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The winter is already here, and it’s bone-chilling!

I assume you have already planned where to visit for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Further, I sense that most individuals would be heading to the mountains to spend those special days in the snow. But, you never know; even snowfall might happen and make the moment more joyous.

Though, before you hurriedly leave to catch the bus or flight, I have prepared a list of winter essentials that both men and women can consider.

I have been to the mountains during peak winters and stayed at Chitkul when the evening temperature reached minus; even I did Serolsar Lake trek in peak winters before; therefore, I understand what all things are a must-have cold-weather essential.

12 Must-Have Winter Essentials

Let me disclose a secret; I have prepared the underneath list while packing because I will also be going to the mountains for a snowy Christmas. Hurray!

Further, I thought of creating a blog with the necessary items that I have kept within my bag. The picture below has my winter essentials:

List of Winter Essentials
My Winter Essentials

Hence, I have written below the required things for a shiver free visit:

1. Gloves

Gloves will protect your hands from freezing in winter.

When in-home, during winters, I wear half-cut gloves, which are helpful when doing daily routine work, like typing the must-have winter essentials blog on the laptop; Ha-Ha!

But, when you are outside, especially in the mountains, don’t forget to cover your hands as the extreme weather would numb them.

2. Woolen Beanie

A Woolen Beanie will protect your head from the icy-cold weather conditions.

I started taking a Beanie from last to last, as I felt the need because the weather often becomes unbearable. We usually accept that lightly and fall sick when we return home. The motive should always be to remain illness-free.

3. Sunglasses 

Honestly, I don’t wear sunglasses in any weather.

But, I thought of trekking in the mountains, mainly snow treks, so I required sunglasses as the mirrored sunlight can damage the eyes. Precisely, it can cause snow blindness.

Let me give you a reason to wear Sunglasses; you know that, “pictures.” Oh My God! You look good; Thus, carry the sunglasses with you.

4. Tight Grip Shoes 

Suppose you saw snow, now, I can’t even imagine that any individual wouldn’t go and play with snow. Your inner kid will walk and run on that, and if you have worn a loose article, you will undoubtedly fall. Oops!

Therefore, strong grip shoes would support you; similarly, you keep me going when I publish new articles.

Nothing can be better than trekking shoes for a slip-free and steady movement.

5. Minimum Three Layers of Upper Body Clothing

Winter and Shivering go hand-in-hand. So it would continue unless you wear half-handed clothes and decent layers of clothes to cover your complete body.

But, What do decent layers of clothing includes?

There could be numerous combinations:

  1. Sweatshirt + Sweatshirt + Warm Jacket
  2. Sweatshirt + Sweater + Warm Jacket
  3. Sweater + Sweater + Warm Jacket

The sweatshirt could be worn as a base layer to soak the sweat—further, a sweater and jacket to provide you warmth from the cold conditions.

But, at least three layers of essential winter clothing stand a must. Beyond that would be helpful to you if you feel required.

6. Two Layers of Lower Body Clothing

I used to wear two layers of lower-body clothing in my early school-going days. Precisely, thermals.

Why did I refer to School Going Days?

Because since then, I don’t wear thermals anymore, Haha!

But, the thermals are back, and so does my maturity to wear that. So, upon thermal you can wear; accordingly, it could be jeans or winter pajama.

So, two layers of lower clothing is a must-have winter essential.

7. Wool Socks 

Once, while trekking, my feet; obviously had shoe steps on the water, and ultimately, the sock became wet. Therefore, I removed the socks and slept in cold conditions. After that, however, I had a sleeping bag, though still, socks required.

Just remember to carry an extra pair of woolen socks also. That helps!

8. Travel Neck Pillow

I usually don’t carry a travel neck pillow, but I felt the need from my past experiences, especially on the bus.

One significant barrier I faced while traveling on the night bus; a good sleep didn’t come. Even though I pretend to be sleeping, sound sleep doesn’t come. Additionally, the neck movements worry me when the bus takes zig-zag turns on the mountain.

So, carrying a travel neck pillow might solve the problems while journeying, so you can consider that.

9. Umbrella 

The uncertain climate can spoil your plans.

However, carrying an umbrella doesn’t guarantee that your plans will become alive. Instead, it provides hope that, if required, you can visit carrying an Umbrella when it’s raining or snowing outside.

Hence, remaining prepared in advance is a soft signal to proceed.

10. Shoulder Bag

You can consider carrying a backpack that you won’t require to take everywhere in your hands. Meanwhile, you can engage your hands in doing other activities.

I keep all my belongings in the shoulder bag; additionally, I carry one more small bag within the main shoulder bag. That ultimately reduces the bag count, but consider not overloading your shoulders.

11. Face Cream

Winters and dry skin makes you look dull. Moreover, you don’t feel good.

Although, I am not an expert in telling you the best Cream to purchase. But, I use moisturizer to make my skin feel good.

So, I may be ineffective at this point, but I hope you understand my feelings.

12. Face Mask


The ultimate must-have winter essentials and all the season essential until the virus entirely becomes extinct from the country.

Similarly, Christmas is a big gathering and a festival that people typically want to spend somewhere exploring. But, the same thought process leads to the place becoming crowded.

Thus, wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing should also be your motto while enjoying the snowy Holidays.

When you are entirely ready, it’s time to leave.

Vansh Tiwari leaving after packing required Winter Essentials
Vansh Tiwari, after packing his required winter essentials

That brings me to an end.

I hope I was valuable enough to provide you with the right winter essentials from my expertise.

Let me know what your favorite winter essentials is? Mine, Tight Grip Shoes!

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