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Have you ever wandered on the streets that provide attractive, photo-worthy backgrounds as you proceed?

Lodhi Art District will satisfy you. Remarkably, It is India’s first art district, and Indian and International artists have contributed to the fantastic, meaningful street art. Undoubtedly, you will halt for some time, admire the creation, capture shareable moments, and then move to another.

The Start India Foundation, a non-profit organization, took the step to make Lodhi, an Art District, supported by Asian Paints. Moreover, it’s like an open gallery where anyone can come and see it at any time.

Which is the nearest Metro station?

Jor Bagh Metro station is the nearest to reach Lodhi Art District. Then, set the directions or ask nearby, and you can easily reach there by walking 15-20 mins.

Furthermore, Lodhi Garden is a few meters away from the Lodhi Art District. Thus, you can plan an Awesome outing covering both.

Is there any entry fee to the Lodhi Art Colony?

It’s an open Art gallery, and murals were painted on people’s houses. Thus, you can see them anytime. Preferably, daytime!

Lodhi Art District

Living in Delhi, I have heard about the Lodhi Art District but have yet to see it. However, after visiting it for the first time, I went every day for the following 10 times in less than a month to capture the essence of it from my perspective.

Since there are almost 50 murals and more, the best way to see them would be:

  1. Divide your visit on different days to see them all. Besides, You’ll surely get tired because it will take plenty of time on foot.


  1. You can download the Smart Bike app to rent the bicycle, available on the starting first street of the Art District. You can scan the bicycle QR code, ride, and pay online afterward. There are Nominal charges of Rs. 30-35 per hour.

I visited repeatedly in a month and captured the murals from my perspective.

Wall Murals

Saner Mural describes a balance between Indian and Mexican imageries.

While finalizing my frame, I saw a bicycle person nearby, so I requested him to please pass by the mural, and I’ll photograph it. He stood happy that he would be the main subject later; he understood my motive!

The Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong draws out his first impression of the Lodhi colony by replicating the people who do their daily work.

I noticed the bushes for this frame, went behind them, and waited for someone to pass by to give it a strong street feeling.

Avinash and Kamesh saw that many people came there to click photos and selfies of the artists and morals, so the artist chose to turn the camera lens to the observers.

I found this framing interesting, as the people sitting beneath had made it more attractive by their natural reactions and body language.

The Mexican artist Paola Delfin’s moral draws attention to the Portrait of the people on the streets.

I was fortunate to get a person roaming who resembled a lookalike to the long-bearded person on the moral!

Poolish artist Nespoon and women of the Aga Khan Foundation developed a pattern that could be adapted onto fabric while introducing them to stencil-making and spray painting techniques. 

By getting nearer to the wall art, the framing was not impressive. Therefore, I decided to go behind the tree and use it to display my perspective while the side light perfectly lit up the lady walking in front.

Artwork by – Aaron Glasson

After testing various other perspectives, I liked this viewpoint, the tree leading toward the wall art. Also, the addition of the bicycler made it even more eye-catching. However, I was waiting for the bicycler to remain in this position.

This Moral highlights women Ragpickers, who face discrimination based on caste, gender, religion, and occupation.

Andha Ras focuses on physical activity and appreciates the children who still come out and play daily. Small kids who come from diverse backgrounds and play together build a special bond.

Amitabh Kumar’s murals are rooted in history; after losing the game of dice, the Pandavas were exiled to Khandavaprastha – the city of ruins. He refers to Dead Dahlias as the city of Delhi, which is transforming into a city of ruins.

The frame was straightforward but unusual, as only a street vendor was under this frame.

Corin Kennington and Harry Fieber’s artwork is based on the abstraction typography on the Indian street signage.

I envisioned Candid elements as most suitable for the artwork scenes.

The artwork conveys a Jungle lockdown theme.

After various adjustments, I composed this frame; however, with the inclusion of the tree, something kept missing, and then a sunburst was magical.

On the first few days, I explored the streets on foot and photographed them; then, I roamed on the bicycle to save energy and to see from different perspectives.

Lodhi Art District Documentary

I have also made a documentary on the art district which you can see below. I would appreciate any thoughts!


I felt that Art had influenced positively, and people took it creatively; they now make music videos, do fashion shoots and TV ads, and do other art-based work on these streets. Moreover, it creates a sense of pride for the individuals whose houses were painted as an Art wall, and people worldwide come to see it.

The artwork started in 2015 and, over a short period, has given Lodhi a unique look and feel.

However, Lodhi Colony has other attractions, like the beautiful Lodhi Garden. But now, people have another reason to visit and see the lovely Colony.

I admired the morals because it meant a purpose, and with people from all over the world coming and seeing, ultimately spreading the meaningful objective.

Precisely, the efforts of artists have worked out. Finishing the artwork took a little time—but planning, executing, and the final touch gave an output everyone wanted to associate themselves with.

So, has this Mural art been able to win your Heart?

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


    1. Hi Khushi, you should visit this art district. Indeed, I also haven’t been to this place before until I got the reason to discover. Thus, I visited here almost 10-15 times now.

    1. Here, I meant smartbikes, which you can find when you reach the starting row of the art district. It’s a peddling cycle which you can use to roam around the streets.

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