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I love doing solo, and Delhi to Bir Billing was yet another alone trip to the mountains.

I have developed a special bond with Bir Billing because it was the first place I visited with a friend, a.ka. First trip with a friend out of town. Before taking this route, the previous trips I did were with relatives.

The fear of height was the primary concern in Paragliding. I am assuming that you, too, are on the same page!

I’ll try to overcome your Phobia of heights from the highest Paragliding site in Aisa.

I assure you that the article will provide value, so keep reading until the end.

This article is a complete Delhi to Bir Billing Guide. So keep yourself connected to know everything that you need on this trip.

Firstly, I will be talking about,

How to Reach Bir Billing from Delhi?

Majorly all the regions in Himachal are very well connected with roads. Especially with nearby states such as New Delhi, Chandigarh & Uttarakhand.

The best way from Delhi to Bir Billing for all road trip lovers is by road.

The Delhi to Bir distance is 500km approx.

Delhi to Bir Volvo Bus

Daily buses run from Delhi to Bir, and the time will be around 11-12 hrs, costing Rs.800 – Rs.900 per person.

Also, the prices depend upon the medium and the operator you choose to book your bus tickets to Bir.

You can experience your Journey with new bus operators or look for other experienced operators on Delhi to Bir route with Ram Dalal Holidays, Snow-region, Northern Travels, and Laxmi Holidays.

Bus ticket bookings are available on major sites like MakeMyTrip and Red Bus.

Delhi to Bir HRTC Bus

The cost of traveling in the HRTC bus depends upon whether it is an ordinary bus or a Himsuta a/c Volvo bus.

The time from Delhi to Bir would be 12-13 hrs for both Ordinary buses and Himsuta Volvo buses, but there is a considerable price difference.

An ordinary HRTC bus will be going to charge somewhere around Rs. 700 – Rs. 800, where a Himsuta Volvo HRTC bus will charge around Rs. 1500 – Rs. 1600. All HRTC buses leave from ISBT Kashmiri Gate at their respective time.

Traveling in an HRTC bus versus VS Volvo bus has pros and cons. You can choose according to your preferences.

Delhi to Bir Personal Vehicle

Personal vehicles such as cars/bikes will be a convenient transport medium. Especially on long journeys because the decision of accelerator and brake is entirely in your hands. It will be going to save money too.

Traveling from Delhi to Bir in a personal vehicle will be fruitful in the long run.

And likewise, from the stated option above, you can proceed from Bir to Delhi.

How to Reach Bir Billing from Chandigarh?

Apart from Delhi to Bir, if you’re visiting from nearby places such as Chandigarh. Then the route would be the same.

The Delhi to Bir Volvo bus service starts from Majnu-ka-Tila & the estimated time for the bus to reach Chandigarh is between 12-1:00 a.m.

The bus leaving from Delhi will reach Chandigarh in the next 5 hrs. So, if your boarding point is Chandigarh make sure to arrive at your pick-up point before time.

Also, there are direct buses for HRTC and ordinary that start from Chandigarh. The departure time of the buses will remain the same (11 p.m.-1.a.m.).

The time taken from Chandigarh to reach Bir Billing is approx. 7-8hrs.

How to Reach Bir from Dharamshala?

The majority of the tourists know Dharamshala very well. Bir is just about 2 hrs of road journey away from Dharamshala. If you are traveling from Dharamshala –

Dharamshala to Bir Billing by an Ordinary HRTC Bus

Direct ordinary HRTC buses from Dharamshala to Bir Billing run only at a specific time throughout the day. The distance is 65 km from Dharamshala to Bir.

Apart, there are regular buses from Dharamshala to Palampur 35 km and Baijnath.

From Baijnath, there are usual buses every half an hour of an interval to Bir road or Upper Bir through Chaugan crossroads.

The ordinary bus journey from Dharamshala to Bir will cost you anywhere between Rs. 110 – Rs. 130 per person.

Delhi to Bir Road Conditions

The road conditions from Delhi to Bir Billing are good. However, I insist you remove your cameras from Palampur till Bir because the surroundings are beautiful.

If you are coming from Delhi/Chandigarh/Dharamshala route, you will be crossing the Palampur – Baijnath and then reaching Bir.

Best Season to Travel Bir Billing

Every season is the best season to travel to Bir Billing, apart from the monsoon season.

You must avoid traveling to mountains during the rainy season because landslides and floods could stop your Journey.

Summers in Bir Billing bring pleasant weather conditions, and Winters bring snowy and colder nights.

Many people travel to Bir Billing for Paragliding and would be interested in knowing –

Bir Billing Flying Season

Flying season in Bir Billing
Solo Paraglider in the mid-air

During all Summers and Winters. The Bir Billing Paragliding remains open during the monsoon season or under bad weather conditions.

Summer Season

In the summer season, mainly from May – to Aug. It is considered excellent for flying because the paragliders get Thermaling which helps them stay longer in the air.

You can also take a long flight to the red roof and golf course (names given to a particular mountain peak).

Winter Season

In the winter season, mainly from Oct-Mar. The month of October and November are considered very good for learning Paragliding.

It would be best if you paraglided in the winter to get a 360-degree view of the snowy mountain from the top.

How Safe is Tandem Paragliding in Bir Billing?

Tandem Paragliding in Bir Billing
In Tandem Paragliding, the pilot checks all the safety measures before the Paragliding starts.

Paragliding in Bir Billing is safe unless and until you try to do something on your own and do not listen to the pilot’s instruction.

Tandem Paragliding is when an experienced pilot accompanies you. The pilot handles the Paraglider, which will cost around Rs.2000 – Rs. 2500 per person.

Solo Paragliding is when the pilot paraglides on his own. The pilot is well versed and experienced in handling the glider independently.

Paragliding courses are available in Bir Billing at the landing site. The costs vary from company to company who will be training you to paraglide.

There will be ground handling training for the initial 5-6 days. Then, the next few days, solo flights.

Sounds exciting and adventurous, right?

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Things to Pack for your Bir Billing Trip

Bir is present at an elevation of 5000ft above sea level. Pack for the Bir Billing Trip will depend on the weather conditions and days you prepare to stay in Bir.

If You are Planning for Summers

Summer in Bir is itchy during the daytime and pleasant during the night. Therefore, you can carry both half and full sleeves in the summers.

If You are Planning for Winter

Winter in the mountains can turn harsh at any time of the day. The weather conditions can change drastically from a bright sunny day to cloud patches. You can carry warm jackets with a few layers.

Where to Stay During your Bir Billing Trip?

You will be getting ample places to stay in Bir, from hotels, Homestays, and Hostels to near the Paragliding landing site, quiet and peaceful places, and much more.

The growth of Bir Billing in the past three years was magnificent.

Let me tell you an interesting thing during my first visit to Bir Billing:

I visited Bir Billing in February 2016. The number of hotels could stay counted on the fingers, and only one hostel existed.

You will find a hotel and homestay on every corner of the street.

The majority of the population in Bir is into agriculture and farming. However, with the increased tourism, people have started their shops and restaurants because they identified the need to increase tourism season by season.

From Where to Click the Best Paragliding Adventure Shots

1. Capture at the Time of Sunset

It is tough to shoot when there’s not enough light for the photographer. Or very little to capture an evenly balanced image. Although you have read and heard several times that golden you, I will not go into detail more here. Before the Sunset and after the Sunrise is known as the Golden hours in photography.

The same thing goes here too, but with an added element of including Paraglider just up/below/left/right before the sunset to make the image worth the effort.

That requires patience and good timing because the Paraglider will pass with a blink of an eye from your desired sunset picture. So, preparation before the actual shot is a must.

2. Go Again to Paragliding Take-Off Point

Go again to paragliding take off site to capture the paraglider shots
Paraglider spotted just before entering into the clouds

You have seen the awe-inspiring shot at the landing pinpoint earlier. Now is the time for the take-off point.

You are taken to the Paragliding take-off point if you plan to do the tandem Paragliding.

But you have to go there again. You already knew being different from the crowd requires double effort and concentration.

You will never be getting a time of, say, 10 mins if you went to the take-off site for the Paragliding.

It will happen like getting down from the jeep, and your pilot tells you to get ready for the take-off, and that is it. You landed and went home.

Where is the adventure shot that you were craving? Not on your phone, right!

Yes, so let’s get back to our point. So, you would have to visit again solely to capture the shot. You have to take a lift or if anybody you know is going till that point.

Bir Billing will become a boring trip if you don’t explore much like out-of-the-box things in Bir Billing would make your trip full of excitement.

Delhi to Bir Billing Itinerary for 3 Days

I have listed productively the most efficient way to use your Delhi to Bir Billing weekend trip.

Since I have stayed in Bir in Himachal for 50 days, I consider myself ideal for making the Delhi to Bir Billing travel guide Itinerary.

That will be the most sorted Bir Billing Itinerary for three days –

  • Day 0 – Leave Delhi to Bir Billing by taking an overnight bus. The Overnight bus from Delhi to Bir will be of 12-13 hrs journey.
  • Day 1– Arrive at Bir early in the morning, and check in to your hostel/hotel/homestay. Then, explore all the Tibetan monasteries and local markets. In total, there are 4 Monasteries in & around Bir. You can take your time inside the monasteries. But don’t forget to visit the landing site for an astonishing sunset. There could be a possibility that you would spot a Half-Eaten sun.
  • Day 2– Do Paragliding at around 9 a.m. The morning is the best time (Rest Apart Sunset time would be excellent for Paragliding). You will be at the Paragliding landing site at around 11 a.m. and are free to explore the whole day. You can take a cab and visit Andretta Pottery.
  • Day 3– You can hire an e-cycle and make a day visit to Gunehar waterfall early in the morning. Then grab some food from the famous Bir cafes. Finally, leave back for Delhi on an overnight bus.
  • Day 4– Arrive in Delhi at around 7 a.m.

(All the significant places listed above ⇑ have been explained in detail in my Bir Billing in winter season blog)

Three days Delhi to Bir Billing Itinerary comes to a memorable end.

If anyhow, you are looking to extend your Itinerary. Then, you can consider Trekking in Bir Billing.

Trekking Options in Bir Billing

All these treks are for beginner’s grades. I will further be elaborating on the Bir Billing treks –

1. Chaugan to Billing Trek

There is a road to reach Billing, the take-off point for Paragliding, but you can also choose to trek that passes from forests, a small waterfall. You will get to Billing in the next 3-4 hrs from Chaugan.

The Trek grade is Beginner’s level.

2. Trek to Rajgundha

You can reach the Rajgundha Valley from two sides –

Via Billing – Trek from Chaugan to Billing or take a cab till Billing and then start the Billing to Rajgundha trek.

Via Barot – Barot offers a magnificent landscape for photographers. You can take a cab/bus to reach Barot and then trek to Rajgundha.

Also, you can camp at Rajgundha, but the winter conditions are harsh for camping because the temperature drops to -5 degrees in the peak winter season.

Another option is to take a Guesthouse and avoid camping.

Other Necessary Facilities

Some other facilities in Bir that you should focus on are:

1. ATM/Banks

ATMs and Banks are available, and you’ll face no obstacle in finding them.

2. Medical Stores

In addition, there’s one primary healthcare check-up center in-between the Tibetan market and several medical stores in Bir.

3. Cycle/Bike Rental shops

You will find numerous cycle and bike rentals at every alternate shop because it’s easy to cover Bir andBeyond with a vehicle.


The Delhi to Bir Billing guide for the weekend trip ends. I hope that it will be helpful to you.

You can DM me on Instagram or comment below if you need any other information. I will get back to you at the earliest.

Thank you for reading and giving your precious time to read my articles.

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Keep Travelling

Until then, see you on the roads.

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