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When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar – David Ogilvy

Well! You can’t oppose here!

In a breakneck life, boring has no room for survival.

The viewers want to experience the uniqueness that will keep their attention as they read.

Maintaining attention comes when the audience begins reading your content.

First of all, you have to arouse interest at first sight.

Yes, you are on the right track!


The Title of any article is the foremost that the viewer observes and decides whether it is worth clicking and reading the content.

I will give you an example,

A Blissful Weekend in Rishikesh


A Surprising Adventure of Cycling Downhill from Asia’s Highest Paragliding Spot

You will click the second title 95 times out of 100 compared to the first.

Possibly click the first one when you’re blindfolded! Haha!

The first title sounded quite dull. You want to devote your precious time to something that expresses enthusiasm and interest. That will be the main reason for clicking on the second one.

According to the knowledge of that time, I worked hard on the first title & content as well.

Still, no upsets!

5 Steps in Writing a WOW Title for Travel Article (That Viewers Would Love to Click)

Travel articles undoubtedly circle the places.


  • Things to do in ______
  • How to reach _______


The aim here is to make the title catchy so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

Most importantly, the title should not seem dull to you, as you are the one who will create the content in the future.

So, you have to be involved just like you are out there and create exciting and unusual content.

I have further divided the creation of the WOW title for the travel article into 5 easy steps –

1. Uncover Compelling Examples from your Travel Stories

We focus on travel articles, be it your own experience or research.

The first step to writing a compelling title for a travel article is to dig up your memory and note unusual or striking examples.

I’ll take the story below as an example for the entire article.

You can read the following story thoroughly, writing striking points from it.

Short Story

The short story begins –

‘I was going from Mumbai to Delhi by train.

On my first visit to Delhi, as soon as I stepped out of the railway station, I felt like someone stole my wallet! I checked on one of the pockets where I usually keep the wallet. When there’s nothing to be found, I began shouting and called the police. 

There was so much crowd around that it was not known who stole the purse from pocket.

After investigating for a while, suddenly my mobile rang. The mobile was present on the top pocket of the shirt and the wallet on the same.

It looked like a movie scene when I didn’t check all the pockets and immediately started screaming. I felt embarrassed in front of the crowd and the police present there.

Later, I remembered, mum told me to put the phone and wallet in the upper pocket of the shirt before leaving.

I laughed awkwardly and ran towards the nearest metro station and proceeded…,

The short story ends!

Taking-Out Striking Points

Can you point out any striking and notable points?

Let me do this-

(The points below are not titles, just lines that would be further polished in making the title)

  1. As soon as I got down at the Delhi railway station, I felt someone had stolen my wallet.
  2. The wallet was in the front pocket, and I shouted that the wallet got stolen throughout the train station.

If I ignore the middle story,

I’m guaranteed the points below will sound flat.

If I’m not excited about what I’m making, how can I expect the readers to like it?

  1. How can you reach Delhi from Mumbai by train?
  2. Which is the nearest metro station to Delhi Railway Station?

So, we dig into the memory of an imaginative story and find some lines that we can use in the further steps of creating a title for a travel article.

2. Set the Theme of the Content for the Title

This point remains not directly linked to the title but indirectly has everything to do with it.

From the earlier story, you can decide the theme of your travel article.

For e.x- 

  • Your Complete Experience of visiting Delhi.
  • Which train is favored for traveling from Mumbai to Delhi?

On a note like this,

I hope you understood my intention to set the theme to write within the content body.

At this point,

I decided to go ahead with ‘My Experience of Visiting Delhi‘ to create a winning title for a travel article.

However, the point is to direct your mind on what you want to create within the article.

That would eventually dictate the direction of mind in making the title.

Similarly –

  • You have a broad subject idea to make a film.
  • Plus, you have a story you want to tell.
  • Using the movie’s tale, you can create a title that will justify it.

Simple as that!

3. Find Synonyms of the Words Involved

After you’ve decided on a striking point in the story and the topic you want to write about, it’s time to find Synonyms.

Synonyms would be a game-changer to make a boring title click-worthy.

Essentially, we write down the words we know. Synonyms will develop productive use of vocabulary.

For e.x –

How a Quick Decision, Can Make Your Best Travel Memories?

Let us make Synonyms of the words given below –

1. Quick

Fast, Swift, Expeditious, Agile, Posthaste, Prompt, Immediate.

2. Decision

Choice, Judgement, Settlement, Arrangement, Determination.

3. Make

Construct, Produce, Manufacture, Form, Create.

4. Best

First-Class, Foremost, Greatest, Highest, Matchless.

Can you see how many words we can use, and most of them you didn’t even say in face-to-face conversation.

Using Synonyms, I made up –

Prompt Judgement! How Can it Create a Greatest Travel Memory?

This way, you can use Synonyms effectively in the title.

4. Add Points Together

Now, you have to combine the points collectively.

  1. Striking points by 1 point.
  2. From the second point, keep in mind the theme of sharing your experience.
  3. Use Synonyms

Let’s make-

  • As soon as I got down at the Delhi railway station, I felt someone had stolen my wallet.

Further Polish- 

  • That is What Happened as soon as I got down from Delhi Railway Station. I felt someone had stolen my wallet.

Use Synonyms – 

  • That is What Happened as promptly as I went down from Delhi Railway Station.

I have finished the title,



Still, something exciting, gripping, fascinating is missing from the title. 

That is where the endpoint will come into use.

5. Keep Polishing until you say WOW!

You don’t need to stop at the previous point because WOW is still there.

Instead, you have to polish the title further until it shines enough to brighten your day.

Let’s Polish the Title further – 

  • That happened as promptly as I went down from Delhi Railway Station.

Let’s do a bit more – 

  • Oops, Moment! That happened when I went down from Delhi Railway Station.


Here, I added an ‘oops, moment’ to immediately capture the effect that something embarrassing or unusual might have happened. This will eventually prompt the viewer to click and read.

Then, you can share your experience inside the article.

Understand with the help of an Infographic.

Understanding Steps to Write a WOW Title for a Travel Article Using Infographic

The steps are simple. When you keep practicing, you’ll create a mind-blowing title for a travel article that will make people love reading the stuff inside them.

That’s it!

Tell me would you like to click and read the contents of this title?

If yes, then I was successful in making it. If not, I’ll improve further!

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. I really like this post!! I think some of the steps are genral and can be used by anyone to improve their reach! Thank you for sharing!

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