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Going to Spiti Valley and staying longer was a planned decision.

I went to Spiti in August, and a few months before that, I finished with a Photography and Filmmaking Diploma.

Ultimately, I have to create my Portfolio to showcase my work. Hence, I planned a Solo trip to Spiti Valley on a budget.

Moreover, it will require more effort to physically and mentally strengthen the body. Going somehow alone would always be demanding but equally rewarding.

So, I embarked on a Delhi to Spiti adventurous journey of a lifetime.

The main bus stand at Spiti is in Kaza, the principal town.

Delhi to Kaza

For Delhi to Kaza, let’s break this journey into different segments.

Delhi to Shimla

Firstly, I began with the Delhi to Shimla bus overnight. Honestly, sleep doesn’t come to me on an overnight bus. But that was the sole option.

Afterward, in the morning, I reached the ISBT Tutikandi, Shimla.

I missed catching a Shimla to Reckong Peo direct bus by a few minutes. So, I have to take Shimla to Rampur bus.

But before that, I purchased a few things to eat on the way from the bus stand.

Shimla to Rampur

The 5-hour long Shimla to Rampur bus journey was, indeed, tiresome. Finally, the bus reached Rampur, and I was starving because what I had packed was insufficient to satisfy my hunger.

From the Rampur bus stand, I took a bus to Reckong Peo.

Rampur to Reckong Peo

It was another tiresome journey loaded with dazzling scenery. So, at the end of the evening, I reached Reckong Peo for a night’s stay.

Reckong Peo to Kaza

In the early morning, I stood in the queue, and as my turn came, the bus ticket was full!

Hence, I waited another 3 hr for the next bus; I stood before the queue got longer and got the ticket on the last row of the bus—I felt relieved!

Reaching Kaza

While on the bus, I envisioned how Kaza would be by analyzing the surroundings.

Eventually, I reached Kaza in the evening. So, it took me approximately 45 hours to get from Delhi to Kaza.



I know I would be staying longer, precisely for how many days, that I was doubtful. So, concerning that, I reserved my stay at Zostel for 8 days.

I have planned to limit the number of places to see and visit one spot more than once.

Hence, the following day, I started exploring on foot and the perspective I could get. I rented a scooty the same day because I knew I could not get satisfactory nature shots for the Portfolio in the town. Therefore, I would be required to go a little away.

Even I could not stay dependent on the local buses because they all run in the evening. So, renting a scooty was an intended decision.

During my stay, I revisited some spots multiple times; for instance, I went to a site 3-to 4 times on different days and times.

The first few days of my stay, I was limited to visiting till Rangrik.



The visit to Rangrik was memorable because I saw the Perseid Meteor Shower and did Astrophotography.

Earlier, I was worried about how I would come back from Rangrik at Night, and if I came back in the morning, where would I stay during the night?—I have to do Astro there.

Then, I got to know the Astro camp was happening at Rangrik, so I reached out to the members and came up with a solution: there was a house where the members of the Astro camp were staying, so I could stay there for a night.

I did Mily Way and Shot Star trails that night and went to the house to sleep around 3:00 a.m. One member of the Astro camp was also present, shooting alongside the superb night of the Spiti.

Then, the following day, I woke up and went to Kaza at Zostel, where I was staying.

Indeed, that night was very unique and special.

Then, I went to Key Monastery.

Key Monastery

Children's at Key Monastery Spiti

I visited Key Monastery thrice. First, I went on Sunday when the monks were playing. Generally, they get to play on weekends and national holidays. So, that was an exciting sight to capture.

Football, Volleyball, and Cricket are among their preferred sports.

Secondly, I went to attend the morning prayer. The prayer usually begins early in the morning, and I insist you listen to the prayer; undoubtedly, it will fill you with peace.

Besides, I planned to make a documentary on the life of monks at Spiti. But, for some reason, I have to drop that idea.


Kibber Village

Kibber lies ahead of Key. I felt scared driving on that route because the height was increasing gradually.

My idea was to do some Portraits at Kibber; when I reached, I didn’t see even a single person; it seemed nobody was there in the entire Village.

I couldn’t spot anyone even after waiting there for some time. But I clicked a few landscapes; the vistas from that height are splendid.

Soon, I descended from Kibber and went to Kaza straightaway.

I went to Kibber on almost the 10th day of my stay there. In earlier days, I was going between Kaza and Key and shooting landscapes; I decided to proceed when I was done.


Langza in Monochrome

Many have said that Langza is ideal for Astrophotography.

However, my visit to Langza was short, not even an hour.

When I entered the Langza Village, I saw the cow gatherings and the herders with them. Langza was giving a typical Himachal feel.

Black and White Landscape Langza Spiti

Till my time there, I couldn’t spot an ideal landscape to shoot, but I found a BNW landscape. The clouds make the picture look more intriguing.


On the way to Komic

The drive to Komic was picturesque, and I couldn’t spot anybody on that route.

Komic is preferably higher than the rest; it is the world’s most elevated motorable town. The cold breeze is expected there.

There’s one Komic monastery which you can visit.


As you may know, Hikkim has the highest post office in the world.

I went to Langza, Komic, and Hikkim on the same day.

While returning from Komic, I couldn’t find a way to Hikkim because there was no proper sign board, but after turning on Google Maps, I figured out the way.

The route to Hikkim from Komic was off-road.

When I reached Hikkim’s Post Office, first, I remained unhappy, seeing the post office was closed; after going closer, I saw Rinchen Cherring—the postmaster, sitting inside; he saw me and opened the gate.

Rinchen Cherring Postmaster Hikkim Spiti

I was excited to send the postcard to my friends and me; the charge was Rs. 36 for a post stamp. Then, I was utterly pleased and sent messages to friends that a postcard would arrive from the World’s Highest Post office in the next 15 days or so.

After 3 months, I am still waiting for a postcard to arrive. Previously, I checked the address written on it, and it was fine.

We all get excited and send postcards to friends and relatives, but in the end, nothing arrives, and the other person knows who would again come here to complain and check. I am assuming—I may be wrong. Please let me know in the comments if you have received the postcards you sent from the Hikkim Post office.

So, every place is exceptional in Spiti and provides a different panorama.

La-Darcha Festival

La-Darcha Festival Spiti

The only thing I had been waiting for a long time was the La-Darcha Fair; after changes, the date came when the fair would take place.

It’s a 3-day festival, a big occasion for the Spiti people.

People set up food stalls, exhibitions take place, rides for the kids, cultural performances happen, competitions, and much more.

I covered the La-Darcha Festival, and the event was terrific!

Last-Few Days in Kaza

I spent the last few days in Kaza photographing moonlit landscapes as the full moon day approached.

I was scared to venture out alone at a non-familiar location at night.

However, for the first day, I went to Zostel’s backyard. The area is entirely of fields.

The following day, I went with the Scooty rental owner. The day earlier, I returned the scooter. Therefore, he was the only one I could take to a distant place for Night photography. We went on the bike, and it was a wonderful experience shooting at night again.

Furthermore, I have also created a reel showcasing Spiti. I hope you will like it:


I stayed in Spiti for 20 days and covered these places and one festival. There are plenty of places left, mainly Pin Valley. I was not lazy to explore but restricted myself from covering everything. Because you always need a reason to return.

Also, I have additional reasons, like covering Spiti from an enhanced perspective during the following visit whenever it happens.

Furthermore, in 2 days, I reached Spiti and another 2 days to reach Delhi. So, additional days.

That was the first time I visited a place for that many days, and everything worked according to the plan.

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Superb. I had posted 2 post cards to Pune from Hikkim, one was received after 5-6 weeks and second didn’t come at all.

    1. Hey Abhijeet, thank you for sharing your experience with me. Unfortunately, my friends and I hadn’t received any postcards from Hikkim after 3 months, even though I had re-checked all the details.

  2. The experiences and pictures that you’ve shared, makes me wanna visit these places. It’s good that you visited some places at different times on different days. I am sure each time would have given unique experiences to you.

    1. Hey Prerna, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Indeed, it was an exquisite experience, and I adore those days spent in Spiti. There was a reason behind going to a place at different times and days; ultimately, I didn’t want to miss the chance to capture the fascinating beauty!

  3. I liked your blog, the long venture and beautiful captures of the landscapes of Spiti. I guess many of them are on a wide angle lens…
    I was on a Spiti tour in early June this year in a group, and had some fantastic photographs especially around Kaza, Langza, Tabo. And like you, I too went to the world’s highest post office, posted a postcard to my wife in Bangalore. It is almost December now, and the postcard seems to have gone to Paraguay 😂😂

    Keep up the beautiful photography work. Its so filling, heartwarming and makes us photographers love the nature and get lost in it ❤️💫

    1. Hey Ravi, thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with me. Yes, most photographs are shot using a wide-angle lens. And, Indeed, the postcard didn’t arrive, which I was expecting would arrive in about 20 days max. Thank you once again for appreciating the photographs, and reading the blog!

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