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I have been in a situation numerous times requiring travel blogging ideas.

Whereas I cannot step outside the home regularly for new blog topics; So, I keep challenging myself to create blogging ideas while staying inside.

Confidently, there come moments where you want to remain consistent in your blogging journey, but thoughts stay suppressed somewhere.

Consequently, I have further expressed in the points underneath how you can develop blog topic ideas when nothing strikes.

1. Read Other Blogs

That’s an excellent thing to do; moreover, it would benefit you in two ways:

  • You would get to know blogging ideas
  • Your knowledge would become improved when you read

Whenever I need inspiration on the blog post ideas, I look into my niche and read travel blogs like Cntraveller or visit google discover to read the content of my interest.

Likewise, if you are a fashion blogger, you can consider reading Vogue or your interest area.

The motive behind reading other blogs should remain that you need to increase your knowledge and get blogging ideas.

Let’s suppose if someone had published,

Offbeat Places to visit in 2022.

And, you begin reading, suddenly, you found a place that you visited,

So, you can write about that place, even consider writing about the locations that you had been previously,

10 Must visit places in 2022.

I’m sure you understood my viewpoint and the example I gave.

That would genuinely help you.

2. Read Your Blog

Vansh Tiwari reading something on the laptop

The secret to success remains hidden within you.

The secret to getting blog writing ideas stays within your blog posts.

Sounds similar?

But, I wrote so that they should sound equal.


Suppose you have published a blog post; considering the same example, 

10 Must visit places in 2022.

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Rome
  5. Russia
  6. Australia
  7. London
  8. Cape Town
  9. Iceland
  10. Sweden

You have a separate post on Italy, so you can drill within the Italy category and write several posts like,

  • 11 Instagramable spots in Italy
  • 48 hrs in Italy
  • The best thing to do in Italy, apart from visiting these places
  • 15 things nobody told me when I arrived in Italy
  • “The person sitting on the left on the plane to Italy was so annoying.”

Something Similarly,

Furthermore, you can interlink posts to each other so that the viewers can find and connect to your Italy topics.

Similarly, you can find my Goa blog posts that I formed with the same mindset.

3. Look at Images Closely

That’s interesting!

When nothing hits my thoughts, I check the photos on the phone. Then, I can create a blog topic covering those chosen photographs.

Indeed, I often do that.

Likewise, you can read the blog post I developed after reviewing the photos. 

That’s enjoyable and a different thinking approach.

Let’s suppose, considering the same example,

While scrolling your phone photos feed, you saw that you had,

  1. Pictures of you posing like picking the Eiffel tower
  2. Acting weird while the backdrop remained the Eiffel tower

So, you can create a blog post idea that,

10 Weird poses you can give when photoing with Eiffel Tower.

Haha, that would be joyful to read. I can imagine!

4. Switch Your Laptop to Sleep Mode

To get blogging ideas, stay away from unnecessary thoughts

That’s logical!

We often begin doing multiple things that don’t allow our minds to focus in one direction.

Thus, switch your laptop to sleep mode; you can go into your room or a quiet place. 

However, the motive remains that you need blogging ideas.

When you stay away from multiple thinking, you can focus your mind on reviewing in one direction, consequently, blog post ideas.

Allow me to tell you;

So, one evening, I sat to blog, but I couldn’t develop any blogging idea. Furthermore, my mind became filled with various thoughts arriving from everywhere.

Then, I turned my laptop to sleep mode and went to shuteye, though it became night.

After some time, a thought appeared that multiple photographs exist from the recently done Rani Sui lake trek. So, after drilling more in-depth, the idea of forming a Web Story came.

Notably, a Web Story is part of blogging, the new era of expressing your thoughts with to-the-point writing and appealing visuals.

5. Remember Your Past Actions

Sometimes it’s OK to look behind, primarily the actions that changed you as a human being or for that moment.

Suppose you won a race in school or came first in a subject during your college days. That would become an excellent blogging idea.

Allow me to tell you;

I wrote the blog topic, 11 things I have learned after publishing 101 blog posts,

An idea arrived in my mind when I looked at the past, 





I had published so many blog posts and learned a lot, so let’s create on positives that came out of blogging.

Let’s suppose, considering the same example,

While thinking about your Italy visit, you remembered that you met a lovely-looking gentleman in a restaurant and he came forward and complimented you.

Thus, the blogging idea,

A Surprise Compliment from a Stranger in Italy

I am confident that if you have read, you have already left reading and moved to write as a blogging idea smashed your thoughts.

The possibility that you have remembered your Italy visit maybe, haha! 

That’s it!

Would you mind letting me know which point has knocked you with a blogging idea?

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


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