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Time is crucial; when spent productively, you’ll cherish that moment.

Though similar happened during my visit to Cellular Jail Port Blair, I had only an hour and a half before boarding the Ferryboat from Port Blair to Havelock Island




I woke up much earlier than usual; my mates also awakened.

Sincerely, the first thing I did was; reserve a seat on the Ferry to Havelock Island from Port Blair. The ferry remained scheduled to leave at around noon.

But, before that, we have a visit to Cellular Jail planned already that opens at around 9a.m

Purposefully, I opted to book Hotel Park Inn near Cellular Jail to save time. In addition, the ferry departure port was also nearby.

After freshening, we quickly took the Auto and straightly went to the Cellular Jail.

Entry Tickets to Cellular Jail

The entry ticket to Cellular Jail is Rs. 30 per person.

Furthermore, the Cellular Jail Light and sound show happen in the evening that you can view. However, I didn’t watch that due to a tight Andaman schedule.

I went to Andaman for 6 days and spent 3 days on Havelock Island. Thus, everything remained pre-planned; therefore, I had to skip one or the other things.

Moving forward,

Cellular Jail in Photos

Entrance of the Cellular Jail

That’s the entrance of the Cellular Jail.

While I in yellow with mate proceeded ahead, the other fellow snapped us from behind.

The Fellow Water Shadow within Cellular Jail

That day it rained for some time in the early morning in Port Blair; therefore, the water became collected in some places.

Hence, I saw the perspective and clicked while the fellow remained standing.

When moving towards the Cellular Jail, I saw the Swatantrya Jyot

Swatantrya Jyot inside Cellular Jail

Vansh Tiwari sitting on the bench in Cellular Jail

I saw the benches in Cellular Jail and spontaneously conceived what image I needed to portray.

Hence, I told the other fellow to click that way. Undoubtedly, I loved the picture background and bench positioning.

Cellular Jail Port Blair

My companions inside the Cellular Jail!

All the prisons of the Kala Pani Jail remain empty.

Vansh Tiwari at Cellular Jail

Then, it was my turn for a click inside the Cellular Jail.

Mate quickly moving to reach the spot

I told the mate to position himself so that only his face was visible.

Mates Posing for the Shot in Cellular Jail

Meanwhile, both of the mates positioned themselves and posed for the click.

During our visit, no tourist footsteps seemed present inside the Cellular Jail; therefore, it remained an excellent opportunity to utilize the surroundings the way I desired.

Vansh Tiwari Behind the Scenes

Frankly, I overlooked wearing the pant belt; thus, I needed to adjust my trousers every time. Haha!

Mate shot with a unique perspective

Close-up perspective shot!

Afterward, soon, as the clock reached 10:30a.m, we stood to leave Cellular Jail.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed an hour, that seemed likewise a photo walk.

Cellular Jail to Port Blair Jetty

A bonus addition!

After doing everything promptly, we ultimately reached Jetty on time, but that too at the wrong departure Jetty.

Unknowingly, we told the Auto driver to drop us at “Jetty – From where the Ferry to Havelock Departs,” but the Auto driver took us to Haddo Jetty — from there, we got information that govt ferry departs.

However, we reserved the ticket of Makruzz, which remained set to depart from Phoenix Bay Jetty.

Ultimately, we resolved the confusion and came to Phoenix Bay Jetty quickly.

Thus, that remained a hilarious moment that I wanted to share in addition to the Cellular Jail visit.

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