'A Surprising Adventure of Cycling Downhill from Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot'
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‘A Surprising Adventure of Cycling Downhill from Asia’s Highest Paragliding Spot’

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A Cycling Adventure Story from Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot. Sounds, Unusual right!  I consider it as an out-of-the-box thing to do. It's the most enjoyable cycling I had ever done, and it came surprisingly. To bring your knowledge, Billing is Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot, and you can also say that it's the Paragliding take-off site and Bir is the Paragliding landing site. I have a blog solely dedicated to Bir Billing. You can read that for further understanding about the place from my perspective. I have also talked about the Do's and Dont's that you have while cycling downhill.  Enjoy the Adventure! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/vansh-tiwari/message
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As soon as you have read the title, you must got loaded with doubts! Firstly, cycling downhill & that too from Asia’s Highest Paragliding Spot doesn’t relate with each other. Leave everything, but how do you take cycles up there at 8000ft?

I Agree!

Stay with me till the end to have your doubts cleared in this article.

Believe me! You will get filled with joy and thrill after reading this!

Asia’s Highest Paragliding Spot and World Second Highest Paragliding Point is Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh.

You might have heard about Bir Billing. It became popular in the past few years amongst youngsters and thrill-seekers.

An overnight journey can effortlessly make you reach, commencing from Delhi to Bir.

Coming straight to the point –

Where to Take Cycles on Rent in Bir?

First and foremost, the words Bir Billing are spoken together, but generally, these two places are distinct from each other.

Most simplistically, Bir is the Paragliding Landing point, and Billing is the Paragliding take-off point with a height of 5000ft and 8000ft approximately.

Bir Billing is also known for Mountain Cycling. So you will not be facing any difficulty finding the cycling shops as there are plenty of them available in Bir.

I consider mountain cycling amongst the out-of-the-box things to do in Bir Billing.

The cost of renting a cycle would range around Rs.300 – Rs.400 per day.

During my stay in Bir,

One fine morning, the hostel friends made a plan that let’s go to the Paragliding take-off site to watch the Paragliders and click photographs importantly.

A surprising idea came that we all take the cycles along and paddle it downhill on our return from Billing to Bir.

The idea sounded exciting!

But the main question was, how to take the cycles till Billing as it is the Paragliding take-off point & not the cycle stand?

It would be next to impracticable to cycle from Bir to Billing if you’re not a pro-level cyclist because cycling uphill is not an easy job.

How to Take Cycles Up till Billing?

To take your cycles up there at Billing, you need to hire an open jeep.

You will not find any trouble in getting an open jeep in Bir. The jeeps take Paragliding pilots and participants to Asia’s highest Paragliding spot. Therefore, Billing.

You can hire a jeep, disassemble your cycles, keep it behind, and you can sit in front.

That’s it!

The jeep will cost about Rs.500 approximately to take you to Billing.

The distance between Bir to Billing is 17-18km that will get covered in 45-50 mins.

Upon Reaching Billing Paragliding Take-Off Site!

We Reassembled our Cycles as soon as we reached Billing
Our Friend got Cycles Reassembled

The first thing we did,

Got our cycles Reassembled!

One of our friends is fond of cycling and was accompanying us.

He has made our cycles back in proper conditions.

Meanwhile, we started gazing at our surroundings.

No matter what, you will undoubtedly find a lot of people there.

Some of them might be doing Solo Paragliding, and other’s doing Tandem Paragliding.

What is a Tandem Paragliding?

Tandem Paragliding at Billing, Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot
Tandem Paragliding

In Tandem Paragliding, there are two people on the Paraglider.

The one would be the Paraglider pilot controlling the glider, and the other would be the flying participant.

As you can see here, the Pilot is helping the participant in getting ready.

Starting a conversation with the pilot is the best way to make things appear clear. Meanwhile, the pilot checks that everything is up to the mark.

It was an extraordinary feeling reaching at Billing again, but not for Paragliding this time.

My View on Visiting the Paragliding Take-Off Site Again

It’s been my observation that hardly any tourists visit again to the Paragliding take off-site after they did their Paragliding.

I feel that visiting the take-off site once more would be a different experience. As this time, you would be free-minded, and the worry of wearing a harness and a helmet for Paragliding does not revolve around your head.

People from all over the world come to Asia’s highest Paragliding spot.

A Small Story of Dedication Towards his Passion

The person in the picture above had become our friend in Bir. In fact, during his stay, he used to walk, hitchhike and anyhow manages to reach the Billing to Paraglide.

Insane! Just think he used to walk & hitchhike around 17km to reach Billing.

He stayed for around 20 days, and every day early morning, he used to leave for Solo Paragliding and remains in the air for about 2-3 hrs.

When we made a plan to cycle downhill, he had also accompanied us in the jeep and went for Paragliding upon reaching.

His vibes convey that human can achieve anything in life if you have that passion within.

Don’t be afraid to walk 100 miles for something that gives you a sense of accomplishment in life!

It was like a flashback visiting the take-off site again.

I relived those moments when I was there with the Paragliding pilot. From the outside, I was showcasing everything was excellent, and from within, the fear of height making me sweat. Haha!

Seeing people paraglide that day, I got filled with joy.

Tandem Paragliding from Billing

We spent plenty of time admiring the colorful sky with Paragliders.

Few shops are there if you wanted to enjoy the astonishing beauty while having snacks.

Back to the cycling downhill mission!!

The enthusiasm of visitors for the Paragliding Adventure Sport had boosted the young children of Bir to come forward and take Paragliding as a career opportunity.

It’s Time to Cycle Downhill!


Meanwhile, you can check out the Paragliding photoblog –

9 Bir Paragliding Pictures to Make you Fall in Love with Height
Bir Paragliding somehow succeeded to subdue my concern. I am scared of …

The time had now come to cycle downhill from 8000ft.

There’s a decent road, so don’t make any assumptions.

Now cycling downhill was easier as most of the time’ we just had to apply the brakes.

Note – Don’t ever think of paddling fast downhill, especially in the mountains. You will not only risk your life by doing this, but you will risk other’s life too.

It was butter on-road feeling, smooth!

But there were few instances where we had stopped in between to take glances at the surroundings.

The sky was looking beautiful throughout the journey. It was a dream ride, to be honest!

There are sharp bends on the roads, so we used to stop our cycles on the corners and proceed when everything seems clear.

That moment was pretty remarkable since I found a group of people that we all together had made this adventure of cycling downhill from Asia’s highest Paragliding spot possible!

Keeping everything aside,

You have to behave maturely, and always keep an eye on the road.

Further, I had shared do’s and don’ts that would help you while cycling downhill whenever you try out this adventure.

Do’s & Don’ts While Cycling Downhill from Asia’s Highest Paragliding Spot!

I had tried to explain the points with the help of an infographic below.

Do's and Don'ts While Cycling Down from Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot

I hope my adventurous experience helps!

Let me know your thoughts below.

Would you love to try this adventure someday?

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