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Drone shots are always fascinating because they provide an unusual perspective to the human eye. Regardless of the increased Drones to human reach, the viewpoint remains admiring.

This year, 2023, I captured numerous Drone shots celebrating Nature, from Greenery to the Desert.

But, before looking at the photographs, I would like to spotlight my experience with the Drone and how I began using it. Though, it’s engaging!

My First Drone Flight Experience

You would be shocked that my first Drone flight was inside the house.

When I first got the Mavic Air 2 Drone, I was enthusiastic to use it. I have a rooftop, but the person living in the same building has acquired the rooftop. So, I didn’t go there.

Instead, I tested in my house dining hall.

I was afraid as I didn’t know how to operate it, but I thoroughly went through the tutorials before pressing anything on the controller.

When I flew it, I felt content. However, I could only move a little left and right since I was flying inside the house. But that was adequate to get started.

Then, the next few flights were also inside the house. Nevertheless, I started feeling confident with every flight I took.

I started using the Drone creatively to create content in the house. Consider reading the below articles to see the usage of Drone inside the home:

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But, sometimes, I also crashed on the house walls—Phew! Nothing happened to it, as it was a slight bump to the wall. Nevertheless, if you take a Drone, practice flying it in an open area. Don’t take risks with the equipment.

Eventually, I flew outdoors in Himachal for the first time. I felt confident then because I had already tested it indoors numerous times.

Last year, in 2022, I finally decided to become a professional in Photography and Videography. So, I joined Light and Life Academy in Lovedale, Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Undoubtedly, I flew my Drone there as well.

That was a short experience of being a pilot.

10 Drone Shots I Took this Year Concerning Nature

In the first few shots, I would reveal shots captured in Ooty, followed by Spiti Mountains and Jaisalmer Dunes.

Greenery of Ooty

Thangadu Drone Shot

While working on a Documentary project as a submission to the academy, I shot this at Thangadu, approximately 15-20 km from Ooty. I searched for a location to shoot a B Roll for the Documentary. Moreover, I found this viewpoint interesting because of the road and the direction of the falling sunlight.

Hair-Pin bends

Hairpin bends leading to the Thangadu Village. Usually, the weather remains cloudy in Ooty and nearby. I was lucky to get the sunlight when I shot this; after a few days, it was completely overcast and hazy the next time I went.

Drone Shot near Ooty

I was standing on a road that was present at a height. From there, I eye Greenery everywhere and a road going in between. I flew the Drone and found an attractive “W” shape; however, I waited until I got light and shadow in the photo. Precisely, I adore the pictures with light and shadow.

Breathtaking Spiti Mountains

Light and Shadow mountain

This may seem like I shot from the ground with a camera. But I shot from a Drone present at a height—similarly, light and shadow. I photographed this in Spiti while I was doing Nature Portfolio. Ultimately, in Spiti, my objective remained to chase the sun when it goes behind the clouds.

Spiti Valley

I visited this spot multiple times during my 20-day Spiti trip because I loved viewing the scenery from there. Ultimately, the Drone provided an exquisite viewpoint. Mainly, I wanted that river beneath as a foreground. Thus, I took my Drone nearer to it. Indeed, that day was extremely overcast.

Spiti River Abstract

I was intrigued by the river Abstracts. Therefore, I want to see that of the Spiti River. It doesn’t seem prominent to the human eye, but the Drone’s vision made it appealing.

On the way to Kibber

While moving from Kibber Village to Kaza, one side was the in-depth valley, and the other, the rocky mountains, appeared almost touching. I immediately thought of seeing the river and surroundings from Drone, which are not visible from the human eye angle. I remained mesmerized to see the view.

Road to Key Drone Shot

That’s the road in the photograph, which appears like a snake. I was in one of my favored spots in Spiti, so instead of flying in the same direction as earlier, I passed it in another direction and got this frame.

Jaisalmer Sand Dunes

Rajasthan Sand Dunes Drone Shot

It was the first time I saw Dunes. Ultimately, I visited there as an extended part of my Nature Portfolio. I wanted to go to a secluded Dune; consequently, I began enquiring and came to know about Khouri Sand Dunes. The foreigners go there since it’s peaceful, there is little to no crowd, and it’s equally captivating, or even more than the other dunes in Jaisalmer.

Sunrise from the Khouri Sand Dunes

I witnessed the sunrise from the Khouri Sand Dunes. For that, the previous night, I slept on the Dunes because the room I was staying in was packed with unknown insects. So I had to agree to sleep under the open sky. However, Sleep was not that prominent; alongside, I saw a black figure of the camel roaming in the dunes. Eventually, even before the first ray of light hit the Dunes, I was awakened and ready to shoot.


Indeed, Drone shots are even more mesmerizing when you point at an unusual angle.

But, you have to remain careful considering all the risk factors in mind because, in the end, you don’t want to lose your Bird’s eyesight.

Besides, I am left to capture Ocean from the Drone!

Have you flown a Drone?—Share your experience with me.

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