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The daytime began with an immediate thought that nothing stands in structure today. Instead, everything exists in the pipeline and requires getting sorted.

Daylight in Andaman appears earlier than the mainland, approx. 5 a.m post-summers. The likewise goes with sunset, which happens pretty early.

Finalized the Schedule for the Day

I woke up at about 6 a.m, considering nothing planned for today. I had set aside one day to decide on the spot. Yet, the decision meant to be taken within minutes, whether to explore or advance from Port Blair to Havelock Island. The principal concern. By chance, If not that day, we would be leaving the next day anyway.

The program concluded that Havelock Island is our prime attraction within no time. Therefore, everything becomes organized.

Port Blair to Havelock Island
The schedule got Finalized to progress from Port Blair to Havelock Island

It took about 1-2 hrs, and our program for the day’s remaining hours became finalized.

The list for the coming days was already pre-determined, including Scuba Diving in Havelock. I will uncover that in the upcoming article. Hence keep an eye on the exciting Andaman series.

A Ferry is required to progress from one island to another.

Before touching Andaman, I had communicated with various agents to arrange Govt Ferry tickets. Unfortunately, though, that didn’t work out. Instead, many said that only Andaman’s locals would prefer Govt ferries.

We are left with the private Ferryboat to travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island. A Ferryboat is generally big than a regular boat. However, just for your understanding, you can state the Ferry as a small ship since they intended to carry a group of passengers.

The previous day we went exploring the Chidiya Tapu. For sure, I got accompanied by the heavy drizzle. I am not a fan of rainfall. However, I don’t mind if that happens to chill the atmosphere.

Let’s move on:

How to Reserve Your Seat on a Private Ferry in Andaman?

Makruzz Ferry in Andaman
Makruzz Ferry traveling from Port Blair to Havelock

There are a handful of private ferries in Andaman, although I could only find the Makruzz website for online reservations. The rest might not be operating during that period or have offline procedures.

The process of booking & filling in the details remains general, like the name, age, gender, contact number, etc.

I recommend you consider booking online from third-party websites for a chance to get some discounts. Else you had to pay the whole amount for your ticket.

Without thinking more, I reserved the seats in Makruzz, Port Blair, to Havelock Ferry from Makemytrip and got some reductions. Similarly, you can check out that and other related websites.

At that time, simply once a day, Port Blair to Havelock Makruzz Ferry continued operating at 12’o noon. The timings of the private Ferry in Andaman change according to the COVID situation and rules in the state. In that case, we had sufficient 2-3hrs of time to explore Port Blair. 

While out exploring, I make sure to restrain the non-productive hours. For ex- sitting ideally inside the room in pleasant weather makes no sense, etc. 

The boys speedily got up to get fresh.

Ready to start the day at Port Blair
Photo Pose before Leaving

Hotel Funny Moment

Visualize a scene:

The door of the bathroom is damaged and doesn’t get locked. So now, anyone inside the comfort station (bathroom) doubles the speed because an insider doesn’t know who might seek to enter, even jokingly. Ba-Ha-Ha. 

That happened to be a productive thing to avoid lengthy bathroom hours. Haha!

Thus, the worry of someone’s entrance + to go out = made us get ready promptly.

Before landing in Andaman, I did a lot of research involving the time to utilize efficiently. The amount of time we had on our hands concluded that Cellular Jail happens next on the list.

We acted quickly to leave for Cellular jail.

Consider reading Sambhar Dosa instead of Sea Food in Andaman.

Cellular Jail

Now it’s the turn to take the Auto, while the Scooty was returned on the previous date.

The Cellular Jail opens at 9 a.m. We stood attentive to go on time.

Following the conversation:

  1. So, 2 Auto will be required because Autowala in Andaman doesn’t allow more than two passengers to sit due to COVID regulations.

Andaman is strict in following the authorities’ rules and regulations. Therefore, you can check the Covid-19 updates in Andaman before finalizing your plans.

So, within 10 minutes, the Cellular Jail was in front. The ticket fare stands at Rs. 30 per person. It started drizzling.

We commenced our visit from the museum following seeing inside Cellular Jail. During British rule, the prisoners used to stay in those cells. #kalapanikisaja

  • Cellular Jail Prisons
  • The Cellular Jail is open for tourists

There exist so many spots that drew my eyes to photograph them. Consequently, snapshotting becomes the principal plan.

You can view, In Photos – 1hr. at the Cellular Jail Port Blair

The bench attracted my eyes to photograph with
The bench held my eyes to photograph.

Soon, I observed that the camera battery had become lifeless. 

Although, it was also time to move. It is required to present on the Jetty approx 1 hr before the Ferry leaves.

Accordingly, we took our backpack from the hotel, got inside the Auto, and soft-spoken asked him to take us to the Jetty.

Auto Drive to Jetty

Now, this is a hilarious phase.

We told Auto buddy that:

Take us to the Jetty, where the Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island departs.

The Auto driver dropped us at the location. It was raining profoundly. Therefore, I set out my Umbrella and hastened under the shade with the luggage.

Instantly, the police official indicated to put the mask on my face. After seeing the backpacks, they somehow lived in doubt and requested me to come nearer. From far, I can estimate that they have something valuable to convey.

Immediately, what the police officers notified me off made me concerned.

He stated that the Ferry leaves early in the morning and not now. I stood shocked! I explained that I had reserved seats for three at the 12’o noon slot to progress from Port Blair to Havelock.

After all the discussions, we concluded that we had arrived at the wrong Jetty. Ha-Ha! The Govt. Ferry leaves from there. However, ours is a Makruzz, which is a private Ferry.

Another Auto-driver standing outside further kept the nerves down:

  1. The Government ferry leaves from Phoenix Bay Jetty.
  2. Private Ferry departs from Haddo Jetty.

Haddo Jetty

How far is Haddo Jetty from Phoenix Bay Jetty? I instantly asked.

Haddo Jetty is merely 15-20 mins away. That made me carefree! As I didn’t want anything to get missed because of any complexity.

I finally felt relieved upon reaching Haddo Jetty on time.

I recognized and hurriedly stood in the queue.

Document verification went done, and seat no. was provided.


Port Blair to Havelock Island Private Ferry Ride

All the security checks stand completed.

We proceeded towards the waiting room till our Makruzz Ferry set to depart.


It took a little longer to catch a glimpse of the Makruzz Ferry. But then, the big white stunning, was finally visible.

Makruzz Ferry - Port Blair to Havelock Island

Hurriedly, I took some photos of the outside scene, + the weather was, as usual Awesome.

Time to move towards Makruzz Ferry
Haddo Jetty

In addition,

Here’s How You Can Try Getting a Government Ferry Ticket in Andaman?

When planning to return from Havelock Island to Port Blair, in a conversation with the Hotel manager. I showed interest in getting the Havelock to Port Blair Government ferry tickets.

And I got a positive response!

Ultimately, you can converse regarding govt. Ferry tickets with the hotel staff you are staying in, and they can arrange the government. Ferry tickets for you. Indeed, they are low-priced.

Havelock to Port Blair Government Ferry

Also, the possibility that you will 100% get a govt. The ferry ticket is low.

Andaman Government Ferry

I got the Havelock to the Port Blair govt. The ferry ticket is Rs.800. However, that price includes an extra charge of Rs.100-200 that the hotel person added for waiting in the queue and taking the ticket on behalf.

So, that way, you can get to travel on the Andaman government ferry.

Private Makruzz Ferry

After putting my luggage on, I moved towards the doorway. The initial appearance of the Ferry from inside was impressive, with an eatery counter in the middle. However, my eyes stayed on the first-time Ferry ride and not the eateries, to be honest.

All our seats were away from the window panes. Therefore we couldn’t peep outside like a newborn from the window. However, the windowpane is big enough to notice the outer world quickly. Thus, I didn’t feel the window seat was necessary merely to view the outdoors.

In Makruzz Ferry, you cannot go on the deck, so it’s a disadvantage if you need to experience the deck time.

The fellow was keeping himself busy when we reached Havelock Island.

Port Blair to Havelock Makruzz Ferry
Port Blair to Havelock Island Makruzz Ferry

Similar to airplanes, water transport likewise has safety guidelines. Therefore, the member of the Makruzz ferry gave the safety briefing for a few minutes.

On a ferry ride, you will remain unconnected from the outer world as you wouldn’t receive the signals. So, Bollywood music got played for entertainment.

Meanwhile, you can read about remote work in Andaman, which ultimately tells about the network.

The moment passed, either staring at the outdoor scenes plus editing shots.

Towards the end, I was curious to view from the window. So, I stood and went nearer to the entrance gate. The sea seems appealing.

In 2hrs, the Ferry covered Port Blair to Havelock Island, and the duration remains expected.

Havelock Island Andaman Aka. Swaraj Dweep

The influential attraction of the visit approached closer.

A few years back, Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi changed the name of Havelock Island to Swaraj Dweep. However, I feel that the name Swaraj Dweep needs more time to be recognized among humans, as I observed that people prefer saying Havelock Island.

I stood out from the Makruzz Ferry.

Havelock Island’s vibes appear calmer and more relaxed than the other South Andaman Island, Port Blair. However, the weather stayed worse.

Amidst Umbrella in one hand & luggage in another, I was attempting to snap the surrounding of the Jetty area.

Finally! Port Blair to Havelock Journey was completed.
Havelock Jetty

But, the Aqua blue tone of the sea pulled my sight. It was picturesque!

In no time, I noticed a person holding a hotel plaque card with Vansh Tiwari addressed on it. I felt mesmerized! Although, I know that someone will come. Still, I felt good since I hadn’t experienced that previously.

Bhaiya drove us to the resort, The Placid Garden Resort.

Placid Garden Resort

The resort resembled a dream come true! The greenery and obviously coconut trees surround the entire resort.

We saw the room, and the debate started about which bed goes to whom. Hehe! Nevertheless, the beds were checked by bouncing on them before making a mutual judgment. Bahaha!


It was afternoon, and I expressed that we still had half the daylight time left. The climate there had mixed plans for us.

Govind Nagar Beach

Within 30 mins of arrival, I hopped out to explore with Umbrella and camera. The mates accompanied to the nearby Govind Nagar beach.

Havelock Island Aka. Swaraj Dweep
Overcast Day at Havelock Island, Aka. Swaraj Dweep

The beach was present at a slightly 2-3 mins of walk.

We had 2 Umbrellas, plus we got the stunning Red-one from the resort reception after politely asking!

Soon we reached Govind Nagar beach, and I uttered WOHH!

The bonus: rainfall had made me say that. The seawater had transformed into an Aqua color & other hues that I can’t even describe.

Web Story

You can view the below web story to get a visual delight from my visit to Govind Nagar Beach in the rain,

No footprints stand present there apart from ours.

The first impression of the Govind Nagar beach was remarkable. The trees are present very close to the coast.

Shortly, It commenced pouring massively. I managed that no portion of the camera would contact the shower. Therefore, guarding 360°. Ha-Ha. Alongside snapping photographs.

The picturesque boat made the view more attractive.

Raining Heavily at Govind Nagar Beach
Govind Nagar Beach at Rainfall

Meanwhile, another mate enjoyed the Andaman monsoon by exposing himself to the rainy climate. The outcome was that his phone became wet, plus the display went damaged. So, he had to stay without his phone on the Andaman Islands. In today’s era, a personality cannot stay away even for 1 hr from his phone, and he has to stay away for the coming five days.

Shot this while posing for the camera
Pulling the boat at Govind Nagar Beach

Additionally, despite the heavy rain, we paused at Govind Nagar Beach for some time. Thanks to the Umbrella for providing unbelievable scenes.

Introduction to Pepsi

Aha! Not to drink but to admire.

Following, we stepped on our way furthermore went inside the resort.

Pouring all daytime remained not sufficient that it dropped even at bedtime. So, wholly we could do that day was, relish the monsoon by remaining within.

On that appropriate day, we initially interacted with Pepsi. Green vertical slits and desire on her expression. She uttered Meow! The cat’s name is Pepsi.

Whenever someone sits to eat, Pepsi would spontaneously sit beneath the chair. The way of telling that she is hungry.


Exploring outdoors is unquestionably a tiresome process, making me sleep pretty early. However, one of the best things that occurred is:

Early to bed,
Early to rise,

Made me admire Andaman,
To the fullest and nice!

Aha! That was my addition to it.

Thus, that concludes day – 2. Let’s see what the next day brings:

What do you think will it be Sunshine or the usual Massive Rainfall in the coming day?

You can further read what happened on the following day;

Kalapathar Beach

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


    1. Thank you very much for appreciating! Andaman Island is beautiful. Although people avoid coming at the time of the Monsoon, However, I recommend coming just as the monsoon ends.

  1. Believe me, if you would have boarded Coral Queen (Government Ship) to Havelock, you would have enjoyed your trip much better.

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30 mins at Govind Nagar Beach
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