Travel Questions Every Traveler is Bored of Hearing
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7 Travel Questions Every Traveler is Bored of Hearing

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Many of us get bored with things we do repetitively or been asked the same travel questions every time.
These things happen to traveler also; they have been asked same travel questions repetitively by every alternate person they meet.

They became bored with answering.

How about showing them the recorded answer. HA-HA.

Not Just Travel Questions but Travel Mistakes also.

Excited to know what these travel questions are?

Let’s start-

Travel Questions that Every Traveler is Bored of Hearing

1. How do you manage to fund yourself?

How do you fund yourself ?

One of the most asked travel questions.Millions of time. I see everywhere in real life or on social media one of the trending questions people ask from travelers.

If you are passionate about something all your focus would be on that particular thing. Then all the other expenses are ultimately controlled.

You have to save money to travel and that’s not an easy task with so many distractions.
Ex- Once in a year I go to the cinema to watch a movie or once in a month eat from outside and save for future travels. I hope the point is clear by the example.

2. You didn’t get bored?

You didn't get bored ?

No, we don’t. The thing we got bored is the same questions again and again in a different style. There is so much to do in this world plus if you add your own innovation there is no chance you will ever get bored.

3. Last time packer or pre-planned?

I would personally say pre-planned.
The last time packing always result in forgetfulness or the time constraints which control the much-needed desirable actions. But last time has its own craziness. Both have their own merits and D-merits.

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4. What inspires you to travel?

What inspires you to Travel ?

I would say passion is a big thing.

People see others that they are traveling the world and can actually afford their expenses. It brings the power to them that they can also do this. Working on something you are happy to do becomes your passion and everything flawlessly falls into place.

5. What type of music do you hear while traveling?

I would say motivational music which includes the softness of voice and which describes the journey in beautiful words.

Music with beats is also a good option to say.
I want to add something in this that, if it’s a window seat every music can heal your ears.

6. Which is the best place you had been to?

If someone asks from me, I can’t really come to one particular place because all are a special one for me. Whether it’s Paragliding in Bir, Rafting in Rishikesh, Majestic Kolkata, and many more.

We wonder not to count on places but to make memories and travel in itself an exciting feeling.

7. What would you do when you are not traveling?

If you ask this thing from any traveler, he would say planning for the next trip.
Ha-ha, chances of saying this is high.

They would be working, or planning for the next, or educating about the place they have been by writing, etc. but one thing is pretty sure that they are utilizing their time effectively because so much to do in limited time.

These are some of the questions where my mind stopped by.
If you have any travel questions to add on please share in the comments more than happy to hear an answer.

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  • Avatar
    Melis Living

    I have heard all these questions and more! Especially ‘how do you afford it’… I just cut out the simple things that other people spend money on like takeaway coffee and expensive beauty treatments (make my own coffee and do my own beauty). Thanks for sharing, great post! Melis

  • Avatar

    I am definitely sick of the first question too. It’s like: well, instead of making your own lunch every day at home, you go out and buy yours. I save at least $50 a week by not ordering lunch out like you. AND, you don’t see me questioning your decisions of where and how your spend money. But that $50+ I save allows me to do other things, like travel.

    I don’t think people understand that we all save money differently and we all choose to spend it differently as well. I’d rather have a so-so car than a fancy one so that I can travel more. I don’t need presents. I don’t buy overpriced clothes. I eat at home a lot. I can travel more because I save money this way. Some people want a big house that they don’t really need–they become house poor–and then can’t travel. It is all a system of give and take. I truly believe that everyone can travel at some point if they work an OK job and save money up. Budgeting is key. Unless you are rich ; )

    • Vansh Tiwari
      Vansh Tiwari

      Hey Christine,

      Bang on. You just answered so perfectly and I really liked the way you gave the example how you save for your travels. Absolutely agreed I also try to save like this, by not eating from outside or prefer walking on foot to save for the future travels. Thank you so much for your time, it really meant to me and all the best for your future travels around the globe.

  • Avatar
    Dia Jin

    I just tried to comment once not sure if it made it through 🙂 but I find this super relatable. I’m always thinking and dreaming up my next destinations. And I think even some many people would like to believe there’s a magical way to easily fund travel but in the end it really comes down to having the passion to continue exploring. And more often than not it means working working and saving saving?

    • Vansh Tiwari
      Vansh Tiwari

      Yes, you had successfully made the comment. Passion can take you anywhere. But in the end it really matters that whether you want to work hard or give up and the destiny will work according to that. Thank you for your valuable time.

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