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If you see a person soaring in the sky, would you call him a superhuman?

From Dawn to Dusk,
You can call them Elon Musk.

The Start,
The Fall,
Developing their skills overall,

A Sentence forms by adding word by word,
Are all the Breathtaking flights only done by birds?

Some fearless souls accept the challenge, to dare to dream. Then They proceed toward accomplishing their dreams of flying like a bird.

The topic will move from Dawn to Dusk, where I will further elaborate on the Paragliding bug.

I am excited! I can sense that you are twice thrilled!

Dawn – The Practise Hours

From Dawn to Dusk - Practice Hours

When the sun moves past the horizon, the paragliders slowly form groups in the field and begin practicing.

That is a regular schedule. Exception cases would be adverse weather.

The people who come to learn Paragliding are undoubtedly the most enthusiastic.

One thing is for sure you will not see anyone lying lazily on the ground. The adventurous place will not make you feel drowsy, even moment. On the contrary, your head will constantly turn to admire the paraglider.

Passion will get you started & Practice will make you perfect!

Similarly, repeating the steps requires serious dedication. But, again, you will be mesmerized by seeing live examples.

It is not that the Practice only happens in the morning. But, the beginning of the day usually brings less crowd to the ground.

Those who have not experienced Paragliding take inspiration from the practice field. But then, they gather their strength and move on!

Practice happens all day, but nothing compares to bright daylight.

Like, a morning workout.

The surrounding areas are scenic. It’s perfect for snapping and filming.

The House Perspective

There is a house in the middle of the fields, just opposite the Paragliding landing site. Whenever I used to go to that area, I took pictures from different house perspectives.

House Perspective - Collage

From my viewpoint, the morning sun gives so much freshness that it makes the house look elegant + from my perspective.

Afternoon – The Peaking Sun

Afternoon - Peaking Sun

The sun is in full flow at noon.

But the paraglider’s enthusiasm had not diminished, Pumped!

When you love what you are doing, you will finally be excited!

You become an inspiration yourself, and so do the case with Paragliding lovers.

It becomes difficult to stand with your neck up constantly and stare at the sky, especially when the sun is at its peak.

Lie Down on the Ground

The best thing you can do, and you already know that! You are waiting for me to tell.

Okay, Okay!

Lie down on the ground.

That is completely normal and won’t look strange at all.

Just look at the paraglider flying in the sky.

Additionally, be careful. Maybe a paraglider might land on you. Haha!

You can expect that when you’re anywhere near the landing point.

I saw the events happening before my eyes –

It was noon, and I went to the landing site to see the paraglider.

I saw a paraglider who didn’t correctly gauge his touchdown mark, and he landed on the road but arrived safely, sliding on the grass.

Another unfortunate example is the paraglider landing on the roof of a house.

So, accidents are likely to occur. Just keep your eyes on them!

What is the Most Suitable Time for Flying?

It stays purely based on my judgment. I noticed the suitable time frame for a paraglider to remain in the air for a long time in the afternoon because the wind becomes stable.

Let me share an example of this with you-

When I went to the paragliding take-off site, a foreign friend continually looked at the sky. He had come with his paraglider, but he wandered here and there for a few hours, looking at the sky.

On discussion, he said that the weather is not suitable. It was between 11-and 12 o’clock.

Hence continuous practice will make you experienced in decision making.

The time flies as a paraglider does when you remain involved on the ground!

I would often take a half-charged battery to the area, park it there, and click the paraglider till satisfaction.

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You know, I think gratification should not have to come quickly.

The dissatisfaction motivates you to work harder, which will ultimately benefit you.

Ah, we have deviated from the topic of Dawn to Dusk. It looks like we entered philosophy school to get a degree.

Come back, Come back on the field.

Have You Ever Wondered if Paragliders and Birds Collide?

I don’t think so. If you take the example of a road,

I have never seen anyone intentionally hit another’s vehicle while driving. Instead, everyone takes care of themselves and the vehicles. Specifically, car safety on priority.

The same applies to the air, but there is not enough traffic. Nevertheless!

I hope you understand my point of view.

What Makes the Paragliders Fly for Such Long in the Air?

The wind!

It plays a critical role in deciding whether a paraglider will be able to stay in the air for a long time or not fly at all.

Certain conditions ultimately decide upon those parameters.

Similarly, rain stops play in cricket. The Unsuitable wind conditions may hinder paragliding flight.

Dusk – The Magical Sight

As the evening approaches, the atmosphere becomes pleasant.

Also, it becomes a combined benefit for the vision when adventuresome activity is going on.

Paragliding + Sunset = Pleasing View

In my earlier articles, I mentioned that I used to go on alternate days to watch the sunset and Paragliding.

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Paragliding stops long before it gets dark because it is impossible to fly in the dark. Therefore watching the sunset from such a height will be a pleasure for the eyes.

Most importantly, the breathtaking views it provides to the viewers are undeniably spectacular.

During this time, the crowd remains very high.

The colors of twilight are attention-seeking.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Bir Billing, I can say that birds perform not all breathtaking flights.

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Superhumans even do some!

This article is certainly not meant to compare the abilities of birds and humans but to honor the courage of those paragliders who left us speechless.

Whose flight would you consider quite breathtaking,

Bird or Superhumans?

Let me know your opinions on this!

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