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I am standing Alone,
Near the riverside on the pebble stone.

Standing Alone near the river

There’s a different way to reach home,
But, I need some time in this area unknown.

It’s a new world,
I wanted to explore till the last,

The best idea is that I will run fast,
From the world that I left behind

And maybe too fast,
From the scary past.

Let’s forget that

Come virtually explore this new world,

Nearby river stream

Wow, See the majestic stream flowing,
I can sit here all day.
Beautiful indeed!
Let’s view ahead where this journey will be going.

Clouds Walk from a new World poetic feeling

See the clouds walk,
Lookalike they have been made from the chalk,
I want to talk,
Rather, I want to shout,
This place is Wonderful throughout.
I will tell everyone this about

I am so happy

See how happy I am,
Feeling so good here, Damn!

I am in love with this new world.

The place is soo quiet,
In winters, it turns completely white.
I wanted to visit here in every season,
Without any reason.

Would you explore this new world Alone?
Just a mere suggestion, please keep away your phone.

Chances are high,
That I will be present here Alone,
Near the riverside on the pebble stone.

Come, Explore this new world in an area Unknown. 

Next Part, A New World – II – I am Lost 

It was a short poetic feeling to describe the surroundings, and it is relatively something new that I had tried this time.

I believe that you’ll have loved it!

How you felt after reading this? Let me know your thoughts.

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About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Such a pristine place. In these days when most of India is getting back in lockdowns, it is a nice visual escape.

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