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About Me

This post was recently updated on May 21st, 2021

My name is Vansh Tiwai. A 24-year-old guy from Delhi.

Before entering college, I had been to few places outside Delhi with my grandparents and relatives. I have been living with my grandparents since childhood. So whenever relatives make a plan to go out, we used to join them along. The only way to think of going out was when the relatives were going too. In that means traveling alone was not in the dictionary till then.


Solo Traveling & exploring with friends had come to me in my late college days. The first journey I did was to Bir Billing with one of my friends and I enjoyed it a lot. Actually, we booked a group tour for that place with a proper itinerary and arrangements. Since it was the first time going to Bir Billing for both of us. So, We felt dependant on the group tour.

In fact, that was also the first time I indulged in trekking too. I hadn’t done any trekking until before that trip.

I used to charge up with experiences and stories that I needed to share with others. 

After the college days were over, in some time, I thought of creating a Blog. Basically, I joined a digital marketing batch, and all the learnings that were conducted there I used to practice it side by side on the blog.

In that traveling spirit, I had chosen the name “Crossroaddaventure” for my blog.

What is meant by Crossroadadventure?

I came up with this name after thinking quite a lot. Because I believe that there are two roads in the life, one road that every other person use to tell you to walk upon. The other road that the person himself makes to walk upon.

This blog is the story of the other road taken that had been made by self.

That’s why I had given the name Crossroadadventure because this road had been entirely built by me from scratch.

Apart from working on the blog, I have been doing a job side by side. It helps me to manage and grow the blog ultimately.

From the very start, I wanted to be a travel content creator because I feel that I have a viewpoint that tells an engaging story through the combination of photography and writing. Although, when I just began, I absolutely didn’t know anything about photography and writing. 

In fact, I used to take my relative’s DSLR camera at the starting and takes note of the controls. If anything I wanted to know during the visit, I used to call my relative and ask him, “hey, how to make the background blur when shooting close objects,” and like that!

At that time, I was not concentrating on my writing as I had been focusing on photography. Gradually, I realized that I needed to focus on the writing too. Because the need of the hour is to keep improving, and one side of the boat cannot be left alone to sink.

It’s been years now since I have been working on my blog and doing a job. Since then, I had traveled to most of the places solo to create content.

The journey won’t be possible without your support.

That was a little about myself! 

I hope you will enjoy reading the blog.

Keep supporting

Thank You