An Afternoon at Kalapathar Beach

By Vansh Tiwari

Since Havelock is an island, it will not take much time to reach Kalapathar Beach, wherever you would be living. So, you can plan your things even on the spot when in Havelock.


Rain was like a constant companion in Andaman whenever I moved out to explore. The same happened at Kalapathar Beach; however, we went to get wet, whether it was rain or the sea.


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The rain continued till lunchtime; I was starving, so I went outside the beach to fill my appetite.

Lunch Time

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Soon, the rain stopped!

Tree Time

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When I entered the Beach, my eyes went not so far away, lying tree along the shoreline.

It looked very appealing!

Lying Tree

The main reason I stood longer on the beach was because of photography. I feel it's a perfect beach for spectacular shots.


The pleasant weather made the surroundings even more blissful. 

Therefore, I suggest to explore Andaman when the peak monsoon has gone.

I went in the mid-sept.

"I'm glad I stayed at Kalapathar beach until the rain stopped. After that, nature looked like newly dressed."

I ran, photographed, posed for the camera, played in the sea, and created the finest moments on the Kalapathar beach.

Kalapathar Beach

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