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I am Lost,
In this New World.

Need a way out
I will tell you more about

I left home at 8′, but was getting late,
So I took a shortcut inside the forest straight.

The goal is to reach other side anyway,

After sometime,

I am not even Midway mark,
Struggling in this forest Dark.

  • I am Lost in the Forest Dark
  • I am Lost in the Forest Dark

I know this Darkness will going to leave,
As long as I am keeping my belief.

My belief is the only way to proceed,
I kept on telling myself I will succeed.

The goal is to reach other side anyway,

The time will too move,
Only stay focused and improve.

I want to shout,
This place is Dark throughout.

Yes, Yes

I kept telling myself.

Just keep walking,
Stop talking,

The only way to succeed is to pass the Dark.
I can see the spark.

Then, why compare an individual’s journey with others?

Just keep walking,

The time will also move,
Just stay focused and improve.

If Lost, then find yourself out,
The only way to proceed is to pass this Dark throughout.

There is a proper path made,
Don’t be afraid.

Just remember,


The Goal is to reach anyway above all,

Whether it’s Dark, Light,
Or Shadow, Bright.

Keep Patience,
Everything will be alright!

What else to expect,

I am Lost
In this New World.

I am Lost,
Do you know what it costs to keep going?

It requires self-belief.

Just believe,
It’s a nightmare, wake up and fall again to sleep.

I hope you have loved it as much as I did while creating this!

You can read the last part from the A New World series and the next part He Needs the Light.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

To be continued…,

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


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