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Jodhpur Blue City, the color symbolizes calmness and trust that your feet won’t stop without satisfying your thirst for exploration.

I end up extending my time to profoundly understand what’s more stored in Jodhpur aside from the color of the houses painted blue.

I had a mindset similar to people who hadn’t been to Jodhpur but thought all the houses were blue. 

A particular landmark is enough to drag us to explore a place. The beautiful color of the houses is no exception in this case.

I will not reveal anything regarding the blue color at the start of the article but surely in-between the points. 

I can sense that many of you reading are eager to explore Jodhpur and create life-long memories.

This article revolves around spending your precious 48 hrs in Jodhpur Blue City.

Web Story on My Journey to Jodhpur Blue City

48hrs in Jodhpur Blue City

Time plays a very vital role in any exploration. But, the deciding factor is whether to what you’ll end up seeing.

I will be focusing on the exploration part putting aside the other factors like time spent on eating and much more.

I end up exploring for longer to compile it down to 48hrs exploration of the Jodhpur Blue city in no particular order – 

1. Visiting Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is an old-fashioned town dispersed over a large area.

You had been to Garden before.

What’s interesting at the Mandore Garden?

The flowers didn’t grow upside-down. The structure built here is not of gold!

Still, there’s a sense of alluring quietness in the broken architecture that shouts out loud to understand the history and explore the land with an uncovered eyes lens.

Explore Mandore Garden in your 48hrs in Jodhpur Blue City
Mandore Garden

How to Get to Mandore Garden from Clock Tower Jodhpur?

There is the availability of Autos and Buses to the Mandore Garden. So there is no need to bother in terms of reaching there.

The Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur (Clock Tower) to Mandore Garden distance is proximately 8km. The auto driver will charge around Rs. 150 – Rs.200. Therefore, traveling in a group would be more beneficial to avoid overspending.

Witnessing Sunset in Jodhpur would be total bliss. You can go to different places to see the Sunset happening in Jodhpur.

Reach to a height place to witness sunset from Mandore Garden
Sunset from Mandore Garden

There would not be enough crowd when you choose to walk to such a height to witness the Sunset.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees to visit the Mandore Garden, which remains open daily.

After all, the surroundings are lush green and attractive; it’s a garden. But it will be quite a unique garden experience.

I haven’t seen a vast garden spread across, which will also have monuments to appreciate.


Presence of Monkeys

Be informed that the monkeys are scattered everywhere in the Mandore Garden. But to some extent, not throughout particularly.

Monkeys are spread all across the Mandore Garden
Monkeys in Mandore Garden

The monkeys, NA, ‘ll accompany you! They won’t do anything to you until you decide to act clever with them. After all, they are the smartest amongst all.

I can assure you that from your 48hrs in Jodhpur Blue City, you can magically spend your minimum of 2-3 hrs in the Mandore Garden. But, if you are a photographer, there might be less the whole day.

Because the surreal 360-degree view all around will make you say WOW.

You can also hear the Folk melody composed by Rajasthan individuals.

Folk Song by Locals of Rajasthan

People get so involved in their swing that you can view it in their eyes and movement without a doubt.

Can you imagine these scenes evolving into real life?

Overall, you’ll have an immeasurable time in the Mandore Garden from the perspective of exploring.

Because an explorer never stops his craving for exploration.

2. Walk in the Jodhpur Blue City

Jodhpur Blue City isn’t blue at all. You will not even realize the bulk blue color and its richness from the ground level.

You will get a clear look from heights such as Mehrangarh Fort or other elevated places.

Even you can easily classify the different saturation of Blue – light blue, dark blue, or even the changes in a hue like cyan, azure, and many more.

You will see blue color and a combination of other eye-catching colors.

Moreover, the combination of Green – Blue, and Red – Blue takes the eyes.

Colorful Doors were spotted while exploring Jodhpur Blue City

  • We spotted infinite colorful doors in the Jodhpur Blue City Walk

It feels so damn refreshing! To be honest.

The colors are attractive to the eyes.

You will find an area of Jodhpur known as Blue city. When you walk towards Mehrangarh Fort, you will see houses painted Blue from toe to top.

Fascinating right?

You can take a Jodhpur Blue City Walking tour to create the memories of the colorful street
Jodhpur Streets Painted in Blue

From my viewpoint, you can effortlessly cover the streets on your rest apart Blue City Walking tour perpetually occurs every day or the another.

Suppose you’re not interested in knowing the history while walking on the streets. Then you can explore on your own for sure.

Vice-Versa, a walking tour would be a good selection here.

I can’t exactly tell the cost of the Jodhpur Blue city walk tour. It certainly depends upon several factors. However, it would cost you around Rs.200-Rs.300 and take about 3 hrs to finish.

A state like Rajasthan is too hot to handle during the Afternoon, so in that case, early morning and evening would be a definite time for the Jodhpur Blue City walk.

Thoughts Summing Up in Few Lines

I am still awake,
Roaming around the streets till late,

It's not just a Walk,
Neither a way to time pass,

I am Adoring the Surround

I am Spotting the Blue
Hey, What's that color cast? No Clue! 

Will the journey end soon?
Forget it! Sitting on the rooftop to contemplate the moon.

I am still awake,
Roaming around till late 

I don't drink, neither I take,
But I am still awake 

Would you be still awake,
To roam the streets till late? 

A good 3 hrs walk in the Jodhpur streets will make your day.

People get connected when they love their time spent. The blue city of India is not an exception.

3. Pachetiya Hills to Witness the Sunset

I know you love Sunset!

Both for Mandore Garden & Pachetiya Hills, I couldn’t justify the spot to see the magical eye-soothing Sunset.

It’s up to you. You could choose the next day’s Sunset plan if you were in any confusion choosing between these two places.

For this instance, Let’s go to Pachetiya Hills for the Sunset.

Sunset from Pachetiya Hills passing Jodhpur Blue City
Sunset from Pachetiya Hills


The Jodhpur blue city and the sunset colors, I can’t recall about more pleasing than this.

I used to tell people about the Bir Billing Sunset and the paragliding during that golden hour. But, Jodhpur created a unique space for many reasons apart from that Blue hue.

Yeah, Sunset is amongst those reasons. It felt like it was entering someone’s rooftop. Okay, that was enough of the childish talks?

Back to the exploration mode,

It will be like a combined benefit of a Blue city walk ending on Pachetiya hill to witness the Sunset.

A Walk of about 1hr – 2hr around the Blue city and, you can end up on the Pachetiya hills viewing the dusk.

The charming lanes guiding you gently up with every inch forward will be worth the effort.

Someone once asked –

Thoughts Summing Up in Few Lines

Do you hate long walks?

I am here to explore,
Not to sit in one place anymore.

I am here for a dream,
For the one, I scream

I don't hate long walk,
Would you accompany me with your talk?

I am here to live, cry, shout aloud
10 years later, I wanted to say I did it and am so proud!

So, Pacheytia Hills will be a mind-blowing addition to your visit to the Jodhpur Blue City.

If you have noticed one thing, the places I mentioned involve a lot of Walking. I wanted you to enter every lane to feel the emotions, definitely not entering someone’s house without permission telling that I wanted to feel the sentiments.

4. Exploring Streets and doing Street Photography

I know you come to Jodhpur to Explore & make Travel memories.

Exploring Jodhpur Streets and clicking pictures will become your topmost memory. 

  • Street Photography in Jodhpur

Every lane has something to say, and you need to make up your emotions and start clicking street pictures.

But, be sure to politely ask before including anyone you don’t know in the picture.

Rest you can do Street Photography wholeheartedly and like no place other.

Gentle Reminder – Don’t forget to eat from Chaturbuj Gulab Jamun near Sarafa Bazar when exploring the streets.

One piece of Gulab Jamun will cost Rs.22, which is damn delightful.

Okay, we were on the Jodhpur streets doing Photography.

The Blue city of India is soo rich in colors that you can’t resist yourself taking pictures every 100m. So, do us. Here, you can see behind-the-scenes Photography from Jodhpur.

The Ghanta Ghar side area is considerably crowded.

Let me share with you my experience –

I share with you my experience that I am hesitant to do Street Photography for some reason. But then, I get accompanied by people interested in Photography. So, the hesitancy left like wonders.

I wanted to share that the feeling of doing something half-heartedly fades away when you’re in a like-minded group.

I believe 48hrs in your Jodhpur Blue City trip would be an awesome & fascinating one.

Stories in a Create Way

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes from Mandore Garden
That’s Me! Behind the Scene from Mandore Garden

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. That’s a fresh new ‘non blue’ perspective to the cool city! Many years back I visited the city for night stop over. I guess a revisit is long due! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Great itinerary – we practically spent most of our time just walking around – it’s such a beautiful city. We wanted to do zip-lining at Mehrangarh but were short on time.

    1. Hi Moksha, I intentionally hadn’t included Mehrangarh fort here but I wanted that people explore the endless possibilities available in Jodhpur. Thanks for reading and your valuable time. I am glad to hear your thoughts.

  3. I have always wanted to explore Jodhpur. These are some amazing recommendations.
    I can’t wait to explore Jaipur soon 🙂

    1. Hi Rituparna, I understood that you will be going to explore Jaipur soon and at later stages Jodhpur. I came to Rajasthan after almost 2-3 years last being Udaipur. Now, I am really fascinated to explore many other places in Rajasthan. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. I am glad that you liked it.

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