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I have multiple travel magazines kept at my work desk.

Indeed I read them to learn about a place, take inspiration, and eventually better myself.

Vansh Tiwari's Work Desk at Home

Although, honestly, I haven’t read any complete magazine in one full flow because the travel magazines hold a bunch of knowledgable input.

Furthermore, I feel that you must grasp the knowledge slowly to remember for more time.

As you know,

Bettering yourself is not concerned with any specific field. It’s essential self-improvement; it would also keep enhancing you if you kept persisting.

Accordingly, I want to share my personal experience and observations with you.

So, I have prepared points I observed that pushed me to improve.

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How can Travel Magazines Help You be Better?

Vansh Tiwari's List of CNTraveler Magazines
My Collection of CNTraveler Travel Magazines

1. Indeed, Improved English

Undoubtedly, I am confident you must have viewed and even read travel magazines.

If not multiple times, then at least once.

Vansh Tiwari reading the Travel Magazine

Perhaps in school or college libraries, I hope you remember!

Ditto, I am more confident; you encountered words that read like fantastic within the paragraph, but you became lost for a moment as to what that phrase means.

Ahem! Am I correct?

Don’t bother; high-five; it also happens to me!

I mainly cross my paths from CNTraveler Magazine. 

Genuinely, I came across numerous words that I had to Google to find the exact meaning.

Words in Travel Magazine

Likewise, the other day I read the word, Trepidation. Then, I Googled the meaning to resolve my confusion.

  • “Fear of something unpleasant map happen” – Trepidation.

Another example:

I received an email from my frustrating client stating the sentence: Amazon has a Cumbersome system for updating.

  • Initially, I remained confused; after Googling, I understood the meaning – “Slow and Complicated.”

You can gain knowledge from anywhere, so keep scanning your daily encounters.

If you can see a little light in a room full of darkness, you are in the right direction to see the sunlight.

Merely reading will boost you up for only that moment.

But if you continue the reading process and bring the learned words to use. Then, unquestionably, you’ll notice self-improvement.

And, that would be among the most pleasing self-improvements you can do at home.

Likewise, when you practice more for better spoken English, you’ll improve your English speaking, and the same goes for writing. 

Vansh Tiwari sitting at his Work Desk and looking at the laptop

Honestly, I practiced more written English—Thanks to Travel Blogging

Also, I have a blog post on 9 Grateful Things 1000 Days of Travel Blogging taught me.

Whereas I am slightly unconfident about speaking English fluently—Possibly Vlogging in English would help!

  • Thus, ultimately, within continuous practice, self-improvement resides.

2. You can Become Better Travel Plan Maker

When you think of going out someplace—I believe planning should have to be top-notch for a blissful adventure.

If you don’t consider yourself a better travel plan maker, I feel reading travel magazines would make you.

Likewise, I was reading about the gorgeous road drives to take across India;

Then, I stopped on a Delhi-Dalhousie road trip where the travel magazine explained that you could take a longer route. 

  • From DelhiDehradunShimlaDharamshalaDalhousie to make it a slow but blissful experience. In addition, staying at a stated hotel in-between will make the journey mind-blowing.
Road Trip Ideas Mentioned in the Travel Magazine

I found the shared opinion interesting because,

We would generally search for a more straightforward way to cover the journey quickly and reach the destination as fast as possible.


So, reading travel magazines would help you become a better travel plan maker and see the journey more indifferently.

  • Hence, congrats—in advance for the role of travel plan maker for your family!

For example:

I did a trek last year to Rani Sui Lake in December, which commenced on 24th December.

Hence, I planned to arrive a day before in Manali. Usually, what I do earlier, and you can relate to it—is to reach on the same day when the trek starts. 

Therefore, planning played an essential role:

  • I got to know the trek leader a day before.
  • Planning prepared me for the trek after closely eyeing the required essentials.
  • Also, I took a perfect nap before the daytime began.

Eventually, you can also say, with experience comes better planning and decision-making ability.

3. You will Gain More Useful Knowledge

You would only read a travel magazine because you plan to go someplace, but that’s not the right approach to being better.

Vansh Tiwari reading travel magazine at home and utilizing time productively

Indeed you can also read in your idle time or in-between when journeying somewhere—although, utilizing time productively has to be your motive.

Furthermore, I don’t think reading un-purposely will put you in a loss-making situation. On the contrary, you’ll gain knowledge for a more promising tomorrow.

For example:

Eying Ladakh' s Zanskar River, In Frame - Vansh Tiwari
Admiring the Individuals walking on the frozen edges of Zanskar River, Ladakh

I haven’t been to Ladakh yet, but I LIKE reading about Ladakh to increase my knowledge wherever I see a Ladakh topic.

Because indeed, when I visit Ladakh in the future, I want to utilize every step placed forward in creating and capturing stunning moments.

  • Knowledge exists online; you must keep an eye on the priority ones.

4. Seeing Photos in Travel Magazines can Influence You to Make a Plan

Photos Can Influence You to Travel

Photos have the power to encourage you to follow your heart!—And when you follow your heart, you’ll undoubtedly improve yourself to keep continuing to pursue.

Have you closely noticed?

  • The cover photo is the foremost thing you see when holding a travel magazine that ultimately pushes you to open and read.
  • Secondly, pictures boost you to read and understand a written topic, even if it’s a boring long para!

Thus, the striking combination of visually appealing images and lively writing makes the travel magazine noteworthy to read.

After all, the positive influence always leaves its impact.

Vansh Tiwari reading about the mouth-watering dishes of Rajasthan
Seeing the Flavours of Rajasthan

In addition, photos influence you to travel to eye those magnificent scenery locations and jaw-dropping landscapes.

But, don’t forget to eye the mouth-watering dishes.

  • Traveling is self-improvement, where you’ll nurture yourself from planning to execution, and Aye, don’t ignore the budget.

For example:

Suppose I saw a photo of captivating Sikkim that encouraged me to travel there.

Now, the role of arrangement to implementation and mainly the budget would come.

5. Surely, Travel Magazines can be your Informative Travel Buddy

Travel Magazine can be your Travel Buddy

To all solo travelers—deciding to travel solo is not easy, but, ultimately, you will see an improved you when you return home.

While Journeying, finding a travel buddy is not straightforward. Though carrying your travel magazine, you have your travel buddy accompanying you.

In addition, your magazine travel buddy would have all the required knowledge concerning a place you are visiting.

Thus, without looking at your phone, you’ll know your answers.

I used to travel alone frequently, and I miss my travel fellow. But, until then, I didn’t have an interest in travel magazines and didn’t realize that a magazine could become anybody’s travel partner.

  • So, with experience comes understanding.

6. Your Eyes would Stay Away from Continous Look at the Phone Screen

You’ll agree that you see your phone whenever you need answers to your questions.

Hand in the pocket to take out phone

And just like that, you will agree that your hand intentionally gets inside your pocket, searching for your phone whenever you feel bored.

I genuinely feel that phones often distract individuals because it’s the easiest way to become diverted.

At least, when you have your accompanying buddy, your travel magazine, you would shift your eye from the scrolling phone screen to thumbing the magazine’s pages.

Moreover, eyes get something fresh to look at!

7. Travel Magazines can Inspire you to take a Step Toward your Dream

Do you have a dream of building an establishment?

Travel Magazines can inspire you to take your step towards your dream

Well, travel magazines feature a lot of properties that remain inspiring in their sense.

In addition, magazines share how the establishment started and where the idea came from.

Those beautiful interiors, gardens, and textures can indeed uplift your thought.

So, you can eventually take the needed inspiration for your dream project.

8. You can Become an Improved Author and Photographer

To the writing and photography enthusiasts—magazines can inspire your artwork.

I sincerely feel travel magazines set the benchmark and inspire artists worldwide.

Indeed, it inspired me; let me express:

Have you noticed the text behind the images in magazines?—Ultimately, that looks attractive.

I learned how to do that and applied it to my various captured photographs.

You can see them below:

Traveled 19hrs, Changed 4 buses, and Reached this Hidden Gem of North India - Aru Valley
Owner of the Hotel Where I Stayed

When I began my blog, the primary focus remained on expressing my thoughts.

Writing and photography became the principle that allowed me to express myself willingly.

  •  Afterward, I also started scanning the magazine, encouraging me to develop new ideas and approaches.

Correspondingly, you can read my Behind the Scenes Photography from the Jodhpur blog.

That was the first time:

  1. I created a Behind Scene Content.
  2. Furthermore, I tried coloring the Headings and placing images in different dimensions.

Hence, I enjoyed the new approach.

Even I became incredibly inspired by the landscape photography displaying jaw-dropping mountain vistas.

Certainly, Landscape was a primary passion, though whenever I used to go to Himachal—capturing magnificent landscape scenery remained the only ultimate dream.

And, I stood satisfied by snapping the moments!

You can undoubtedly visit my Instagram and see the creative captured art.

9. You can get to know the Knowledgeable People in the Travel Industry

Authoritative individuals of their respective industries hold a deep understanding of their work.

For example:

Know Regarding Knowledgeable People of the Travel Industry through reading Travel Magazines

I have subscribed to the CNTraveler magazine. When I began to read the magazine, a name I repeatedly saw over the pages—”Diviya Thani,” the editor of CNTraveler.

Sometimes, even full-page remains dedicated.

So, I understood that she holds deep knowledge about her field, and I consider her authoritative.

Likewise, numerous people remain highly skilled in their fields like Photography, Writing, Designing, Publishing, etc.

So, when you know the person behind the work, you ultimately become confident and start believing as a trustworthy source of the information provider.

Another example:

You read blogs online, correct?

When you feel like reading Lifestyle and Fashion blogs, you know—Vogue will provide a reliable source of knowledge.

Similarly, when you feel like reading Digital Marketing blogs, you know—Search Engine Journal has the authority in that field.


Vansh Tiwari Collecting the Travel Magazines Kept on Floor

In the globe, nothing is much sounder than—I became “Better.”

After all, Self-Improvement is the long-term objective.

Do you connect to my points? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


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9 Ways Travel Magazines Help You Become Better
9 Ways Travel Magazines Help You Become Better
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