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Have you ever got a middle seat in flight? I hope you did!

If you haven’t, undoubtedly, you have to experience that next time.


When you have someone familiar accompanying you, I think you don’t mind sitting in the middle seat in-flight and; moreover, you’ll be pleased! 

Now, let me place you in a situation;

Vansh Tiwari sitting in a corner seat in flight

Suppose you have a corner seat in a flight, and someone comes and tells you that he feels uneasy sitting in the middle seat, so, please…

You express – Sure! 

You have the napping flyers on both sides, leaving you stationary in the middle.

What would you do till the flight lands?

But, first, let’s see what others have to express; as I have asked a similar question,

Response on Twitter

Twitter Response on sitting Middle Seat in Flight

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Instagram Response on sitting in a middle seat in flight

Allow me to tell you what I did in the middle seat in flight.

SpiceJet Airways

It was the Spicejet airlines, and I was traveling from Delhi to Ahmedabad.

I sat on my seat; a passenger arrived and said that,

I feel discomfort in the middle seat in flight, so can you please sit on the middle seat?

Without hesitation, I expressed Yes.

Soon after the flight flew, I saw both accompanying flyers were sleeping.

I felt sealed in the middle; furthermore, darkness was visible from outside the not-so-far window as it was nighttime.

Then, I noticed an exciting handout kept in the front of my seat.

It reads “Book Cabs on the Fly.”

Book Cabs on the Fly Handout by SpiceJet

Genuinely, I found that compelling but of no use in that situation.

Under that,

I read Spicescreen, offering Movies, Regional, TV shows, and Web Series while you remain sitting in the moving flight.

Again, it was compelling, and I felt it would be valuable in the present position.

Likewise, I was curious to know how it would work, as no network connectivity exists in mid-air.

Let’s see:

Steps to Connect to the SpiceJet Spicescreen

Steps to connect to SpiceJet Spice Screen
  1. Enable Airplane mode on your device
  2. Connect to Spicescreen Wifi
  3. Type –

Note – You won’t be able to access the content on the Spicescreen site when you deboard.

Watch your Favored Content

You can watch your preferred show.

After scrolling, I noticed the “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” preview. So without a double thought, I chose to see that.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was a Savior in the Middle Seat in Flight

When I commenced watching, all the remembrances came alive.

Indeed, I have seen the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara earlier but have missed the starting 30-40 mins then. So, I have looked closely at that.

Besides, you would be satisfied to know that the streaming doesn’t buffer; you will enjoy the seamless experience. A plus point!

Do you remember the Scuba Diving scene from the movie?

I can relate to that, as I did Scuba Diving in Andaman.

Scuba Diving Hand Gestures

Katrina Kaif giving instruction for Scuba DivingTake me Up hand gesture communication in Scuba Diving
Go Up, Scuba Diving Hand Gesture Sign

I shot myself at home concerning the Scuba Diving hand gestures.

Katrina Kaif giving instruction for Scuba DivingAll Okay hand gesture communication in Scuba Diving
All Okay, Scuba Diving Hand Gesture Sign
Katrina Kaif giving instruction for Scuba DivingNot Okay Communication gesture in Scuba Diving
Not Okay, Scuba Diving hand Gesture Sign

So, that scene was pretty memorable.

Furthermore, some underwater diving scenes from the ZNMD film,

Underwater Diving Scenes
Scuba Diving

Truthfully, I found Spicescreen a savior, or I also have to nap, which I don’t particularly appreciate while traveling for a short span.

That was my first time using the Spice screen and sitting in the middle seat.

But, I didn’t watch the entire movie; though, for some scenes, I watched the film fast forward.

Next, the flight was halfway to the destination,

A Hilarious Phase

The person sitting right to me stood and went; I understand that he went to the washroom.

When the flight preparing to land, the air hostess came and asked me — was somebody sitting next to me?

But the accompanier came back when the flight landed. So I assume the individual might find something engaging in the washroom!



The middle seat on a domestic flight is still manageable because you don’t have to remain seated for a longer time, while I can’t envision the scene of traveling Internationally.

But, honestly, when you try, you find ways to utilize your time effectively.

Indeed, every airline is evolving efficiently in making their flyers remain engaged.

So, currently, it’s your turn,

Positioning you in the exact situation, What would you do in the middle seat till the flight lands?

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