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Seeing Sunset’s in the Mountains is forever winsome!

Those days should never get forgotten.

Preferably, Cherished!

We all have seen Sunset in life, in fact, every day.

But have you ever seen a half-eaten sun?


That is an Unusual tale of exploration right from the Bir Billing. That is Asia’s Highest Paragliding Site.

Let’s Travel Back in Time

I volunteered there during my stay in Bir Billing for approximately 40 days.

On every alternate day, I used to go to watch the Sunset from the Paragliding landing site and snap pictures?

On most occasions, the friends of the hostel would join along.

The Paragliding landing site to see the Sunset was merely a 15-20 min walk away from where we were staying.

We walked there for some time, explored the surroundings, and saw the Sunset.

On one of the occasions, we got late, and we hurried on the way so that we wouldn’t miss out on seeing the Sunset. In-between, we saw the sun going beneath the houses. Finally, we reached the point just before the sun disappeared.

That was a hilarious moment, the way we ran to see the Sunset as if that day would be the end of the universe.

An Unusual Tale of Exploration

That was yet another day of exploring the Bir Billing and following the daily routine to watch the Sunset.

I got the sense by looking upwards that today the Sunset might not be noticeable because of the cloudy day.

Without thinking enough, I still decided to go despite the weather status.

If the Sunset somehow not be visible, I will click the Paragliders, which I often do.

Apart from that, 

I often become so creative with the shots that I say, WOHH!

Like the ones below –


I went to the Paragliding landing site, where I often went.

No one was accompanying me as most of the friends who met in the hostel had already left for the other destination.

Upon reaching the landing site, I glanced towards the sky, and the clouds dominated the sky.

I saw a reddish glow peeping from behind the clouds within some time.

I moved to an elevated spot for a better view of the sun would be visible anytime soon.

Slowly and Steadily, I saw the sun coming out of the dark clouds, but it was an unusual sight. In fact, Amazing!

It appears to be a half-eaten sun.

And you must have realized by now that I tended to make an unusual sight more creative, just like the pictures of paragliders before.

So, I thought, can I make something that half-eaten sun looked more creative.

Immediately, I saw a wind direction indicator tied to a pole.

I took my viewpoint of the wind direction indicator and placed the half-eaten sun above the pole.

Half-Eaten Sun Shot at Bir Billing
Half-Eaten Sun

Well, creativity and me!

I was able to capture the shot that I envisioned at the time.

However, the sun went entirely behind the clouds after a few minutes. 

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be present there.

A Strong Bond of Magical Sunset and Bir Billing 

It was not only one instance that I had seen an unusual Sunset in Bir Billing.

There were many days when I had seen an uncommon Sunset sight in the Bir Billing.

There could be a lot of reasons behind that!

It could also be the viewpoint and the visual creativity that I am interlinking.

Bir Billing is recognized for Paragliding, but it would be remembered for Sunsets too

Those remained amazing scenes when the Paragliding happened during the dusk period.

Let’s further see what you can do at the time of Sunset.

Activities You can do around the Sunset!

The Paragliding landing point is quite a large field.

You can do a lot of activities to keep yourself engaged in the area.

1. Playing a Frisbee

Whether you’re on a beach or in spacious surroundings, playing frisbee is unquestionably the next thing we all prefer to do, the first is forever cricket.

I am hesitant about adding cricket to this list because the ground is bumpy and mostly downward slanting.

Therefore, playing a frisbee would be the most suitable choice.

2. Cycling around the landing site

Cycling Around the Paragliding Landing Site is among the activities you can do around the Sunset

I am especially mentioning the road here because I don’t want you should feel like cycling in the field.

There’s a proper path around the landing site where you can cycle smoothly.

Whenever you feel like relaxing on the grassy ground, you can put down your cycles and view the Sunset.

3. Clicking Photographs

Paragliding after the Sunset

Photography is one of the most enjoyable things that I used to do whenever I visited the landing site.

The camera perpetually stays in my hand whenever I am out exploring. Haha!

Therefore I consider it the most satisfying thing to do in all the places.

The surroundings of the landing site become pleasant at the time of Sunset. So, it would probably uplift your inner creative artist to come out and show the world through your lens.

4. Dining Delicious Pancakes

First and Foremost,

I would not be recommending Maggi because I believe you became annoyed to read everywhere to try Maggi, Maggi & Maggi in the mountains.

Preferably, Have Pancakes!

Huff, something different.

There are some local eateries around the landing point. You can go there and have your Pancake; else, get them packed there and have them in the field.

Yummy! I had once tried the Chocolate Pancake.

These are the most suitable points I think would be valuable during your visit.

By the way, any suggestions on what other Pancakes to try?

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That’s it!

I hope you liked the half-eaten sun tale that was a pretty unusual sight.

Have you ever seen a half-eaten sun before?

I would appreciate your thoughts!

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


    1. Thanks! Haha, I am fed up of Maggie to be honest! That’s why I had mentioned something different, maybe you will see Pancake replacing Maggie in near future, haha.

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