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It is based on; where one person tells another that he wanted to step out however is worried that he might lose his focus.

To express that, I have written lines, hope you like it –

I really wanna go out,
I really wanna go out,

The sun is constant,
The wind is blowing,
The night is still to come,

But, what’s holding you then
Is that the reason?

The climate is just the excuse,
The wind will blow,
The sun would always be there

Then, what’s holding you……
Find out the actual concern.

It’s somewhere buried within,
You have to thoroughly dig-in
To find out the actual reason
Don’t wait for any season

The time will move,
Don’t waste that,

The focus is in your control,
The distraction…

Okay, the reason is a distraction.

Believe yourself,
The books are always on the shelf,
The distraction is in your mind,
You’re the person who skips the dine at 9’ine, just to focus.


You have to step out,

You have to…

I would appreciate your thoughts!

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