And the Best Shot Goes... Any Guesses? To Spectacular Firework Photos
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And the Best Shot Goes… Any Guesses? To Spectacular Firework Photos!

This post was recently updated on August 11th, 2021

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Skyrockets influenced me quite a few times for shooting firework photos.

Not simply any firework photos though a pleasing one too.

Party capital Goa appeared like an excellent place for fireworks photography during New Year’s Eve.

You grasp that Goa beaches are ideal for shooting the night sky and especially those firecracker’s celebrations.

Eye-Soothing location!

I comprehend that life should be live without ifs plus buts,

I noticed these two terms if and but become a hindrance in photographing fireworks in Goa. Like here –

  • During that time, I was Volunteering in Goa & couldn’t proceed outside faraway at midnight.
  • I did not have the tripod to shot the firework photos.

Eventually, I dropped that thought there & went to sleep thereafter!

Although, the thirst to click it hadn’t gone.

Keep your inner thirst alive forever

We’ll move on to find out when I got the following idea for clicking that picture + how can you shoot it + a bonus tip.

As Bonusyou would have a look at creating a long exposure shot using a Sparkler.

On the Occasion of Diwali

Diwali stands half-done without some crackers.

I don’t burst firecrackers! However, I used to do this throughout my teenage years.

Now, I just view those rockets twinkling the sky & photograph, most importantly.

Diwali and Fireworks, do you understand what I am indicating?

Y’all are precise!

Diwali remained the time when I got to photograph a firework photo.

Since I live with my grandparents and all 365 days including, leap year, they resemble the same. Similarly, my enthusiasm also faded slowly and firmly to celebrate whatever festivity.

As I mentioned beforehand that as a teen, I stayed excited to fly kites approaching Independence Day, burst a cracker on Diwali, etc.

Consequently, we travel to a relative’s house to rejoice Diwali, and that too when they forcefully urge us to proceed.


So, as I told you, we go when relatives call us forcibly, plus the same happened on the instant of Diwali that year.

Now, anywhere I travel, I have a camera with me. In most cases, it’s with me, even when I’m not exploring.

The Moment

The Diyas was shining all around.

My cousin and I decided to move to the terrace and take pictures of those fireworks.

This time I was carrying a tripod.

I have written further covering firework photography settings. Inevitably, you’ll be all apt to do so, although some patience will be required.

Therefore, we would discuss that in the succeeding stages.

Hence, being decided, we finished up lighting the Diyas and went straight to the terrace with tripods and cameras.

The rockets were touching the sky. That’s why they are called skyrockets.


Barrier Around

Do you consider it was that straightforward to simply view the fireworks and snap?

I lift the curtains from the impediments –

  1. I had to shoot manually because the autofocus was not selecting the fireworks. Accordingly, several photos just went to set on the specific manual setting required.
  2. I was continually glancing at the sky.
  3. The live mode remains on, which indicates that the battery will run out quickly. We don’t know when we’ll get one fine firework image.
  4. Several fireworks that happened were also not satisfactory. 

Forget the obstacles!

This time I decided if and but are not allowed.

I wanted that firework photos and wanted them badly.

Now, whatever the odds, I will manage them.

As a result, one following the other, I was goofing opportunities. The pictures were also coming out blurry.

That Approaching Moment

The level of tolerance was also on the verge of getting drained.

Also, I saw fireworks on one side. As quickly as I pressed the shutter release to capture, it was over.

I pointed my camera at the same space with the expectation that the fireworks would appear repeatedly.

Guess Something?

And the Best Shot Goes... Any Guesses? To Spectacular Firework Photos

Fireworks happened!

I was ready.

And that was a moment for me to cherish!

I got some fair-looking firework photos.

I felt like –

It should be published as the best shot belongs to the pictures of that magnificent firework.

I was not reviewing the pictures taken on the spot properly. Alternatively, doing an overview.

However, I had a feeling that I took 1-2 nice-looking shots, and when reviewing the photos, it appeared the same.

The rest of the pictures were blurry and not really close to the acceptance point except for 2 photos.

For that particular moment, I was satisfied.


Keep the hunger to continue bettering yourself present.

Now, you will see the required settings for fireworks photography.

Firework Photography Settings Required

You’ll be working with a triangle, but don’t worry, it’s not trigonometry. I found trigonometry very complicated, so forget it. Haha!

But, you’ll be working with the camera exposure triangle, which means controlling Aperture, ISO, plus Shutter speed. Somehow, if you figure it out, the next thing you need to get into photography is Practice.

Just reminder,

Passion will get you started & Practice will make you perfect.

So, here’s the thing,

Things Required for Shooting a Firework Photography

There are lots of things required. If that is something you are considering, then I have listed down the essentials –

  1. A Tripod
  2. A DSLR/Phone with a camera
  3. Lots of Patience + Balanced Madness

I would describe each of the essentials in brief –

1. Tripod

The fireworks usually happen at night. I cannot indeed imagine capturing fireworks during daylight.

I would be talking about the pictures taken with DSLR.

During the night, the camera needs enough light to shoot the subject.

That light comes from either balancing the exposure triangle or utilizing an external flash.

The effectiveness of external flash becomes null here because you don’t want the surroundings to light up collectively. However, editing is a different ball game.

You need to allow ample light to enter the camera through Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed.

You should not increase the ISO as it will make the picture grainy in the end. Hence that too is canceled. You will keep the ISO as low as possible.

Aperture controls depth, and it just won’t be enough to get the light needed to get admirable-looking firework photos.

Shutter speed will perform an essential character here, as in most cases, Aperture and ISO will remain constant.

Since the fireworks continue moving and you need to increase the shutter speed in seconds to get that decent capture.

Therefore, you will need a tripod as you cannot accept camera movement that will ruin the picture.

Huff, so a tripod is a necessity!

I hope you understood.

2. A DSLR/Phone with a camera

A DSLR camera has a manual mode. Confirmed!

Now, in the rapidly changing world of technology, a phone camera has a manual mode too.

Also, in a phone camera, you cannot set the Aperture. I am sure there will be growth in the years to come.

It depends on your preferences, including where you want to use that shot. That will primarily determine the choice between a DSLR camera or a phone camera.

3. Lots of Patience + Balanced Madness

If you have the above two things with the required knowledge. However, if you couldn’t take that shot. Ditto, I think you should blame this point.

I think it’s remarkably significant in any field. It’s not visible from the outside, barely trust me –

When Patience and Madness go hand in hand, ability hits hard.

I am hoping that the details are brilliantly clear to you’ll.

Ideal Firework Photography Settings

Manual mode, no doubt in that!

I had tried and tested various shutter speeds to get that decent shot.

The ISO should be retained as low as possible. Hence, 100-200.

The Aperture should be caught at the sharpest f/no of your lens, possibly f/8 or f/9. You can make necessary corrections and play with numbers as needed. The rest depends on the lens you will use if the DSLR.

Shutter speed should be in bulb mode.

What is Bulb Mode?

Bulb Mode in DSLR

Bulb mode is indicated as B on the shutter dial. It can be used creatively in long-exposure photography. When you’re in bulb mode, you’ll need to hold the shutter for as long as you want and then release the shutter.

Long Exposure Photography Related Post –

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Within, you have to decide how many seconds you need the shutter to remain open.

For e.x – You can begin with a 5-sec shutter speed and then continue further, like 6 sec, and so on.

Firework Photo
Shutter Speed (using bulb mode) – 7.1s, ISO-200, Aperture – f/8, Focal Length – 55mm

It concludes that the required firework photography setting would be – Shutter Speed ​​- Bulb Mode, Aperture – f/8 – f/9, ISO – 100-200.

So, I believe you would be able to take a cracking shot.

Seek to enjoy the entire process. Do not recall the time it will take to get a winning shot.

Now it’s time for the bonus section, which I would love to talk about.

Let’s see how to use Sparklers in a long exposure shot.

Using a Sparkler to Create a Long Exposure Shot

In Sky Firework Shots, you couldn’t make significant changes to the subject. Whereas the Sparkler will be under your control, and you can apply your artistic talent gradually.

From Sparklers, you can create a long exposure –

Circle, Rectangle, Write a name, etc.

Likewise, you can see that I had created a circle using a Sparkler.

Made Using Sparkler

As I suggested earlier for the firework photos, you can commence with the respective settings. i.e

Shutter speed – Bulb mode, Aperture – f/8 – f/9, ISO – 100-200.


Shutter speed – 8-9sec, Aperture – f/7-f/8, ISO – 100-200

So, the long exposure is more regarding the creative use of light. And it’s up to you that what you needed as a result.

Remain creative!

Whatsoever be the end outcome.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process of creation.

That’s it!

I hope you have found it enlightening.

If you do like it, then let me know the best shot goes to?

Tuta hein phir ek tara,
Aye ga na yeh mauka dobara,

Toh dekh lo
Jee bhar ke,

Kyuki aaega na yeh mauka dobara.

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