Scuba Diving


By Vansh Tiwari


I was determined to go Scuba Diving in Havelock Andaman. So, my friends and I went to Dive Centre for the Slot confirmation. 

Shortly after confirmation, we wore Diving suits and left to reach the spot. It was present few foot steps away.

Yellow Location Pin

Nemo Reef

Since the dive master was already underwater, I had enough time to look at the surroundings and get comfortable.

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I was excited about the underwater adventure. The outfit was tight enough not even to let the air pass by. Ha-Ha!


Soon, I was in the water and geared up beforehand to start the Diving training session.

Further, I was taught hand gestures to communicate underwater.

ALL OKAY, means everything is fine.

NOT OKAY, means you are not feeling well underwater.

Hand Gestures

Take me UP, means take me in upwards direction.

Take me DOWN, means take me in Downwards direction.

Hand Gestures

Pointing EARS, means the water got filled inside and irritating you.

Pointing MOUTH, means water got collected in your mouthpiece.

Hand Gestures

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After completing the practice, I went Diving, and everything worked flawlessly.

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In the shot above, Dive Master pointed me to see the Clownfish. Founded Nemo!

Green Flower
Green Flower

However, there remained moments where often I pointed to my ears as the water inside began irritating. I tried to resolve those by myself as taught in training.

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