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Choose where you want to go after reading the things to do in Delhi today.

The Capital city of Incredible India – Delhi, is one of the top cities in India. It’s a megacity that is rich in cultural sites, heritage, food, and history. So even if you are on your trip to Delhi for a couple of days still you won’t be able to cover half of it.

But as a traveler, I know what all travelers are looking for from their trip to any place.

He/she might be looking for top things to do, crazy things to do, and much more. But Delhi is full of activities i.e. it becomes hard to choose from where to start and what to do in Delhi to make your day memorable.

In this article, I will be sharing my best things to do in Delhi today or cool things to do in Delhi for a blissful day.

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Top 10 Things to do in Delhi Today

10 Best things to do in Delhi Today to keep Boredom away
10 Best things to do in Delhi Today

1. Visit Organic Sunday Market

Yes, Starting from 1st Sept 2019 every Sunday from 8:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m at Krishna Dham, Vasant Kunj. This market will be loved by organic people and from Organic food to clothes, your Sunday has just happened perfectly.

People who put their stalls are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product they are representing.

The nearest Metro Station is Chattarpur Metro Station, get into Mayuri and it will be going to drop you on the roadside and a 15-20min walk from there.

It’s a kinda pretty place to spend your time and that too organically.

Note – No entry fees, but if you want to buy or eat something then you have to pay.

2. Melodious Fountain at Akshardham Temple

The famous temple of Delhi, Akshardham temple was built on ‎the 6th of November in the year 2005. Not only famous as a temple although but it is one of the must-visit places in Delhi. The list is incomplete without mentioning the Akshardham temple. As per the Guinness World Records, it is one of the world’s biggest Hindu temple.

Akshardham offers a lot of attractions to his visitors such as the Garden of India, Musical Fountain, Boat Ride, and theatre. The best of them is the Melodious Fountain and a ride on the boat. The musical fountain is the main attraction of the place here showing the fascinating and colorful show.

3. Eat paratha at the famous Paranthe Wali Gali

This famous Parathe Wali Gali is situated in Chandni Chowk. It’s s a place where you can taste different kinds of Paratha’s serving with delicious types of pastes and chutneys. This narrow street is loaded up with countless stalls.

You can hear the voices of the owners of the stalls calling out the customers to visit their stalls. Go there whenever you are hungry and fill up your hunger with an oily and hot filling of Indian flatbread.

4. Book market of Daryaganj

As I am a book enthusiast, I couldn’t stop myself from writing about this famous place in Delhi. If you are old-fashioned and just love to read a real and genuine book over the virtual one then it is a place for you to visit on your Sundays. On the road of Daryaganj, this market cover-ups an area of more than 2 km selling books on both sides of the road just ask for the book you love to buy and they will bring it for you within a minute.

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5. Tour of Pragati Maidan

It is among the most interesting place to visit in Delhi. This epic Indian Trade Fair is sorted out each year in November at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. Not only the Indian Trade fair but you can witness a lot of fairs going on each month. At the time of the fair, exhibitors show a wide scope of products featuring electronics, sporting goods, health care products, toys, furniture, cosmetics, beverages, pharmaceuticals, garments, textiles, automobiles, and many more things.

This fair is joined by hundreds of and Indian exhibitors displaying their unique products. Visit this place with your full wallet and debit and credit cards and don’t leave with empty hands.

6. Railway Museum in India

Indian railway is world-wide famous for its connectivity, passenger management, and size. As I used to travel a lot by two-wheelers and trains and yet I didn’t put many ideas into the history and evolution of train organize before visiting this amazing rail museum.

There are genuine size train models on the land of the Indian Rail museum, where you can glance through the windows and see the insides. There are additionally a lot of old small models from the starting of the railway network system in India. The museum is always open for visitors except for holidays and Mondays. Visiting hours are between 10 AM to 5 PM. It’s best for a family outing in Delhi.

We are halfway now.


Where to go first, let’s decide after reading the full things to do in Delhi today.

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7. Qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargah

The famous Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is situated in the capital of Delhi, it is the place where the world’s most famous Sufi Saints, draws Sufi lovers from all over the globe. On every Thursday evening, its yard oozes deep music of live Qawwalis joined by old traditional Indian instruments, which serenade the visitors into a condition of a trance. One of the families here that play out the Sufi tunes has been singing there for near a century.

The famous Sufi music is an exemplary mix of Hindustani music and devotional poetry and has a quieting impact on the visitors’ sensation. Arrive just before dusk to enjoy as much as possible from your trip and revel in a spirit blending Sufi involvement in Delhi. Remember the females are not permitted to move into the main shrine and you need to cover your head and remove your shoes before entering.

8. Hauz Khas Social

One of the best places to eat alongside the lake, people-watch, and drink. When you are done with the crowded market of Delhi, shopping, monuments, and museums pause for a moment to unwind with lake views and a beer in your hand at Hauz Khas Social. Delhi’s young vitality is available at this social spot, so rest here and watch the students, Travelers, and entrepreneurs combine in one social space. At the time of night, this hip joint hosts DJs, making it the ideal spot to party hard.

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9. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Sulabh International Museum is a standout amongst the most remarkable spots to visit in Delhi. This museum gives knowledge into the historical backdrop of sanitation framework around the globe, designs, and types of toilets, sewage framework, and its advancement since 2500 BC.

Sulabh International Museum
Sulabh International Museum

You will likewise discover here how the Sulabh International Organization is having any kind of effect in India by giving open toilets. Sulabh museum is open all days of the year except national occasions. There are likewise latrine historical centers in Germany and South Korea, in this way this museum may be a standout amongst the most strange spots to visit in Delhi and the past.

Me – Even I didn’t know about this and have any knowledge.

Presentation of Toilets
Presentation of Toilets
Sulabh International Museums of Toilets
Sulabh International Museums of Toilets

But as soon as I read and went to this place to gather info. It’s a nice place where waste materials are being utilized to create a better impact on the environment.

10. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is a very famous spot in not only Delhi but all over India and is one of the biggest mosques in India, just inverse of the Red Fort, which is a necessary part of Old Delhi. It is a structural miracle and one can enjoy learning an alternate culture or capturing the excellence of the spot. There are various cultural walks, delicious food, and photograph walk to investigate the area and make it a cheerful memory, so you must not miss visiting Jama Masjid If you are planning India Tour.

If you ask me, I will say this is mine one of the favorite things to do in Delhi today.

11. Crafts Museum

If you have a little bit of interest in handicrafts, then you will adore the Crafts Museum. It’s present in Pragati Maidan. At Pragati Maidan, you can find craftsmen from various territories of art exhibiting their aptitudes of pottery, carving, embroidery, weaving, and so forth.

It’s one of the biggest crafts museums in India and it contains antiques from the whole way across the nation. There are more than 22,000 tribal items in the museum displays with following the whole scope of high-quality work

As all, we know that incredible India is full of diversity and the capital city of India is one of the best cities to visit in this nation. So all of the above-mentioned things are the top things to do in Delhi.
These things are a must to do for every person who is feeling bored.

Hope you are ready to go out now.

Still, confused?

Let me make it easier, choose each place every weekend.

All you have to do is Step up and do it right now.

That’s it from the best things to do in Delhi Today.

things to do in Delhi
things to do in Delhi

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