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During my stay in Ooty, I covered Travel stories as part of my assignment, which I would like to share with you.

I stayed in Ooty for nearly 10 months for my Photography and Filmmaking Diploma course at Light and Life Academy, Lovedale, Tamil Nadu. Hence, I know places you can cover, mainly some in-depth information on various topics, and I would unwrap them on the way ahead in different blog posts.

Ooty is widely known for its carrot production. So, this Ooty Carrot Factory lies near the Eye Foundation on Elk Hill Road.

Daily Routine at the Ooty Carrot Factory

I have proceeded order-wise, from the initial step until the completion of the task.

1. Washing of Carrot Sacks

Worker Washing at Ooty Carrot Factory

Non-Stop work, fast and precise – Especially in the mornings, 7a.m to 9a.m, bring a lot of carrot trucks. The first task remains to ensure the carrot sacks are adequately washed before offloading them.

2. Opening of Sacks

Opening of Carrot Sacks

Without further delay, the opening of carrot sacks and putting them into the machine, which carries them further in the selection, begins.

3. Washing of Carrots

Washing of Carrots from the machine

The workers sorted out the good carrots from the lot after they washed from the machine. Many water splashes happen at this spot as it’s near the machine.

Women's in washing and sorting the carrot

Mainly, women wash and sort the carrots; the men must pick the disliked carrots, wipe the floor, and transfer the heavy sack to the truck.

4. Removal of Unwanted Carrots

Unwanted Carrot

The unwanted carrots were thrown to the floor, whereas the person’s task was to hand the good carrots further to the machine for detailed washing.

5. Pickup of Unwanted Carrots for Further Treatment

Unwanted carrots are picked for further treatment

The disfavoured carrots were picked up and held in a separate basket to give to the cows, and they were also further used to correct those carrots to sell afterward.

6. Keeping Favorable Carrots to Sell

Sorting of Good Carrots

After the washing and selecting, the good carrots are gathered separately and put in a basket, then in a sack.

7. Sewing of Carrot Sack

Carrot Sacks are sewed correctly

The carrot sacks are sewn and tied correctly so they won’t fall while uploading into the truck and further. The workers do the sewing work so quickly that one bag will get sewed if you take your eyes off it.

8. Uploading of Sacks

Uploading the Carrot Sacks in the Truck

Workers carry a hand trowel lookalike for ease in uplifting the carrot sacks. A sack weighs around 60-70kg and sells for around Rs. 1000-1500 per sack in the market.

A Talk with the Manager

A Talk with a worker

“Rahul, 36, a UP migrant, came to Ooty for a work search. He started his career in carrot washing by working at the carrot owners’ home, and then he began working in the factory. He’s worked at the same factory for 15-16 years. However, the starting days were hard, and currently, he’s enjoying his work and position as the manager in the factory”.

After work

During their free time, workers involve themselves in smoking and chit-chatting—also their daily routine.

9. Off to Home After Work

Workers at Ooty Carrot Factory

Some workers travel to their homes for agriculture and other household work when it ends. However, they must report back before the next truck of carrot sacks arrives. There’s no precise timing, but they know roughly the truck’s arrival. 

Washing of feet as they get dirty while working

The floor becomes dirty with the carrots, and the water becomes unclean while washing the carrots. Therefore, the workers go and wash their feet to feel refreshed.

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