A Day


Jodhpur Streets


Vansh Tiwari

While living in a hostel, I connected with like-minded individuals; then, we explored Jodhpur streets.

Fellow Explorers

There's always a fellow in every group who becomes hungry when spotted an eatery shop; scenes just after exploration started.

Hunger Pose

Indeed, you need the skill to make strangers laugh, but when you have a camera, say WOW! Those were genuine smiles!

Say WOW!

You might hold a fascination for the blue of the Jodhpur Blue city; however, the other colors will also demand your attention.


When you get surrounded by Individuals, who share similar interests and stay passionate, you are fortunate!



I stayed attentive as I knew the picture I was aiming for; hence, that went correct; phew!


I saw a vegetable seller carrying fresh fruits. Then, I shot those mouth-watering lemons, though that look suitable to become wallpaper.


We remained immensely dedicated when photoing, as we share the passion for exploration and snapping.

I don't fancy playing cards, though; I sat there to observe, as the individuals looked sincere while playing that.



You desire to get a haircut, but city exploration stops your feet from going inside.

Let's snap!

"I began liking Jodhpur that I canceled my bus ticket and extended my visit for a few additional days"

Jodhpur Blue City

A Day in a Five-Star

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