30 mins at govind nagar beach

By Vansh Tiwari

It was pouring heavily the day I arrived at Havelock Island.

Tip - Keep an Umbrella with you; the monsoon stays longer in Andaman. It extends till Sept end - Oct starting.

Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line

3:55 P.M

Since the Govind Nagar Beach was nearer, I told others to move despite drizzle.

When I am outdoors, I didn't like sitting indoors in the daytime:

Wavy Line
Wavy Line
Wavy Line
Wavy Line

4:00 P.M

Heavy Rain!

Shortly, again, it started raining profoundly. So, it would be better to keep the Umbrella consistently above the head. Besides, I safeguard my camera, most importantly.

4:10 P.M

I saw the boat and mate decided to bring that a little nearer. As, I had something in mind to photograph regarding.

Here's the Boat

4:20 P.M

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

Captured Moment


When the other mate was busy bringing the boat a little nearer. Meanwhile, I captured the moment.

Yellow Instagram
Yellow Heart
Floral Frame

Govind Nagar Beach


I got that photograph!

It was drizzling, although, I loved the entire scene and weather.

Notably, the time went productive despite the rain.

4:25 P.M

4:30 P.M

We return backward in the same way—just view, water from the roof seems like a waterfall.

Vansh Tiwari


If I didn't hear to my heart, I couldn't see that Beach turning spectacular during rain.

Ferry Ride from Port Blair to Havelock

Medium Brush Stroke

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