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I visited Key Monastery thrice on that trip but had yet to go straight on that route once. Primarily, from Key Monastery, the straight road goes to Kibber Village.

Finally, when I chose to go to Kibber, I was confident that the scenery would be exquisite since Kibber is 14000ft above sea level and Kaza is approximately 12000ft.

How to Reach Kibber Village from Kaza?

The distance from Kaza to Kibber is 19km. Indeed, It takes around 1 hour to reach Kaza to Kibber—a short yet breathtaking journey.

You can rent a scooty or bike, fill the tank, and reach the Kibber village.

But if you’re willing to take a taxi, I suggest going for a more extended trip, like covering the Key, Kibber, Langza, and other places. Because you would be spending a lot on one place simply, it is better to cover various locations to see.

So, I already rented the scooty for a few days; it was the time to start the journey.

Ensure you leave early in the morning, as you will get enough time to spend there and have time when returning.

The road is adventurous; on one side, you’ll see the spectacular sight of the Valley; on the other, the gigantic mountains nearly give you a sense of touch.

The Road in the Spiti Valley

Also, the road to Kibber Village is among the highest motorable villages in the world.

With the views following throughout and ascending height, you would reach the Kibber Village. You can spot a board stating Welcome to Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

Weather in Kibber

Kibber is located at a high altitude; therefore, the breeze is more robust than usual.

Thus, you must wear an additional layer of clothing, particularly in summer, because there is snow in winter and you are already aware of winter jackets to wear.

Usually, we consider summer equivalent everywhere, but that’s not the actuality. I went to Spiti in August and carried a winter jacket with me to stay on the safer side. Thus, I wore a winter jacket to high-altitude spots like Kibber, Komic, and Hikkim; indeed, I felt the need.

Kibber Village


As I entered the Kibber Village, I saw 2 tourists sitting on the rooftop of a restaurant and a staff member.

After seeing the views from that spot, there was a pin-drop silence as I moved into the Village. I didn’t see a single person at Kibber Village.

People House in Kibber

I passed through the people’s houses and couldn’t hear anything apart from the strong wind. Moreover, it seemed like a lockdown!

I suppose people are engaged in agriculture and have gone to the fields.

Although the Village is not spread out into large areas, you can easily cover it in about 20-25 mins.

I was in scooty and halted for some time to notice any movement, but there was only me.

Ideal Time to Explore Kibber?

The ideal time to explore Kibber is around 1-2hrs maximum. Moreover, there would be no time constraints if you’re passionate about photography or videography. You can plan and shoot as required.

Thus, I came back from Kibber soon with little halt.

Have you been to Kibber?

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