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The Jodhpur streets are pretty cool. Likewise, the blue color symbolizes the calming effect.

Exploring the streets of Jodhpur is not about spotting any particular color but a collection of calming hues.

I believe that every street has characters and emotions. When you go on exploring, then stories begin to unfold.

I remembered Delhi’s Jama Masjid & Old Delhi Heritage Walk through the street.

It was a Saturday winter morning at around 7 a.m. The streets were quiet. We walked around for an hour and two with a local person, and I learned many things about Delhi’s Jama Masjid.

Later, we proceeded towards the Old Delhi streets that became crowded at 10 a.m. Being a Delhite, I was like a tourist in Delhi on that day. The more I explored the streets, the more Information and Knowledge I gathered.

My point here is how badly you want to know about a place and its surroundings. If the answer is a YES, then the streets have the secrets of their respective cities.

I believe that’s enough of talking about other cities. 

Let me take you on the Jodhpur streets virtually.

20 Photos of Jodhpur streets for a Colorful Exploration

1. Spotting Multicolor Doors

The Jodhpur streets have Multicolor eye-soothing doors to make you look and cherish for hours.

I am sure enough that colors will play a role in making you explore and discover more. Exploring the Jodhpur Streets is one thing you can do in your 48hrs in Jodhpur.

You will generate curiosity of exploring until the farthest point possible, which is the magic of colors.

2. Faces Behind the Places

You will agree with me that local faces make a place.

Anyone would not even prefer to go to a place where there’s no local’s human settlement.

Human brings emotions, characters, experience, and, most importantly, stories. Everyone has a story to tell.

Nobody knows a place better than the natives of that place.

I remembered an excellent example where a local guided me to a place still the most pleasant I had ever been.

While on a trip to Kinnaur, I had an additional day left. I enquired around, and a local suggested I go to Chitkul. The people there called it Switzerland because of the gorgeous surroundings that the place beholds. I was unsatisfied with one person’s opinion, so I asked others. Other people suggested the same and guided how to reach Chitkul from Kalpa.

If I hadn’t asked locals, I could not know about Chitkul at that time. Therefore, the additional day would have been wasted or not utilized properly.

I hope that the point is crystal clear. The locals are the assets behind any place.

Jodhpur Streets Web Story

Meanwhile, you can view the Web story from my Jodhpur Streets exploration:

3. People Indulged in Activities

There is a sense of delight in clicking when people engage in regular activities.

These are all the upshots; see behind-the-scenes photography from such shots.

I assume that you may have observed people doing their work passionately. You can see the dedication on the face and in the body language.

You can take photos of when people remain indulged in their regular activity to show genuineness.

4. Streets of Interesting Stories

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I am glad that I captured the story on the Jodhpur Streets.

There are two children in the picture, where one is helping another get over the wall. Then, the second one itself passes over the house wall.

There’s satisfaction in the scene where helping each other is the only way to proceed. I believe that life demands the same helpful environment.

Again, Streets remain filled with emotions, and streets have photo ideas for Instagram, too; view 9 more picture ideas.

5. Identifying Share-Worthy Locations

It’s the perspective that creates a snapshot share-worthy.

While in Jodhpur city, you can identify numerable Insta worth locations. Of course, the blue city of India has streets to discover, but witnessing Sunset in Jodhpur would also be a soulful experience.

The Jodhpur streets remain loaded with beautiful evergreen colors;

Shoot and share your perspective!

Also Read, How you can use the old pictures to your Advantage

Jodhpur Street Food

I recall having my best street food in Jodhpur when you talk about street food.

After completing your Jodhpur Street exploration, plan to taste some mouth-watering street foods.

I have mentioned some of the Jodhpur street foods along with the places to try – 

  1. Pyaz Kachori from Shahi Samosa or Janta Sweeet home on Nai Sadak.
  2. Shahi Samosa from Shahi Samosa Shop near the Clock Tower on Nai Sadak.
  3. Mirchi Vada from Shahi Samosa on Nai Sadak.
  4. Motu jalebi Wala 
  5. Rabri from Shri Mishrilal Hotel near Clock Tower
  6. Lassi 

All of these places mentioned above are present at a walkable distance.

I am sure that the Jodhpur street foods would become one of the highlights of your trip.

I believe that this short article has inspired you to explore the Jodhpur streets and capture stunning images. At the same time, you make your way forward in exploration and don’t forget to try some of the Jodhpur Street foods.

Let me know which photograph you liked the most.

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