How are the Winter's in Himachal vs Goa
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How does it like to spend winters in Himachal vs winters in Goa?

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Winter season is among the favorite season of many (Including myself). Especially winter’s in the mountains is a treat when the white thick snow cover’s the whole sight.

But, winter’s in some part of India for ex-South India can turn brutal too, what I meant is hot.

This article will focus on winters in Himachal vs winters in Goa.

Have you ever experienced both the states in winters by spending a few days?

If you had, then let me know in the comments.

Until then I had shared my experience of staying at both the places in the same season. 

How are the winters in Himachal Pradesh?

In some parts of India, especially winters in Himachal can be harsh like the Spiti Valley, Ladakh or Kinnaur District where the temperature drops up to -15 degrees to -20 degrees.

The conditions for survival become difficult i.e. #hardlife.

I have spent 50 days in the cold conditions of Himachal Pradesh Bir Billing from mid-October till December while I was working with Fluglerhostels. The weather conditions in the mountains are highly unpredictable as you see a shiny day in the morning can turn into a cloudy day in the afternoon.

Bir Billing is famous for paragliding and weather plays a crucial role. Weather is everything in Paragliding.

The temperature during my stay was between 6 degrees to 14 degrees and I used to wear three layers but was not enough.

How to keep yourself warm in Himachal winter?

The human body needs warmth in the cold conditions to keep the blood circulation flowing.

By following these few tips, you will be going to make yourself warm in the cold conditions –


Bonfire is one of the effective ways to make your full body warm. It is widely used by locals of that particular region where the cold becomes unbearable.

2.Woolen clothes

Covering yourself with jackets and woolen cloths should be the foremost step you must take to keep yourself warm. 

3.Gloves and Warm caps

It’s also necessary to cover your hands and heads because this is the only area we ignore and often left exposed to the air.

4. Jogging in the early morning

Now jogging is a great way to keep you active, fit and healthy and in winter warm too. Exercising daily is fruitful.

What is the best time to visit Himachal?

The most pleasant time to visit Himachal is between the months of April-May and Oct–Nov. In these months you won’t feel too hot or too cold.

You can also call these months as pre summers and pre winters.

How are the winters in Goa?

Before coming to Goa, I had the perception in my mind that winters mean “cold” everywhere in India.

Goa has changed my mind, that winters can be “Hot” too in some regions of India. Although for the Goan people 25 degrees to 30 degrees in winters are cold. But for the people who come from the North, they are like completely in the opposite country.

My last 3 months was a climate fight – coming from Himachal winter of 7 degrees to Goa winter of 30 degrees.

How to keep yourself dried-up (away from sweat) in the Goa?

Keeping yourself away from sweat and that too at 30 degrees is quite challenging.

1. Don’t walk in the peak sunny hour

The peak heat hour is Goa is around 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. i.e. avoid walking at this time to stay away from sweat. You can go out on a two or four-wheeler. It’s not as such that you shouldn’t go out but having a vehicle makes things super easy in Goa.

2. Stay near the beach

Staying near the beach has two advantages, one that within a few minutes you’ll reach the beach and the second one is the pleasing air which surrounds you every time you go out. 

3. Drink a lot of water

If you are staying in a region where the temperature never falls below 18 degrees that means day-time is very humid. So, you should drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.


What’s the main difference between winters in Himachal vs winters in Goa?

Climate though.

The main difference to any state starts with “Climate”. We often keep climate among the first three words when we are talking –

that “How can we reach there, Where can we stay and What’s the climate in that area?

Remembered? We often use this.

The climate in winter in Himachal can make you shiver while the climate in Goa in winter can sunburn you.

On the other hand, people only visit beaches in Goa; how about visiting Dudhsagar falls in Goa, also among the highest waterfalls.


Every winter in every state has its charm. I shared my experience of two opposite states in the winters. These two states i.e. Himachal and Goa are among the most loved states by tourists throughout the year. Both will give a different life experience or I say thought changing experience.

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A very Happy New Year 2020


Happy Traveling

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