached among the Best Beaches in India: Radhanagar Beach. I hadn’t seen such a crowd since my arrival on Havelock Island.

There was no one at Kalapathar Beach, and the whole visitors of Havelock seemed present at Radhanagar Beach.

The sunset was barely visible because it was covered in the mysterious cloud behind the vast forest.

The time went by simply appreciating the gorgeous scenes.

Admiring the stunning views after the sunset at Radhanagar Beach
Mate Admiring the views.

Time to Leave the Beach

Shortly, the policeman and lifeguards began asking to vacate the Beach because the time exceeded 5:00 p.m.

Gradually, we left the Beach. When everyone was moving out, I stood there for a couple of minutes more and took this shot:

Radhanagar Beach at the time of Sunset
Radhanagar Beach Just after the Sunset Happened

However, we were not content with the time we had. So then, we had planned to come back tomorrow morning.

It was approx. 6:00 p.m., and we were on the roads with the Scooty. But it seemed like midnight had happened. The days and nights happen early in the Andaman.

Dinner Time

Before the resort, we went to an eatery to fill our appetite. I don’t know about the other two mates, but I was starving. So a nice proper meal would bring back my energy, and I could go further ahead.

Since only a lady managed most of the things, it took time to arrive. 


At precisely 8 p.m., we were in our room. 

However, we inquired about scuba diving in between and took their card to confirm the timings.

Woohoo! You read that right; I was curious to discover life underwater. 

Shortly, I looked at myself in the glass at the resort and realized that I had gotten tanning, and my face had turned red in that circumstance. So, I ignored that thing, hoping it would be fine in the morning.

Pepsi Arrived at Night on Our Door

One of our mates saw that Pepsi was standing outside our door. So, he brought her within, and we began playing and adoring her. While she continued speaking, “Meow.”

On that note, I conclude another day spent on the Beaches of Havelock Island Andaman.

You expect maximum time on the Beaches when you come to an island. Thus, The highlight was that we spent 70% of the day excellently at Kalapathar Beach. Despite the rain.

So, the next day will be fantastic as an adventure awaits!

Here’s the question for you: Does the undersea world amaze you?

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An Afternoon at Kalapathar Beach
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