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We haven’t gone to a relative’s place for the 2021 Diwali festivity. However, for the last few years, we have been going continuously.

On last to last year’s Diwali, my cousin and I tried Fireworks Photography.

So, I thought of making the day more memorable than staying at home.

Somewhere, I thought of experiencing a day at a five-star hotel.

My grandparents hadn’t been to any five-star hotel yet, and neither had myself. So, a perfect opportunity to have that feeling at the Diwali festival.

Hence, my research began!

And the primary confusion I genuinely faced during the research was;

Q. Will the residents be allowed to stay in hotels in the same town?

I had no clue about that question and heard mixed responses online. Hence, I thought of searching for a place in the NCR region.

Further, I found Gurugram to be ideal for that experience.

Hence, within a few days, I shortlisted some hotels, and ultimately my eyes became stuck at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel and Residences in Gurugram. So, after thinking for a few more days, I finally booked the stay for three people on the day of Choti Diwali.

Gradually, the day came nearer and nearer. A week before, I told my grandparents that we would be experiencing something we hadn’t done yet, which was to stay at a five-star on the Choti Diwali.

Next, I told them not to remain equipped with anything as the day nears because I didn’t want anything to become a barrier to our visit.

The Day to Experience a Stay at Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel

Finally, the day came!

However, the day began speedily for me, as I needed to pack a few last-minute things, plus I also decided to get my second dose of covishield vaccine. Although, I booked a slot the previous day using the cowin website. Thus, I got my double dose of the covishield vaccine before traveling.

I packed the things required for our great one-day stay at The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurugram. As I sense, the experience would be delightful right from the entrance.

Cab Arrived

The cab arrived at our place, and we got seated.

However, I have been to Gurugram once previously, but the remembrance of that time has faded. But, within, I was sure that; the journey to the Leela Ambience Gurugram would never grow blurred in my entire lifetime!

Forward, the taxi took around 30mins and made us reach Gurugram.

In about the next 10 mins, a big signboard says; this is for The Leela Ambience Hotel.

Meanwhile, I noticed the Ambience Mall; the afternoon program seemed sorted. Moreover, it is next to the Leela Ambience Hotel.

Before advancing, the security officer checked our cab trunk and signaled us to proceed. Slowly, the cab arrived at The Leela Ambience Hotel lobby gate; that lived a dream come actual moment.

The doorman opened the vehicle doors. The porter carried our bags and guided us the way to the reception.

It was the day of Choti Diwali; therefore, the hotel staff welcomed and wished us, and we greeted them further and exchanged smiles.

Entrance to the Lobby of the Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel 

After the security check, we headed towards the lobby.

The Lobby area was awe-inspiring and soothing to the eyes. Since the lobby was big, I found no trouble locating the reception.

We stood greeted at the reception with a warm smile and Happy Diwali on our lips.

Shortly, I filled out all the formalities required at the reception. Then, the Reception Attendant gave me an overview of their in-house restaurant Spectra.

Since our Breakfast and dinner stayed included in the room booking; therefore, I got very excited as I read that Spectra’s food is next-level Yum! Although, to taste that, we have to wait till dinner. 

Arrival on Elevator

The Reception Attendant gave me a card to use as a key for the room. Besides, he accompanied us to the elevator.

Interestingly, the elevator couldn’t start unless you placed your room card at a specified point inside the elevator. So ultimately, you cannot use the elevator of The Leela Ambience Hotel if you don’t have a room card.

Quickly, we arrived at our room floor; that was the 3rd.


It was pin-drop silence; no one was even inside the room. Ha-Ha!

The dim lighting perfectly describes a film scene where something is wrong.

Ha-Ha! Jokingly,

I hope you understood that I was trying to portray excellent film-like displays.

Fantastic, I found room no. as same written on the card and opened that!

Arrival in our Room

The room was incredible. And why not? The five-star hotel rooms have to remain exceptional also highly well-maintained.

10/10 at first sight.

The bed was spacious, not that it could occupy three people comfortably. Therefore, we had to request extra bedding.

The bathroom looked excellent!

I took the Mirror Shot while seeing our room at the The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences
Washroom Mirror

The highway was visible from the glass wall overlooking, and tiny vehicles ran.

Also, there was a separate section for working, a nice chair, table, a light lamp, and adjoining sockets for charging.

After looking at the entire room, we became seated.

My Grandparents then said that we hadn’t thought in our whole life that we would get to see and stay in a five-star hotel, moreover a room like this.

Those words were pretty motivating.

I sat on the chair while Grandpa and Grandma did sit on the bed and sofa.

Grandmother sitting and posing on the sofa at The Leela Ambience Gurugram

Passionately, I lived capturing the moments from our stay at The Leela Ambience Hotel.

Meanwhile, the receptionist arrived at our room and gave us some chocolates to try. Those were nice!

I made grandmother pose with the chocolates

We were truly enjoying our stay.

An hour passed while admiring and capturing the moments.

I shot framing inside the Mirror in our room at The Leela Ambience Hotel
Shot using mirror

Then, I thought to give the Ambience Mall plan a direction. So, we went to the nearby Ambience Mall, which was 500m away.

Ambience Mall

The crowd outside revealed well that the Diwali holiday weekend had started and remained the same inside.

The Ambience Mall is huge; we started roaming around, and after approximately an hour, we reached the second floor after continuous walking.

My Grandparent said that the Ambience Mall is much bigger than Subhas Nagar, The Pacific Mall.

It became evening; hence, we decided to return to the room. However, it was a pleasant walk at the Ambience Mall.

A Round at the Spectra Restaurant

While passing through the hotel lobby, my sights reached over the in-house Spectra Restaurant. So, I thought to take round within.

Considering lunchtime was over, the chefs seemed like discussing and preparing for dinner time.

A gentle walk inside made me guess another remarkable experience was nearing dinner.

Back to the Room

The room looked picturesque from every angle
The room was picturesque from every angle.

We reached the room while passing through that excellent floor lighting and hotel staff greetings.


It was the time for us to relax; Until it was 7 o’clock. At the same time, I reviewed the photos and charged the electronic devices.

Grandfather resting meanwhile posing for the shot on the bed

However, it seemed that the clock was moving slowly. I was starving enough. Moreover, my stomach was rumbling. We became famished as we had taken our lunch too early.


The clock touched 7 o’clock, and we were standing at the entrance of the Spectra Restaurant. Ha-Ha, we were precisely there.

Spectra Restaurant

The multicuisine restaurant, which we already did in the evening, is a round of what we already did. The restaurant receptionist showed us the way to the table, and we got seated.

Meanwhile, a waiter came and asked us to order something. But before, he took me to give an overview of the restaurant, considering it was a buffet dinner.

Seven kitchens offered Indian, Continental, Dessert, Drinks, and so much more that I remained focused on the meals and not the category they belonged to; Ha-Ha!

The waiter gently told me to order, and he would bring the food for us. Meanwhile, I questioned whether we could take it by ourselves as we were unsure what meal to order! Hence, I considered it would be better to take it by ourselves.

I got the plates from one kitchen, and then the food exploration started! I was taking one-two pieces of the food that I wanted.

Thus, the entire plate went complete with various food to eat. I even hadn’t heard the names of many. But I knew it would be delicious.

I liked that as soon as the food on the plate finished, the waiter promptly came to take that. So, if you have to try a dish, you must take another plate.

Overall, fantastic dining experience.

Later we went to our room and napped.

Next Morning

Happy Diwali!

It was the day to leave, but we still had a few hours before checkout.

Breakfast was also a buffet, and I realized it after sitting down. It happened at the same Spectra Restaurant.

Seeing the fresh fruits and healthy meals to consume made me very joyful.

Another element that I liked was that all the kitchens had turned buffet tables. Everything was picture perfect. Soon, we finished our Breakfast.

Also, it was the last few minutes of the scheduled time; a waiter came closer and told me politely.

We got into the room and packed our bags completely.

An Interesting Moment

We were entirely ready. But, my Grandfather saw a drawer and opened that. Inside was a mini kitchen—a small fridge, induction cookware, cashew, almonds, chips, etc.

Then, he thought that it was complimentary. Further, Grandfather lifted the seal and opened the Almonds and Cashew container. The exciting part is, I was sitting there and watching all that.

When I moved forward and saw a price list in the same drawer, I perceived that it was not complimentary, but we had to pay additional for that. So, I went to the room attendant to confirm, and he stated the same as I thought.

Later, while handing the room keys at the reception, I told them we were unaware of that and didn’t want Cashews and Almonds.

They discussed it among themselves and came up with an outcome that it’s OKAY! So they will take care of that, and we wouldn’t need to pay.

The Moto of this section arose that: Confirm before Consuming.

Web Story from Our Stay at the Leela Ambience Gurugram

Thus 21 hours at Leela Ambience Hotel Gurugram is a dream stay.

I hope that my experience will help you decide whenever you plan to stay at Leela Ambience Gurugram.

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