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How to Minimize Goa Trip Budget for a Month under 11k

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Spending a month in Goa is like spending time on the beach. It will be going to pass away quickly. But ending a month in Goa under 11k (144 US $ approx.) will make things interesting. This Goa trip budget guide is everything you need to read.

People come to Goa from all over the world and spend more than a month. During my visit to the Konkan region, I came across foreign peoples who spend months in Goa.

Since spending more than a month doesn’t mean that the people are insanely rich and they lie flat on the beaches and that’s all. The people who are planning to stay longer search for a side hustle that can pay off their daily expenses. That’s how the thing goes.

If you are someone who took a break off something and don’t want to engage in anything right now and just want to spend time in peace and under a low budget. Then, this article will help you in making things happen.

Let me tell you something right at the starting if you want to minimize your Goa trip budget under 11k that you need to cross the paths of patience and sacrifices.

Are you READY to kick start an unbelievable journey?

Coconut trees in Goa

How to minimize your Budget for Goa Trip?

Below are the pointers which helped me and will going to help you to achieve the target –

1. Onwards – Backwards Journey

The planning to Spend One Exciting Month in Goa under 11k starts much before the departure. Your aim should be to travel to Goa by train. Unless you have some coupon, which offers a huge discount by air.

You can choose Rajdhani Express and other trains which take less time and cost more. But our motive for this article is to stay under our allotted budget for the Goa trip and that’s 11K.

There is a list of trains such as Goa Sampark Kranti Express and Mangala Lakshwadeep Express which costs less but takes more time. I think since you have a period of 1 month then time will not be going to be a problem for you. The sleeper coaches will be going to cost you under 1000 and for 3A it’s under 2000 or around.

Note – Such these trains get filled up fast, i.e. it’s advisable to book as early as possible.

You have to sacrifice your comfort of traveling by air or in 1A/2A by train.

I hope that the onward and backward journey is going to be a different experience if you haven’t done yet.

2. Staying within a budget

There are numerable hostels in Goa which start as low as Rs. 200/250 per day. If you had chosen a hostel, assume Rs.200 per day and that compiles Rs.6000 for a month.

You must be thinking that our almost 80% budget for the Goa trip has been exhausted in onward – backward journey + Stay for a month, then how can we end up under 11k budget?

Here comes the role of finding opportunities that match your skills. Suppose you can paint well or is a go-to person in terms of interactions with stranger guests or anything. You can search for volunteering opportunities in a hostel/hotel/NGO.

How to explore Goa on budget

Also, there are online websites to find volunteering opportunities not just in Goa but all over the world in exchange for various skills.

This will be a money saver because in exchange for your skills the hostel/hotel/NGO will going to provide you with a stay with them. In most of the cases, they will be going to provide you stay + food in return you need to sell your skills.

The program of volunteering has been growing quickly in various parts of India. It helps with traveling cheaper and better.

i.e. you must first focus on what all things the other party wants you to do for them and how many hours a day.

Apart, you are left to explore the place freely after the task has been done.

3. Traveling by a local transport

Goa Local transport is affordable and convenient for tourists to see around. You must sacrifice the rental scooter/bike which is cheap and wait patiently for the bus to arrive.

I had already listed above that Sacrifice and Patience will going to test you if you want to end up doing something magical.

Where a rental scooter would cost you anywhere around Rs. 200-300 per day and the bus charges a minimum of Rs.20-30 to a particular place. You will reach your desired destination by bus under Rs.100.

Also, in a month, you won’t be going out all the time and every day. Hence, you have to pay for that also because you have rented a scooter/bike. By using Goa local transport you can reach anywhere in Goa.

If you are someone who is traveling first time in Goa then you will easily be fascinated by low-cost rental vehicles.

Just say NO to yourself.

Choose local transport to travel cheap in Goa

You can also take lifts, especially you will be going to find a lot of foreign people and they are helpful if you need a lift and if they are also going towards the same location.

Or you can choose to walk, but let me remind you that you will hardly spot anyone walking around. This will be going to be your hard time to move alone in the heat.

But you can do one thing, which I also did. Plugin your earphones and keep walking. If you find someone who can give you a lift just take it, and if not then keep moving.

4. Food to Eat

Let’s recall point two a little bit if you had chosen to volunteer the other party will going to provide you with stay and food.

If they are only going to provide you stay then you must eat from the local restaurants in Goa. Most of the restaurants which I saw offer’s only two things on the menu –

  • Veg Thali
  • Fish Thali

This can easily fill your stomach and also you get to taste the local food of Goa. You can have your whole day food in these restaurants under Rs. 200 – 250 per day. Food is an essential part of your trip anywhere and what’s better than saving a few on food in goa.

You can even have a Samosa Pav for evening or night which will be going to be light and you will feel good and connected to the unique combination.

Restaurants,houses made of woods on Goa beaches

I got addicted to Samosa Pav and two in the morning and two in the evening had become my daily routine towards the end of a month. The Samosa Pav will be going to cost around Rs.20 (can’t tell if the rates increased) and yeah it will help.

Don’t think that it will not be going to help and you will become unconscious or something because of not eating properly.

If you eat a Veg Thali/Fish Thali, it will be going to be sufficient for your one-time meal.

Rest depends upon once capacity and stamina!

5. Cheat Day

For once in 10 days, you can cheat all the above points and like for e.x- eat in restaurants around the beaches or anywhere else.

3 Cheat days in a month are acceptable but beyond that will surpass the allocated budget for the Goa trip that this article is focusing on.

6. Choose the most convenient time for a day out

Choose the best time to move out

Try to move out to explore the evening as it will become pleasing and relaxing. Even you will feel comfortable if you choose to walk around.

Suppose you had chosen to go out on a hot sunny day, then it’s obvious that your stamina will give up easily.

i.e. choosing the right time for a day out is important.

7. Showing your skills or selling on the Beaches

Goa beaches are not only known for crowds from all over the world. But also known for the happening environment which people create on the beaches.

Most tourists come and sell something like, they had made a sea shell or handmade eatables or provide foot massage service. Towards the evening on the beaches, you will find every one engaged in some kind of activity. This way they earn and stay longer in Goa.

If you want to do something similar but don’t have any idea what to do! Just go there and notice what everyone is doing and how you can do something like this.

Some beaches like Arambol, Morjim are known for these activities on the beaches.

The various Activities and Skills like – Tattoo making, magic tricks, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, etc. are some of them.

This way you can control your budget for the Goa trip.


Hence, with an end of a month if you put your hands in the pocket while taking out if you found something you succeeded.

If you haven’t then you also succeeded because you had tried hard.

It doesn’t mean that you will be ending at the same budget for Goa but a few here and there will be acceptable. Not for myself, but yourself.

Let me know in the comments if my Goa trip budget guide had helped you in any way.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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