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Before you begin judging Radhanagar Beach, which is on Havelock Island, these are my thoughts, although your views may be contrasting or similar when you share your experience.

When I started the online research for the Andaman, one common thing I noticed everywhere was the inclusion of Radhanagar Beach, even the highlight of the topic in several. Furthermore, the Beach is listed among the Top 25 best beaches in Asia by Tripadvisor. So, the popularity of that Beach raised significantly from thereon, I consider.

Radhanagar seaside
Radhanagar Seaside

Thus, I became remarkably thrilled to visit Radhanagar beach and even Andaman before. Besides, I often saw the pictures and read about that Beach online. Therefore, it has increased my expectations that I made Afternoon and evening schedules wholly given to visiting, seeing, and admiring the Beach.

Upon Arriving at Havelock Island

Upon reaching Port Blair to Havelock Island, I was very excited about a few things: Scuba Diving and Radhanagar Beach.

Web Story

You can view the visual web story from the Radhanagar beach before reading ahead:

Evening Visit to Radhanagar Beach

Before Scuba Diving, I visited Radhanagar Beach, but the day lasted only 20-25 mins approx as we reached when the Radhanagar Beach was nearing close to the day’s end at 5:30 p.m.

The first sight was good; it looked beautiful as the other beaches on Havelock Island. But I didn’t feel anything that could make the Beach overhyped.

Radhanagar Beach
Radhanagar Beach

Unfortunately, when the initial day ended, I thought that maybe I hadn’t got enough time to explore the Beach and surroundings, so I should come tomorrow and see a little more. Then, I may find something to give it the tag of “Extraordinary Beach.”

As per schedule, The Scuba Diving went fabulous; I became excited to visit the Beach next.

Next Afternoon Visit to Radhanagar Beach

Near the sitting area at Radhanagar

Upon reaching in the Afternoon, I had hours to see what I hadn’t been able to see the previous day.

Everything remained similar as you can see on any other Beach; the sea, the resting chairs, people dipping in the ocean, children playing, etc.

Although, I couldn’t figure out anything extraordinary that made Radhanagar Beach overhyped. But, to bring to your notice, I loved Kalapathar Beach, to be very honest.

At Kalapathar Beach, I can count the number of people present on my fingers, whereas, at Radhanagar Beach, it seemed like the whole of Havelock Island was present.

Radhanagar Beach is good, undoubtedly, and equally beautiful like other beaches, mainly on Havelock Island. But, I couldn’t spot anything that made the Radhanagar Beach overhyped.

In terms of Cleanliness on the Beach, Kalapathar Beach has the upper hand.

Radhanagar seaside is known for watching Sunset; if that could be why it is overhyped, then Kalapathar Beach is known for Sunrises. However, I couldn’t hear anything overhyped related to Kalapathar Beach anywhere.

How did I Spend my Day there?

It went simply admiring the Beach and walking on the shoreline.

Since we reached Radhanagar in the Afternoon after the Scuba Diving, more than sufficient time was there.

Mate at the seaside
Accompanying Mate

Yes, there were branches of trees on the seashore and even in the sea. So, we played with them for some time. But I could feel that it must have sounded silly to you! Haha!

Still, we played like nobody was watching. Ha-Ha!

There exist very few humans at Radhanagar seaside in the Afternoon. Besides that, the scorching Sun in the Andaman made me tan.

Tan in Andaman
That’s me!

I could easily be distinguished, my half-face white and the rest become red. So yeah, my face becomes red when exposed to my maximum limit in the Sun, longer than 3-4 hours continuously.

Nevertheless, I ignored what exposing your skin to the Sun for longer could do. That resulted: in tan remained for the following few days.


Wohh! That’s it! And the end of the Andaman series.

In the end, I want to say that Radhanagar Beach is pretty, similar to other beaches of Havelock Island, but overhype could make things immeasurable.

Thank you for giving your precious time if you have seen every part of the Andaman series and have read it.

Let me know your thoughts.

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An Evening at Radhanagar Beach
An Evening at Radhanagar Beach
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