15 mins In

Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair

Off-white Location
Off-white Location
Off-white Location



Chidiya Tapu

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

25 km

Unknowingly, that Chidiya Tapu closes at 5 p.m; my friends and I left the stay at 3 p.m, rented the scooty, and went towards Chidiya Tapu.

Scooty Rental

Off-white Location

Heavy Rainfall began happening on our way, but the drive became more picturesque, with lush Greenery on one and Andaman sea on another side.

In-between, we stopped upon seeing a fantastic location. But, soon, the rain got heavier, so no way left but to move ultimately.

Meanwhile, my eyes went on to the lone tree standing in the sea. It looked so captivating to the sight, and I couldn't resist stopping the scooty and getting nearer to photograph that.

4:50 p.m

At approx. that time, we reached Chidiya Tapu and got to know, it gets closed by 5:00 p.m. So, 15 mins in our hands.

 5:05 p.m

With nothing much left to do, the time was perfect for admiring the surroundings.

Since Day and Night happens early in Andaman. Therefore, it was appropriate to leave Chidiya Tapu before darkness because we had to cover 25 km.

To sum up: We went to Chidiya Tapu, which covered 50 km, to spend 15 mins there. Ha-Ha!

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