3 Days in Jaisalmer

By Vansh Tiwari

Sunrise from Gadisar Lake

Visit Gadisar Lake to witness the sunrise. Ultimately, there would be no crowd and you can appreciate your time in peace. Indeed, the first ray of light is soothing.

I visited Gadisar Lake when it was pitch dark before sunrise, just after getting down from the Jaisalmer train and did photography.

Khuri Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is extremely crowded and commercialized. Instead, try to visit Khuri Sand Dunes, indeed, it's a little expensive but worth the visit.

I chose to visit Khuri Sand dunes, as it was not touristy and generally foreigners prefer to visit. Plus, I would get to see the perfect dunes, which I was aiming for.

My room at night was filled with insects, so, without an option, I had to agree to sleep under the open sky in the middle of the desert.

A night on the desert

Earlier, I was afraid to sleep in the desert. Also, I could hear a strange sound. But, lately, I convinced myself to sleep; the sky appeared incredible, and my decision was worth it!

Watch Kalbeliya Dance

Witness the famous Kalbeliya dance on your visit to the dunes. The local people plan to make the visitor's night entertaining by showcasing local performances and engaging activities.

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