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I came to Havelock Island with the determination to go scuba diving. However, when and where? I needed to find out!

Yippie! Yet another commencement of a sunny day in the Andaman Islands; I am saying that because, since our arrival, the sunshine has been less visible.


On the commencement day at Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair was all about rain. Then, leaving Port Blair to Havelock, the weather welcomed us even worse; the next day, the sun showed its presence for some time, and we went to Kalapathar Beach.

Moving on to the Scuba Diving day:

I woke up, and we started to discuss when we should go Scuba Diving. After discussing the outcome came that:

  • Firstly, we would go to Radhanagar Beach
  • Later, we’ll go Scuba Diving.

So, according to the plan. I got ready fast as usual, and the other mate was slow! Bahaha!

Breakfast Time

The ditto breakfast schedule happened as it occurred the previous day. But, the unusual thing that occurred was; First, Pepsi arrived and sat beneath our table for some time; then, she went elsewhere. I mean that she favors sitting & utter Meow till someone has done eating; however, the opposite happened.


Before starting in the direction of Radhanagar Beach, we thought of inquiring about the availability of slots with the concerned person regarding scuba diving.

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Upon Arrival at the Dive Center

Accordingly, we reached the dive center; Discussed our further plans for the day. Then, the person at the Dive Centre, who seemed like an owner, said,

Why not immediately? The weather is excellent! You will never know how the weather would behave further; right now is a perfect time.

We thought for some time and concluded that we would do Scuba Diving instantly and later go to Radhanagar Beach.

A thumbs-up confirmation came from the mates.

Next, we filled out the form. That says to disclose if there is any severe illness. But, that’s for the safety, on which the Scuba instructor can guide briefly on such existence.  

As the form got filled out and the signature went done. Then, the person showed the way to go inside a room. I can easily spot the diving gear kept in the surroundings furthermore a laptop on the desk. 

I sensed that the person would give a brief before our practical training. Then, soon, he enters and plays a Scuba Diving video. 

To Sum-up, the approx. The 12-15 min video was about the instructions:

  1. What equipment to take before your first Dive?
  2. How do they communicate inside the water?
  3. How to help yourself solely when facing any issue undersea?

The 1st point is essential, but if you want to take Scuba Diving as a carrier or learn about it, you should know your gear.

The remaining points become necessary that we will get trained concerning those.

We talked internally, stayed a little doubtful, and asked if the Divemaster would give only theoretical knowledge. Further, the person stated that; they would provide you with training till you become comfortable going inside the water. So, Chill!

Scuba Diving Outfit

The person brought the Scuba Diving suits for us to wear. Meanwhile, I noticed the changing room as we were required to take out our all-worn outfits.

At first impression, I thought I would need a more big dive suit, but that fitted excellently!

The diving suits were heavy and so tight that they would not let air get inside. At first, I got confused about how I should wear that. Ha-Ha! Eventually, it got settled.

So, we all got ready. Men in half-black!

Next, the person told us only to keep our bags in the shop. For communication purposes, someone may carry a mobile phone.

Since both of the other mates have an issue with their phones;

  • For one mate, the phone got damaged due to getting wet in the rain.
  • Poor mobile signals remained a problem for another.

Hence, I carried the mobile phone.

Web Story

You can view the below Web story to get an overview of my Scuba Diving adventure:

Reached Nemo Reef

The person sat on one of our Scooty, and we went to the Nemo reef on Havelock Island. And, it was hardly 3-4 mins away; we parked our Scooty on the roadside.

After walking for about 3-4 min, we reached the diving point. The person told us that our Divemasters would soon arrive; they were under the sea with other members.

Meantime, we thought of going near the sea.

Somewhat, I could see the human beings’ heads, who were undoubtedly practicing before their Dive.

Left to us, I saw the townspeople engaged in some Puja.

Shortly, I decided to go further inside the water. But, before that, I took my phone and slipper outside, where a member of the Diving Center was taking care of the other Scuba Diving gear.

The water was cold, and my leg’s shivered at the initial contact. Though I kept proceeding till the water touched my waist, I quietly stood there.

While waiting, I saw human beings coming out from the water. Immediately, the Divemaster showed us the hands to come further there.

The water level touched my chest as I reached there.

Scuba Diving Training

First, Introduction took place to make individuals comfortable. It’s essential to form a bond with the Divemaster because dependence is everything when you go undersea.

Do you know swimming? I replied, NO! Good to hear that, the Dive Master spoke. Because what happens is; that people take control into their own hands and often behave bossy underwater, the Dive Master further added.

The talk lasted shortly, and then the much-awaited scuba diving training commenced.

However, I got equipped with some gear beforehand.

Now is the critical part, which is a communication under the water.

Underwater Communication During Scuba Diving

Communication is of the highest importance in scuba diving, especially when you do it for the first time. Because typically, if you haven’t done that before, you tend to panic initially. And that’s normal.

So, to avoid the worst situation, communication underwater need to be understood and applied.

It’s not troublesome to learn; I practiced that in 10-15 minutes and then went underwater straightaway.

Some basic hand gestures need to be understood:

All Okay hand gesture communication in Scuba Diving

1. All Okay/Good

This gesture indicates that everything is fine underwater. You are feeling good and enjoying the moments.

Take me Up hand gesture communication

2. Take Me Up

This gesture indicates that you wanted to come up from the water; possibly, you are uncomfortable then.

In that case, the InInstructorill will take you up directly.

Take me Down hand gesture communication

3. Take Me Down

This gesture shows that you want to go deep in the water; you love the happenings and want to relish them to the fullest.

In that case, the InInstructorill will take you deep, slowly, and steadily. You don’t even realize it.

Pointing towards the Ear Communication gesture while Scuba Diving

4. Pointing Towards the Ear

This gesture ultimately tells that your ear got filled with water, and it’s somehow irritating and distracting you.

You need to press your nose and exhale either the instructor ourselves. It will get your ears open.

Pointing towards the Mouth Communication gesture while Scuba Diving

5. Pointing Towards the Mouth

This gesture shows that water collected in your mouthpiece might become a breathing barrier.

In that case, a button would be present ahead of your mouthpiece; you need to press it to release the water. Again, it will be taught to you while practicing.

Not Okay Communication gesture while Diving

6. Not Okay/Good

You are not feeling well and start to panic underwater. The InInstructorill take you up and, if required, will take you out of water entirely.

These are some hand gestures that you should grasp.

Moving Further:

The Divemaster gave me the Diving mask that covered my eyes and nose tightly. Ultimately, the main aim of those masks is to protect your nose from getting the water inside; besides, you can see underwater.

Those were tight Scuba Diving masks, even tighter than the Scuba Suit. Ha-Ha!

Finally! Scuba Diving

Are You Ready?

I became equipped with all the essential gear. Are you ready? The Dive Master asked? A big YES came from my side.

Scuba Diving

Then, he took me undersea, holding a hook-like element attached to my worn safety jacket.

That sight underwater looked so mysterious! It felt like discovering where the fishes were going altogether.

Even the visibility underwater was not that good; I could see my surroundings. Although I could feel the fish colliding, multicolored fish ran here and there.

However, within 10 mins of Scuba Diving, I pointed my finger’s toward my ears.

I wanted to say that my ears got filled with water. Without the help of Divemaster, I pressed my nose and tried to exhale to put pressure on my ears, and I felt relieved. That remained the main concern as I pointed towards the ear several times throughout the Dive.

But, the best thing was I didn’t panic even for a second. Of course, I know that it is normal to happen, especially with beginners. But, apart from that, I didn’t face any issues; everything went smoothly.

Spotting Clownfish

I have seen clownfish many times during the Dive. If you’ve seen the Hollywood movie “Finding Nemo,” you must have quickly formed a scene in your mind. So I guess that’s probably why this place got its name, Nemo Reef. In addition, the clownfish remained hidden inside the coral. So we waited till it came out.

Soon, my toes were touching the ground as I reached the maximum of 32 feet in-depth.

Before Scuba Diving
Posing before the start of the Dive
Releasing the Water from the Mouth
Releasing the Water from the Regulator Mouthpiece
Scuba Diving in Havelock Island Andaman
Scuba Instructor pointed me to see the Clown Fish

The water inside the ear hurts relatively a little as you go deep in the water.

But, I remained calm and composed and focused on the Scuba Diving adventure. However, that ear pain becomes entirely normal as you get out of the water.

After approx. 30 mins I came out of the water.

The sky was visible; besides, the other mates came out simultaneously.

We stood there for some time and discussed the insights.

You can view the short video:


Meanwhile, the InInstructornformed us that; There’s currently a jeep under the water. So if you want to see that, you can go Diving the next day.

However, Scuba Diving was not possible repeatedly as we had to leave in the morning from Havelock Island to Port Blair.

Afterward, we picked up our Scooty bags and went to the resort.

The day before, we talked with the Resort owner regarding the Govt. Ferry tickets. He confirmed that he could get the ferry tickets for us.

Next Day

We stayed ready and reached the resort reception to take our Govt. ferry tickets. However, it conveyed that the person remains standing in the queue to take the ferry tickets.

Soon, after the confirmation to arrive, we reached the Havelock Jetty.

The Govt. ferry ticket cost us Rs. 700 per person.

Our seats were different; nevertheless, we got the confirmation to travel in govt— a ferry from Havelock to Port Blair.

And that’s it from the Adventurous day of Scuba Diving on Havelock Island!

Has my experience of Scuba Diving made you explore life underwater?

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Scuba Diving in Havelock
Scuba Diving in Havelock
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