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I went to Andaman in September for 5 full days, and out of that 3 days, it rained!

Promptly, you have just assumed that Andaman in September will be a giant No from your side—because the rain will ruin your trip.

But what if I tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed in Andaman that month, honestly! Furthermore, I feel September is the BEST month to visit before the peak winter season.

Ahh, you seemed confused now?

Stay with me and continue reading until the end of this article.

I have expressed my visiting experience in September. Undoubtedly, my words will resolve your confusion.

Andaman in September

Andaman in September

The initial plan to visit Andaman in September came in July. 

However, Andaman was not the foremost choice. In the end, my friends and I chose to lock Andaman.

Then, I finalized the mid of September to visit Andaman. Further, I did all the planning and reservations till the first week of August.

I told the company Manager I was going to my sister’s wedding and could do work in half a day on all the 5 days of my visit.

Haha!—I know, we all used that reason at some point in life.

The Initial Day in Andaman

On Day – 1 in Andaman, Port Blair, I scheduled to visit the Chidiya Tapu to see the sunset.

  • When we were proceeding toward Chidiya Tapu, it started raining, and after a few minutes, showering heavily.

Ultimately, the plan to watch the sunset took over by rain. Finally, we reached Chidiya Tapu, head-to-toe wet somewhat before the darkness to snap the memories.

  • But, the way to Chidiya Tapu became even more beautiful in the rain—surrounded by wet vegetation and soothing dark greenery as farthest as I could see.

Concerning that, I formed a Web Story. So you can have a look.

Day-2 in Andaman

The next day, the plan was to catch a ferry.

I saw the clouds when I woke up.

Unsurprisingly, it began raining heavily as soon as we left to reach the jetty to voyage from Port Blair to Havelock and it continued raining the whole day.


  • The day went terrific; as we went to the Govind Nagar Beach, reaching Havelock despite heavy rain—THANKS to Umbrella, I got to see such beach beauty in the rainfall.

You can see the related Web Story I formed concerning the visit to Govind Nagar beach.

Day-3 in Andaman

The program was to visit Kalapathar Beach.

Again, unsurprisingly, it rained when we reached Kalapathar beach.


  • I couldn’t have imagined the day to become better than entering the Andaman sea in rainfall and staying in the water for some time—We played wholeheartedly in the rain.

Also, now I thought, 

What if it doesn’t rain?

  • We could have stayed on Kalapathar beach, mainly for an hour, and then could have left saying that it’s an ordinary beach.

But, the rain made it extraordinary, and the time flew by as we stayed on the beach for almost 3hrs creating and clicking memories.

Moreover, very few individuals were visible on the Kalapathar beach before and even after the rain.

  • Mainly, you could also think of less crowd in Andaman in September for a reason to visit.

Furthermore, I also created a Web Story concerning my visit to Kalapathar beach.

Day-4 in Andaman

The day to do Scuba Diving in Andaman and visit the well-known Radhanagar Beach.

Can you guess something?— Surely, Unsurprisingly, it rained as usual; what else?

Bright Sunny Day in Andaman
  • But, that day it didn’t rain, I still got wet, unsurprisingly!

Moreover, the water went inside the ears and mouth—Welcome to Scuba Diving!

The weather was delightful! 

To resolve your query, Scuba Diving still happens even if it’s raining slightly.

The Scuba Diving experience was a perfect adventure on a lovely day.

You can view the Web Story regarding Scuba Diving on Havelock Island, Andaman.

Besides, would you prefer tasting Sambhar Dosa instead of Seafood in Andaman?

Moving forward to Radhanagar Beach

The day in the afternoon remained so hot that I got tan on the beach.

  • Eventually, I felt I would get a feel of every weather condition in Andaman in September.

Nothing extraordinary, the time on the famous Radhanagar Beach went nice.

Day-5 in Andaman

On Day 5, the schedule was to take the ferry from Havelock Island to Port Blair and take the scheduled flight the following day.

Therefore, not much exploration happened on that day. Indeed, half of the day went into traveling and reaching our stay in Port Blair.

But, amazingly, it didn’t rain the whole day. 

So, Wuhu!

On the last day evening, I went to Flag point in Andaman.

Then, the next day, bright morning, I got on the flight and left for Delhi.

  • Truthfully, despite the rain, for 3 days, I still enjoyed my time and saw the stunning Andaman and its attractive beaches in the shower!

After reading the explorations, a question struck your mind: How Expensive is Delhi to Andaman?


Andaman in September - Day-Wise weather during my 5 complete days visit

Getting wet in Andaman is expected, whether it’s raining or not!

But, my September in Andaman was genuinely mind-blowing.

Moreover, I believe visiting Andaman between the Mid of September to the Mid of October is an excellent period.

However—you may face showers on consecutive or alternate days.

But the visit will be worth it as the peak monsoon time will be gone by Mid and end of September.

In addition—Umbrella will be your constant savior in keeping you dry.

Vansh Tiwari standing in light shower with Umbrella in Havelock Island

Thus, are you ready to witness the gorgeous Andaman in September?

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