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You must have worked at Night at some point in your life.

Mainly, Aye! the lockdown days; the New Normal of Work from Home. Indeed, it’s still going on for numerous of us. Count me in!

Vansh Tiwari Working from Home

I found Working at Night the 2nd most productive part of the 24hrs. The first best is 10 a.m – 1 p.m, and the second best is 9 p.m – 12 noon.

Nevertheless, morning productivity can be understood because you feel refreshed after a Night’s sleep. But darknesses are always magical that sets the benchmark for pin-drop quietness.

My Encounter with Working Late at Night

I was habitual of sleeping maximum by 10 p.m. during my university phase.

But, when my job began, I got into an evening shift with timings 5:15 p.m to 2:15 a.m. So, the timings were the opposite as per my sleeping schedule.

However, I agreed regardless of the challenge of Working at Night.

Vansh Tiwari doing Work on Laptop

— I began relishing the night shift! But, truthfully, two cups of coffee were the savior.

So, from there, my intro to Working at Night happened.

Then, lockdown and work from home came into existence.

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Therefore, I started doing my job in the mornings, while blogging and photography became a schedule to execute at Night — The weekends remained days of stepping outside to bring content ideas for the blog.

Moreover, I am glad the Graveyard shift hasn’t happened to me.

Do You Know About Working Graveyard Shifts?

Truthfully, I became familiar with the phrase Graveyard Shift while researching some points concerning the current article.

I understood; the Graveyard shift, the time you work from midnight to the early morning.


Graveyard Shift – The time when the entire world is sleeping like a newborn, and you stay awakened like a zombie!

I remembered a perfect example of defining the Graveyard Shift further:

When I was working the night shift, the person next to me didn’t finish his work on time, and the team leader instructed him to complete the work that Night.

Thus, that person stood left with no other choice, and most of the people in the office went at 2:15a.m, Further, he had to sit there until the work finished.

Then the following day, upon questioning when you exited the previous Night?

He replied — in the morning and said he napped on the same work chair with his head down for some time. Though, notably, still, the work doesn’t stay completed.

So, he left the office in the morning when a mode of transportation became available to reach home.

Graveyard Shifts evolve most horrible if you don’t complete your tasks on time.

Web Story

You can view the Web Story concerning the article:

The Question Remains — Is Working at Night the Best Time to Boost Your Productivity?

Vansh Tiwari working at home

Indeed, defining the expression Productivity is the foremost step you must take.

Working at Night has to be the additional action that satisfies you as an individual.

So in that logic, Working at Night is the most adequate for me.

Further, I have expressed my thoughts on Nighttime Productivity in the points below:

1. Complete Silence

I suppose you must have sat in a room at Nighttime? — A perfect stillness.

While, in comparison, in the same room, but in the daytime, some or other noise will disturb your focus.

2. Stress-Free Mind

The daytime senses calculate what needs to be done at what time. a.k.a, to complete the to-do list.

During Nighttime, you eventually feel relaxed when most of your priority tasks are done.

Now, turn that relaxation into productiveness, and work on something you love. But, most importantly, it would be suitable if you start working on yourself.

3. Nighttime Brings Innovative Thought 

I am sure that happens with you as well; I get a lot of imaginative ideas at Night. But, mainly, a stress-free mind was the reason for the innovative ideas.

So, I have created some blogs from that creative thinking:

Nights are the most suitable for out-of-the-box thinking.

What Type of Work Defines You are Productive?

Productive tasks are directly related to the importance and priorities in your life.

Let’s suppose,

Vansh Tiwari Working Out at Home

You value exercise more in your routine life; therefore, Working out is highly productive.

If you decide to work out at Nighttime, you also remain effective towards your goal.

Ultimately, it is something that you value more in life and work upon it often in a day; then, you are being productive.

Summing – Up

The darknesses are always there; you decide if you want to bring sunshine to the room or keep the same.

Vansh Tiwari working on the laptop

Genuinely, nights played a vital role in raising my Productivity, and I will continue to do so.

Do you find Working at Night brings you one step closer to your goal?

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