3 Best Places to See Sunset in Jodhpur
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Sunset in Jodhpur – 3 Best Places to Complete your Day

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During my stay, I have been to three different places to see Sunset in Jodhpur.

I am assuming that you love to watch Sunset, Holding No doubt!

At one point, it can be understood that you usually wake up late, so you don’t like Sunrises. But, I don’t think there are any justifications in the case of Sunsets. Are there any?

In this article, I will be taking you to 3 different places which I have also been to see Sunset in Jodhpur. These are also some of the places to visit in Jodhpur.

I believe most of the exploration queries would also be resolved because these places are not simply meant to watch Sunsets, but you can spend a much longer time here.

The clear view of Sunsets is distinctly noticeable from a height. But, what does that mean here?

Okay! You are clever enough to get the point.

The places I had mentioned in the article, the majority of these require you to walk to reach the height. It doesn’t mean that the route will be troublesome to walk. But the pathway is clear enough assured. Overall, you would have a remarkable experience.

Viewing Sunset in Jodhpur is the most relaxing thing to do in the evening after the sultry afternoon.

3 Places to See Gorgeous Sunset in Jodhpur

I had extended my 3 days Jodhpur trip to 7 days to explore the city, and on an alternative day, I had been to various places to view the Sunset.

There isn’t a more suitable thought to finish a day apart from watching a Sunset!

Listed beneath are the 3 places you can end your day eye soothingly in the Jodhpur Blue city.

To remain on time, leave at least 2 hr before Sunset on the places stated below.

1. Kaylana Lake

The Sunset in Jodhpur on the Kaylana lakeside is calming with a cool temperature towards the evening.

Sunset at the Kaylana Lake in Jodhpur
Sunset at the Kaylana Lake in Jodhpur

To draw to your knowledge, Ghanata Ghar to Kaylana lake is approximately 10km.

You can catch an Auto to reach Kaylana lake. The Auto will take about Rs.100 – Rs.150 from Ghanta Ghar. If you are progressing solo then, the cost to arrive at the lake will appear a little costly. But it will be distributed amongst the group if you are traveling with some.

There is also parking space, so if you’re bringing your personal vehicle, it would be handy as well.

A good 40 – 50 minutes before the Sunset time (according to the season you visit) will make you see a Sunset at Kaylana Lake. Even the Sunset can be seen during boating in the lake.

If Sunset solely would not be the only reason to visit the lake, you can also opt for boating on the Kaylana lake.

The boating would be amongst the things that you can do apart from seeing Sunset.

Boating on the Kaylana Lake

The boating time on the lake begins at 9 a.m and finishes at the Sunset. It remains open on all days.

There are two kinds of boating you can do –

  1. Motorboating
  2. Speed boating
Motorboating on the Kaylana lake

The Motorboating on the Kaylana lake will rate Rs. 100 per person. The time will be 15-20 mins round the lake. The maximum limit of the boat is 10-11 people.

You will be provided a life jacket to wear for safety purposes. 

Speedboating on the Kaylana lake

Whereas, Speedboating will rate Rs.200 per person. The time will be 5 mins round the lake. The maximum limit of the boat is 5 people.

However, there are no entrance fees to see Kaylana lake, but you have to pay for the boating if you opt for any.

You can view the Sunset color tones appearing on the lake and making it shine while you were on the boat.

A delightful Sunset to watch besides the lake, I would say!

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2. Mandore Gardens

The route to Kaylana Lake and Mandore garden is in the opposite direction.

It is more satisfying to plan an idea of covering both the places at the Sunset during your 2 days Jodhpur trip. In case of including everything on a particular day, what will happen is you will finish up on the way, reaching neither on time.

Kaylana Lake to Mandore Garden, distance is about 15km. Ghanta Ghar to Mandore Garden is approximately 8km.

The Mandore Garden is scattered in a large area. Therefore there are lots of points where you can walk to reach a noticeable height to watch the Sunset.

There are no entrance fees to the Mandore Garden, but you will not feel it like a crowded place as it is established in a scattered area. Therefore, enough scope to shout out loud. 

Keeping my humor aside! 

But, yeah, you can shout aloud.

Apart from seeing the Sunset, you can furthermore visit the temples in the Mandore Garden. All the temples are within few steps of walk away from each another.

Also, the presence of soo many langurs makes the garden look more appealing. Some might be sitting on the wall, on the tree, hanging in the field, or jumping around. 

You need to ask the direction inside so that you succeed in reaching a noteworthy height to watch the Sunset. Because the garden is spread in large and the thought of asking someone to guide would be most beneficial.

Timings to Visit Mandore Garden

As such, there’s no opening and closing time of the Mandore Garden because people also come here for a morning and evening walk. Probably, until the sunlight is out, it is a definite time to visit the garden.

3. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

The next stop where you can see a Sunset in Jodhpur is Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park.

The Ghanta Ghar to Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park distance is 3-4 km approximately. 

The Auto will charge you Rs. 30-Rs.50 and the time required to reach will be 20mins approximately.

Guess what?

The Rao Jodha Park is situated right aside from the Mehrangarh Fort. As such, there’s no way to go to Rao Jodha Park directly from Mehrangarh fort.

Entrance fees to Rao Jodha Park

The Rao Jodha Desert Park Entry fee is Rs.100 per person. The Opening and Closing timings are 7 a.m to 6 p.m Respectively. 

If you consider my opinion, try to move out of the Desert Park before it becomes entirely dark. Because you will be going to a higher altitude place to watch Sunset. There are no lights on the way, and the path is rugged too. So, it’s better to take the essential measures well before any misadventure.

You will be given a map at the entrance of Rao Jodha Park. The map will show all the directions and will act as a guide anyhow.

Map of the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
A map will be provided at the entrance of the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

The map clearly shows the Do’s and Don’ts and other relevant directions.

Also, there are small signboards on the way that takes you to various routes. 

The Rao Jodha Park is quite large. So, don’t plan to cover all during the time of Sunset. Arrive few hours before the evening time and move accordingly. Then, You can prepare to explore the Desert Park with a map accompanying you.

It will be a different experience because nowadays, we hardly see the use of a map or at least a map anywhere.

What to Wear before Going to Rao Jodha Desert Park?

You will be imagining, it is a park what different can we wear?

As so, it’s not a park as compared to the park that most of you comprehend or go to daily. There will be no people exercising or jogging. Take it as a rocky desert with rough paths.

I consider now you can create a picture in your mind. Why Imagine when I can show you the picture right now!

Panorama of the Jodhpur Blue City and Mehrangarh fort from Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
Panorama of the Jodhpur Blue City and Mehrangarh fort from Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Thorns can be a hindrance in your mission to view Sunset in Jodhpur. 

It is suggested that you wear shoes and jeans. Eventually, the goal is to not reveal the areas where the likelihood of thorns coming into contact with you is high.

In short,

  1. Wearing covered clothes like – Jeans
  2. Appropriate footwear

Full sleeves clothes would work best in this exploration.

Make sure the conditions of shoes would be first-class as well.

Because I wore casual shoes on the visit to Rao Jodha Desert Park. The pathways were rugged, I had informed you earlier in this article. My shoes were also not in good condition so, they become on the verge of getting torn. Hopefully, that doesn’t occur that day. However, to be on the more protected side, you should wear appropriate footwear.

Disclosure, the shoes get torn on my last day in Jodhpur, and ultimately I have to buy new ones.

Wondrous Sunset Pictures 

Thus here are the Amazing sunset pictures from the places stated above in this article.

1. Sunset at the Kaylana Lake

Boating on the Kaylana Lake
Sunset at the Kaylana Lake

2. Sunset at the Mandore Garden

Sunset from the Mandore Gardens
Sunset at the Mandore Gardens

3. Sunset at the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Sunset from Rao Jodha Park
Sunset at Rao Jodha Park

Also, let me know which image you liked the most?


Sometimes you don’t need someone to guide you. That means if anyhow the other person is not accompanying you to watch the Sunset in Jodhpur. Then, you are solely enough to re-write the story yourself.

I believe that you enjoyed the article, then don’t skip to let me know which Sunset place will be on your list first?

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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