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Do you fancy dining on an Island? Well, I fulfilled my fanciness in Andaman.

So when I express Sea-food in Andaman, your thoughts might fill with meals like Lobster, Prawns, and other seafood items.

Aye! You felt correct.

Thus, if you doubt that Vegetarian food is available in Andaman? Undoubtedly, get-at-able.

Straightforward, I prefer to eat Vegetarian food; therefore, I tasted Sambhar Dosa instead of Sea Food in Andaman.

During my 6 days in Andaman, I tasted Vegan food every time, whereas the many restaurant meals of the day were “Lobster”!

Is Food Costly in Andaman?

The cost of food in Andaman depends on choices:

Let’s suppose,

I ordered 3 Chapattis and Vegetables, which cost Rs. 300/-
You requested 1 Lobster which cost Rs. 700/-

However, if you order basic reasonable eatables, you will ultimately find food prices in Andaman inexpensive.

Cost of Food in Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman.

On the first day in Port Blair, I skipped lunch to reach the Chidiya Tapu to witness the sunset. Unfortunately, though it rained heavily that day; therefore, sundown didn’t appear, but I arrived on time.

In the Nighttime

I became starving at night, so I went to Aberdeen Bazar and ate dinner well before my scheduled time of 8:30 p.m.

The restaurant where I ate was decent, which had cost Rs. 250-300/- for Chapattis plus Vegetables.

Notably, the motive behind telling that was it’s reasonable similarly you eat in your city.

Otherwise, Unquestionably, a five-star restaurant will cost you more.

In the Morning

Sambhar Dosa Breakfast in Port Blair

In Breakfast, Sambhar Dosa became my preferred thing to dine, and Indeed, it was delicious. That cost Rs.160 approx.

The restaurant served food on a thin plastic paper kept on a plate.

From that serving presentation, I perceived;

  • Energy spent on washing those plates would almost become void.
  • The plastic paper will clean up neatly for later use.

You will see a lot of South Indian restaurants in Port Blair; moreover, the people running those eateries likewise seem South Indians.

You would not feel any language barrier as people understand and speak Hindi.

So, if you are a Vegan in Andaman, you have various options to choose from and consume; additionally, the price would stay fair.

Cost of Food on Havelock Island

I stayed in Havelock for 3 days, and it’s on a different island; you need to board a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock.

While on Havelock Island, the food cost is a little more priced.


In Port Blair, 3 Chappastis and a full Vegetable plate would cost you Rs. 250-300/-, whereas the same would cost you Rs.300-350/- on Havelock Island.

Mainly, you will find local eateries near the Havelock Jetty area; else, the resorts and hotels have their in-house establishments.

But, when you eat outside your resort or hotel, you would spend less on dining.

Street Food in Havelock Island

  • trying street food near the Radhanagar beach
  • trying street food near the Radhanagar beach

When you visit Kalapathar and Radhanagar Beach, you will find street vendors outside the beaches. Thus, you can enjoy light snacks.

However, Havelock is a small Island and remains surrounded by greenery. 

So, you would spot street seller’s near favored places, especially outside the beaches.

If you remain disciplined enough, you can easily control the cost of food in Andaman.

What if You Want to Stay for a Long Time in Andaman?

Genuinely, Food and Stay play a crucial role in a prolonged sojourning.

Since Andaman doesn’t have a hostel, you must depend on lower-cost hotels and decent eatery places to not burn a hole in the purse.

Though, did you know? That you can work remotely from the Andaman’s. Sincerely, I managed work from Andaman and additionally saw the gorgeous Island.

Thus, you can manage your WFH, truthfully called, Work from anywhere alongside exploring Andaman for a long time.

Summing – Up

Unquestionably, you will find your desired food in Andaman, whether it’s Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.

While I cannot direct you on what to eat in Andaman; however, if you dream of consuming something extraordinary and unusual, then Lobster may become your meal of the day!

Though, would you choose to eat Seafood over your favored meal?

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. I traveled Andaman & Nicobar 10 years ago. It was an excellent trip. I was 12 back then. Our flight landed in Port Blair. The island, roads & other places are very beautiful along with a museum, I don’t remember the name.
    The Cellular Jail too was a good experience(Not as an inmate of-course, haha). Food is one of the best thing you’ll experience.
    I’m planning another trip this year.
    Have a good day!

    1. Thank you Tanishq for sharing your memorable experience of Andaman with me. Moreover, that sounds like a pretty satisfactory. Though, I missed to go Neil Island during that time, as the ferries weren’t operating. I wish you another amazing trip to Andaman.

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