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Beyond Crowded! That’s Barsana Holi for you.

The large gatherings are the first thought that strikes your mind whenever you hear Barsana Holi.

Ultimately, the masses would become the primary factor for your pleasant or unpleasant experience.

Similarly, my visit to experience Lathmar Holi Barsana remains leaned towards unpleasant.

Let me express myself from the start:

The Fascination for the Barsana Holi

Two years ago, before visiting the Huranga Holi, I became fascinated by Barsana Holi as I have listened a lot regarding that.

But, nobody was there to accompany me being clueless concerning the Barsana Holi event; I remained away for two years from Barsana ki Holi.

Indeed, in 2022, I decided to take the step to visit Barsana alone.

However, going alone never remained a problem for me as I completed many journeys independently, to name a few: 

  1. A Visit to Chitkul
  2. Delhi to Jibhi Himachal

Therefore, moving sole is not a concern for Barsana Holi, but the exact date stays a confusing term for me. 

Mathura Web Story

Grandfather Accompanied Mathura

  • Grandfather Accompanied to Mathura

Grandfather expressed his wish to come to Mathura to explore because his last visit years ago faded.

Therefore, along with my Grandfather, I arrived in Mathura at 1p.m; the same day the Barsana Holi was intended to become played.

Hurriedly, I ate the packed home lunch and left Mathura to Barsana.

Notably, Grandfather would not fancy coming to Barsana for Holi. So, ultimately, I have left Mathura to Barsana alone.

Mathura to Barsana

The buses would remain overcrowded during the Holi week, especially Barsana Lathmar Holi.

Therefore, remain mentally prepared if you don’t get a seat then; traveling during that time spam would check your standing patience level.

I didn’t get a seat on the bus, but I sat on the gearbox next to the bus driver. 

Bus Journey from Mathura

Phew! the base remained hot when I touched it with my naked feet. Ultimately, I managed.

Is the Distance from Mathura to Barsana not Mapped Correctly?

Though the Mathura to Barsana distance is notably said as 51km,

I believe that the signboard should add many additional kilometers to this tally because instances came where I felt that km’s have got mapped incorrectly.

Nevertheless, to satisfy the onboard display, the Mathura to Barsana bus would cover the 51km distance in 2.30hrs – to 3hrs.

In-between, the bus would stop at Govardhan for a few minutes, then proceed directly to Barsana.

The Mathura to Barsana bus fare would remain Rs. 50 – Rs. 51 per person.

On Reaching Barsana


I arrived in Barsana at about 4p.m; after leaving Mathura at 1p.m roughly.

The bus dropped all the passengers someplace earlier than the Barsana bus stand.

I consider that reason because of the overcrowded bus operating near the bus stand.

Streets of Barsana

Streets of Barsana

I passed via Barsana Streets, where the members of every alternate house stood on the roof to throw the water and colors.

Luckily, Sadly, my clothes remained non-colored until I approached closer to the crowded space.

As I progressed, the large gatherings appeared on the streets and on the roof.

Barsana Holi

Large Gatherings at the Barsana Holi

I reached a point where moving forward became problematic because of the public. 

Thus, I chose a corner and stood there for some time, admiring the ongoing happening.

  • Barsana Holi Lathmar Event
  • Holi on the Streets of Barsana
  • Barsana Holi Mahotsav

The individuals would throw colors from streets and house rooftops, regardless of gender. Indeed, you would become targeted more if you tried telling to not to throw colors.

Eventually, I couldn’t reach Radha Rani Temple on the lath mar Holi occasion, though to reach the Barsana Temple was my motive for the Barsana Holi. But nevertheless, that would remain pending.

Individuals Capturing Holi

I remained at the Barsana Holi for approx. 70 mins and decided to reach back to Mathura before it became dark.

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Remain Mentally Prepared

Remain Mentally Prepared for Push Backs

I stayed on the Barsana streets and captured the photographs.

Additionally, a lot of push-backs also happened. Therefore, remain mentally prepared, especially if traveling solo for the lath mar Holi.

Womens should precautiously take care of themselves during intense Holi events.

Barsana to Mathura

I didn’t get a bus from Barsana to Mathura. Even it seemed like no buses existed on the way back anywhere.

But, a lot of Auto’s stood there. Additionally, they would charge more.

Barsana to Govardhan

Likewise, I sat on a half-seat on Auto next to the driver. The Auto took from Barsana to Govardhan, the halfway to Mathura.

Notably, the Barsana to Govardhan Auto fare was Rs. 50 per person, and it took almost 3hrs to cover the 22-24kms distance.

Because the Auto got stuck in a jam on the way back, a railway crossing takes a lot of time to allow the passersby.

So therefore, that would additionally test your tolerance.

Govardhan to Mathura

On reaching Govardhan, I saw an extensive tempo; the driver stood screaming Mathura, Mathura…

Without waiting, I sat on the Auto — the Govardhan to Mathura fare remained Rs. 30 per person.

I reached Mathura, back to the hotel at midnight.

Grandfather stayed in the room since Afternoon — I can spot the boringness on his face.

Firstly, I bathed thoroughly to remove the Gulal from the face and other areas of the body that lived exposed.

And, straight went for the dinner.

But, let’s come back to the aim of the article that revolves around a specific topic,

What’s the Best Way to Experience Barsana Holi?

From my understanding,

The most suitable and timely way to experience the Barsana ki Holi is by your vehicle.

Even you can rent a vehicle from Mathura. 

Why having your Vehicle for the Barsana Holi is that much Important?

I have further expressed the main points:

  • The local buses would become overcrowded, and the possibility that you would not get a bus is even more.
  • The Auto would charge a substantially higher fare during this time.

Thus, when you have a vehicle,

  • You can decide when to arrive and leave the Barsana event (Most Importantly)

I got in a situation where it clocked 5p.m, and I had to think of going back to Mathura.

Though, no buses stood present there.

Auto’s became so congested that I traveled from Barsana to Govardhan on a half seat next to the Auto driver.

Thus, if I arrived at Barsana in a rented vehicle, the experience and situation would differ.

After Barsana, the holi celebration moves to Nandgaon.

Summing – Up

Having a vehicle is essential for the Barsana Holi. That eventually leads you to arrive early and depart at your preferred time from Barsana.

So, have you ever experienced the Barsana Holi?

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


    1. Indeed! Mathura Holi is depicts various styles. I suggest you to experience it at least once, if you haven’t been. Thank you Anshumali for sharing your thoughts with me.

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