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9 Bir Paragliding Pictures to Make you Fall in Love with Height

This post was recently updated on June 24th, 2021

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Bir Paragliding somehow succeeded to subdue my concern. I am scared of height, frankly speaking!

And who doesn’t 

Are you with me?

The thrill-seeking sport Paragliding terrified me to the extreme because of the height constituent.


Guess what? I end up doing Paragliding at Asia’s highest Paragliding place.

Bir Paragliding has become from scary to most delightful memory.

Keep reading till the end because I will be taking you on a visual journey from a frightening to a mind-blowing experience.

The article is a Photoblog on Bir Paragliding Pictures that will anyhow make you fall in love with the height. Nonetheless, you might finish up doing Paragliding in Bir Billing.

Since this is a Photoblog & you can read a more comprehensive Delhi to Bir Billing blog.

Bir Paragliding Pictures 

The things that scare, the only way to defeat obstacles is to face them.

I believe it refers to every situation in life and the same while deciding upon Bir Paragliding.

Y’all understand what disturbs me the most. It’s the thinking.

If you were somehow able to control the worry of thinking, then nothing is impossible.

I feel that let’s get on to the Bir Paragliding Pictures without further talk.


Before starting any Adventure sport, checking all the essential protective gear is mandatory.


A comprehensive check of the equipment is damn necessary to assure safety before progressing.

The one above the picture is called Tandem Paragliding. The Expert pilot will be there with you while Paragliding.

Let me share my experience with Y’all –

While preparing, the pilot informed me to run when he speaks. The feet were shaking, and the piolet reassured that nothing will happen, don’t bother much.

I gained self-confidence that there’s an experienced pilot with me. It’s all in the mind that makes me worry.

Without thinking further, the piolet says run and 1,2,3, we are off the plain surface in the air.

Cost of Tandem Paragliding

The price of tandem Bir Paragliding is around Rs.2000 – Rs.2500 per person for a 20-25 min approx in the air.

Let me share a pleasant part with Y’all, 

The people who were previously hesitant to do Paragliding truly end up doing it twice the same day. 

Because they were somehow able to overcome their fear of height instead (fear of height) converted to (fall in love with the Paragliding).

Upon conversation with one of the pilots in Bir Billing, he stated that he was a Pilot for a long, and his age was around 18. So, it’s like getting self-dependent because Paragliding is a learning opportunity for the local youth. Some of them were competing at the State level also.

The Paragliding world in 2020 at Bir Billing was about to happen but got canceled due to the COVID pandemic.

First Set of Bir Paragliding Pictures

Without any further making you wait, let me just show you the Photographs that the title screams regarding.

Below are the set of the first 4 images –

I will be glad if you let me know how were the pictures above.

The remaining set of pictures will be more enjoyable.

Let’s suppose you loved the pictures and,

What is the Best Time to do Paragliding

I had spent plenty of days in Bir Billing. 

There was not a single day where I had not gone to the Paragliding landing site to see the paragliders over the sunset. Even, one of the days I viewed a half-eaten sun.

I believe that there’s no best time of the day to do Paragliding. 

But one thing I loved the most is the sunset at Bir Billing is just astonishing. So, sunset could be the reason for you to try the Paragliding near about the sunset time.

The wind’s best time could also be determined because the wind and the direction will play an imperative role during Paragliding.

Leave the wind phenomenon upon the skilled piolets because they know way better than us. You just have to concentrate on the moment of flying.

Important Tips before Paragliding

Some important tips that will be useful for you from my experience whenever you do a Paragliding –  

  1. Try to make a small conversation with your pilot before taking off. It will be a beneficial way to make your body comfortable & mind relaxed.
  2. Listen to the pilot instructions carefully.
  3. Don’t look downward before Paragliding because you will make yourself scared even more further.

I believe these are sufficient enough to go. After all, you are going to experience life inspiration & not in an examination hall.

Second Set of Images from the Photoblog

Let’s look at further Paragliding images to excite you –

Damn! I will be happy if you let me the Photograph you loved the most.

Similarly, if you have the old photos in your gallery, then you can use them to your Advantage.

Bir Billing is close to heart & Paragliding experience even closer. So, we went to Billing to capture the photographs and then cycled downhill from Billing. That was an adventure ride!

Love & passion makes people achieve the unbelievable.

Just imagine what it would take to Paraglide Solo?

It’s just a matter of few seconds between taking off and had taken off is enough to give goosebumps and a lifelong experience.

Enjoy your time before Paragliding & after Paragliding because during your Paragliding the jaw-dropping views would not allow you to look anywhere else but down.

Don’t forget to –


Yeah, don’t forget to take Paragliding Pictures.

Apart from Paragliding, there are so many things to do in Bir Billing.


I just wanted to conclude that Bir Billing is a magnificent place to try Paragliding & to overcome the fear of height.

That made me end up going twice.

It will be interesting to see how many times will Bir Billing Adventure drags you!

Let me know have you liked the photoblog.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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