How to Save Few Bucks in Goa on Food
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How to Save a Few Bucks in Goa on Food

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Food is an essential element in our daily life and for food lovers, it means the world to them. Every lane, city, state & country has a special taste that cannot be better tasted anywhere else.

Goa lovers will more be attracted to the beaches but the goa food will be following you wherever you go.

Saving a few bucks on food and that too on your vacation sounds like a pretty boring idea. But for many, it will be your dream thing to make this happen

i.e. I am listing below the points you must consider if you want to save few bucks on goa food.

1. Eat locally

If you are someone who is going the first time to goa then you will be going to be fascinated with goa famous food and goa local food.

Suppose you had ordered food Roti, Vegetables, etc. then what’s the meaning of coming till goa if you want to eat something you can find easily in your town.

Got my point here?

Spend on food which you will not be getting in your town.

You should try Goa local food like fish curry from a local restaurant. The cost of thalli would be as low as Rs.100-120 per person.

The two things will be going to happen here –

  • You will get to try the local food.
  • You will be going to save a few bucks (which is also the primary motive of this article)

2. Eat-in Big Restaurant Once in a While

Once a while meant here is once a day or maybe twice. If you are planning to stay for long in Goa for a week or a month then eating along the beachside and big restaurant should be as minimal as possible. Maybe once in 2-3 days and rest locally.

By the way, I had an article on how to spend 1 month in Goa under 11k, you can check out if you are planning for a long vacation on a budget.

This is not any kind of force but just a humble suggestion if you want to save a few bucks on food in goa.

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3. Try to eat in between

Let’s assume that you are bored of eating in the local restaurant the same thing again and again. You would also like to save on food on the other hand.

Now what to do Mr. Stomach?

Tell Mr. Stomach that can he/she eat in between the hours of daily routine.

For e.x. – If you would like to try a big restaurant and your primary motive was to save as well, try eating in between like breakfast and lunch or lunch and evening or evening and dinner.

What will be going to happen is let’s say, you would need to skip breakfast but would have lunch before your time. Now, you’re having both the food, breakfast, as well as lunch which will be consumed for once and converted into one only.

I know you would say that you will get hungry then your daily routine. You have to adjust, to get something you have to sacrifice something. It goes hand in hand.

4. Buy Raw from the market

You can buy raw fruits and vegetables from the market and can properly cook them at the place where you are staying.

It would be very difficult if you are staying in a hotel, but hostels would allow making something on your own, but you need to provide your purchased items.

Even some hostels have the kitchen only for the guests to make the self-food for themselves.

It will be going to save a lot and for this, you need only one thing – You must be knowing how to cook something, that’s the only deal.

5. Don’t Count Drinks in your food item

Yes, we all know Goa is famous for Drinks, Beaches, and Partying. Drinks right, let’s get deep down into drinks. Not in another manner but for understanding purpose.


Had you ever noticed that the food is incomplete without the drinks on vacation and many people count it as including in the food. That is also the main reason why people get overbudgeted when it comes to food.

Take your food bill at one side and drinks bill on another and in most of the cases, the bills will almost be the same.

i.e. the conclusion at this point is to try not to order drinks as complimentary if you want your Goa food bill under control.


The overall conclusion arises here is that you can spend as many days as you want but for food lovers, my golden tips have been listed above.

I hope that this guide will be going to help you.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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How to save few bucks in Goa on food

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