Jodhpur Streets - 2


Vansh Tiwari

A Day


Awake, step out and walk to Gulab Sagar lake; you will get mesmerized to see the sunlight falling over the water.

Step-out Before Sunrise

Individuals posing in front of pretty doors in Jodhpur is regular.

Every Days Task

You need to step outside, and the door's there!

Blue Surroundings

Unquestionably, you will see blue, from stairs to doors to complete houses. But there exists a lot more than that color.

Streets loaded with instagrammable spots; you need your viewpoint, which will undoubtedly be unique.

Eye-Catching Spots

Natural Backdrops

Some scenes will remain alluring without your adjustments that you won't stay without photoing them.

Old - Style

I got very drawn when I saw the door's colorful beauty; therefore, I just photoed every door or window that seemed eye-grabbing.

Behind every door is a smiling face willing to welcome you inside.

See But Lovingly

Merely, Knock, Knock!

Wait a While

The street exploration should never keep moving; stand and eye the occurrences. Thus, you will see moreover.

Cute wall Art

I saw that wall art with "Apna Jodhpur" written on it and found it cute; therefore, I photoed it.

Likewise, there exists many wall arts.

"I reached Jodhpur Solo-Dolo, but photoeing those moments would not have happened if I had not formed a bond with the hostellers."

Keep Shining

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